26 Chapter 25: Getting along was much easier...

Jazlyn p.o.v

Shawn drove the black pick-up truck through the dark part of the forest until he stopped at a clearing having three tents set up some feet away. The trees and rocks surrounding the tents were fairly manageable making them blend.

The truck he drove didn't have extra seats behind, I had to sit between Aimee and Shawn. During the ride Shawn's hand occasionally brushed my lap, I jerked each time I felt his hand brush against my lap and he noticed it, he was just trying to get me mad.

Shawn parked in the among tall shrubs and trees, to hid the car. We all got down grabbing our stuffs and stepped away from the vehicle. "Where is this place?" I asked Shawn staring at the tents and logs laid everywhere.

"Camp." Was all he said.

"What kind of camp?" I asked still not understanding.

"Your tent is over there, let me be I need to sleep." Shawn spoke stern and left us, going to the tent on the left.

"What's up with him?" I asked Aimee, for some odd reason I didn't get offended by what he said. She shrugged.

"Maybe it's the alcohol he had earlier or he is just naturally boring, forget him. Welcome back Jay." I cringed hearing the nickname that wolf shared with me.

"I would like it if you will not call me Jay."

"Why is that?" She asked.

"No reason, just find me another nickname, a better one." I told her nicely so she did not get offended.

"Okay. How about Jaz?" I shook my head. She placed her index finger under her chin. "Jacqueline?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "Forget it I don't know, let's talk in my tent."

She dragged me to the tent on the right, I stopped her. "Wait who owns that tent?" I asked her pointing to the tent in the middle.

"Oh that's yours." Mine?. I asked myself, why is my tent set up beside Shawn's tent.

"Why is it beside him?" I asked her as we entered her tent.

"Well I picked the last tent because he has been a cranky clock and I couldn't stand the snores coming from his tent." Aimee replied not really caring.

"And you think I will endure that?" I asked disappointed my friend would do this to me.

"From what I see you have the capacity to ignore, control and pretend Shawn doesn't exits."

"How sure are you, you don't even know what he put me through." I complained.

"It's late Jazlyn let's get some rest we can talk later in the morning. I am beginning to miss beddie."

"Who is beddie?" I asked her.

"My bed. See you in the morning." She pushed me out of her tent, zipping it up. I looked at her tent for a second wondering how Aimee had changed. One minute she told me we should talk and now she wants me to leave.

The sound of a twig snapping got my attention, sirens blared in my head. I quickly ran to my tent and zipped it up turning off the lights inside.

I just sat there waiting for the unknown to come, once upon a time I lived in a city, my life was doing great and here I am in the midst of trees and scary creatures. What kind of world is this?

I saw a shadow pass my tent, I swallowed the scream that threaten to escape down my throat. The sound of a twig snapping came again outside I snapped my head to the side and grabbed something from the tent as a weapon. A hand suddenly covered my mouth preventing me from screaming. I kicked hard in other to free myself but failed.

"Hush it's me." I heard Shawn say. I swear I felt like killing him right now. "Don't scream, I'm going to let you go now so don't scream." I nod my head in compliance, already what I wanted to do was in my mind.

Shawn carefully unattached his hand from my mouth, I let him have the assurance I was not going to scream. "What the hell Shawn!!!" I yelled angrily.

"What's your problem woman?" She hushed whispered.

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"No, what's your problem, you nearly gave me an heart attack!" I hushed whispered back. "Wait what are you even doing here, this is my tent."

"I made this tent I can come in anytime I want." Shawn frowned at me like I said something stupid.

"So that's how you go to Aimee's tent, right?" I asked challenging him with my eyes. I don't know but something in me snapped at his statement.

I saw his Adam apple bob, he was fighting to keep his ego high, he didn't want to show he was nervous but I could see it. It was written all over his face. "No I don't." He answered but it sounded strangled.

"You hesitated." I told him.

"Why do you care? Or do you have a crush on me?" I was awestruck I didn't expect that kind of take back. I stammered looking elsewhere. Now it's my turn, how am I going to avoid this, from the corner of my eyes i saw Shawn smirk at me. 'enjoy your moment of victory lover boy, now it's my turn'

"You came in here without my consent invading my privacy, what if Aimee came in?"

"Then.." The sound of a thunder boomed through the night. It was so loud that it shook the entire forest. I involuntary held unto Shawn shirt like my life depends on it.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Thunder baby." He replied cockily.

"Of course I knew what that was, I was talking about the other one." I pointed out.

"What other one?" He asked. I could feel his confusion but I can't explain how or why I felt it, it was just there.

"Never mind." I pulled myself from him.

"You were the one clinging to me and blushing." That arrogant bastard, I swore.

"Just leave my tent and stay away from me." I warned him.

"It's raining I can't. I will spend the night here and there is nothing you can do." He told me flatly, shutting me up.

"You can't stay here it's my tent and I have rights over it." I reminded him. He just gave me a bored look.

"Save your strength for tomorrow I don't have time for this." Shawn made himself comfortable on the camp mattress. "What is this?" He lifted the lingerie I wanted to wear.

"Give me that." I reached for the material but he held it farther, I had to dive to snatch it from him. "Go to bed." I commanded.

"Yes mom." He rolled his eyes.

"This is my side of the bed do not pass this line." I drew out a white line using a chalk I found in one of those containers beside the the camp bed. I laid far away from him keeping enough distance between us.

It felt like two hours had gone and I made myself believe Shawn must have gone to sleep by now, so I decided to let sleep take over. I was dreaming, but in that dream someone, a man held my waist lovingly whispering sweet seductive words to me and I embraced the man falling deeper into the darkness.

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