24 Chapter 23: The unknown attack

Jazlyn p.o.v

"So Genevieve why are we doing a lot of meditation?." I asked her, I noticed since she brought up the training thing it's been more of meditation than normal real exercise.

"You need to concentrate and connect with your inner self and create a spirit bond." She spoke her eyes closed and focusing. We sat crossed legged on the grass in front of the pond I dived into.

"I don't get it, I feel no difference from the last time. And I'm sure we are just fooling around." I told her getting exhausted and hungry from this lame training.

"Jazlyn it's important you know what your abilities are and the potentials you possess or it might be used against you." she persists.

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"I am sorry I don't mean to be rude but if you would not explain to me what and why you are training me and there is no proof that something has changed or happened then I am done here. I don't care if there is a bear out there to tear me apart, I rather face that space of death than stay one moment with you all." I pointed to her and Max

I saw Max caging me with strange looks, his brows furrowing. Cody was nowhere to be seen, I stood up from my position intending to walk away but Genevieve held my hand.

I frowned at her and jerked my hand away stepping back from her. Anger flared in my veins causing my hands to tremble.

"Hey Jay." I heard Max whisper from behind me. I took a glance only to feel a needle prick my neck and everything went dark.


Max p.o.v

"Genevieve why don't we tell shawn the truth?" I asked our dearest leader.

"Because he deserves none." she replied stern. Genevieve is starting to get on my nerves if not that she was the leader and main source to this quade I would have outrun her.

"You know Jazlyn is his soulmate you can't keep torturing him this way." I tried to tell her.

"I know Max but we can't be sure he has no hand in Jazlyn's kidnapping, she also belongs to us and we need to secure that no matter what or who it is even if it was her soulmate."

"Yes but we can't use this as a punishment to him, we quade have roles to play and using our kind as bait is prohibited." I reminded her.

"I Know Max I do." she replied looking far off the distance. Cody came out of the woods carrying logs and dried grasses.

"Hey weirdo what are you going to do with those?" I asked Cody, he was one buffy average height guy sometimes he is not bright as a man should be. For a short guy he has a lot of energy in him.

"These." he lift the logs and grasses. "Are for bonfire." he said proudly I tilt my head to the side I am sure Genevieve did the same.


"Yep we got to prepare for the winter. Bonfires are great, you get to share secrets, drink booze and do all sort of insane stuffs." he grinned wide and I grimaced.

"Are you still in high school, grow up man those things don't happen anymore." I told him.

"Live the life Max you never know when you get to-"

"Shhhh quiet down." Genevieve hushed we both stooped our argument and looked at her.

"What?" we both asked at the same time.

"Listen." she whispered moving closer the trees. I strained my ears to the highest hearing nothing. But for a moment I thought I heard a woosh sound.

"Max can you hear anything I hear nothing." Cody asked from behind me. I motioned from him to be quiet so I could listen, Cody lacked sharp hearing so he depends on us to hear the things around.

My eyes widen. "Genevieve get away from the trees!" I yelled to her. Just in time she ducked and a long axe came flying in the air and landed behind me.

I ducked and ran for the house. "To the shelter!!" Genevieve yelled at us. Cody and I ran to the shelter grabbing guns and smoke gas. We strapped on bullets and armors to protect ourselves.

"What the hell is going on out there?" Cody asked me.

"World war z." I joked and cocked the gun in my hand.

"Can't you be serious for once." Cody snapped.

"Finally you've stopped sucking." I told him. "Where is Genevieve?"

"I'm here." She came out from a corner sweat dripping down her forehead. She was panting hard like she just ran a mile.

"Where were you the whole time?" Cody asked her sounding pissed.

"You should be thanking me for saving our assess." she spoke flipping her hair back.

"Our ass?. Woman you almost got murdered and you said you saved our assess, please explain." I demanded.

"I led them far away from here but we can't camp here anymore as they know we were here." she told us.

"Them?" Cody and I said in unison.

"Yes them." She said breathlessly. "The trydons."

"I've heard that name before, Nana used to tell me about them." Cody spoke.

I looked at him with disbelief. "Nana?. You should really grow up code."

"I'm serious Max, she told me they were things or humans that could impersonate anyone as they like and they are very talented you would believe it was the actual person."

"Yeah fairy tales. I have come accross different kinds of unbelievable things before but I have never heard of something like that."

"I don't care if you guys know it or not we have to act, I think someone knows we are here we need to make haste whilst we can. Someone bid us to it."

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