22 Chapter 21: krinshing de morte

Shawn's p.o.v

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"Hey get back here!"

"Where the hell is she?" I heard loud voices screaming outside the mansion and I got dressed Immediately wearing a blue shirt and black jeans.

"What in the world-" a blow landed on my jaw, I stumbled backwards grabbing my bruised jaw. That was one heavy blow.

"Tell me where is she?" the girl asked. "where is Jazlyn?"

"Who the hell are you and how did you get in?." I growled out. I was still yet to recover from the injury Jazlyn caused on my face and now this one, this girl could really punch why am I surrounded by crazy women.

"My name is Aimee bitch!. Now tell me where did you keep my friend. Where's Jazlyn?" she demanded. Ohhh Aimee shing Jazlyn friend.

"I don't know and how did you get in?" I asked again rubbing my sore jaw, I am sure there will be bruises. Aimee folded her hands looking away nervously.

"I damaged the gates." she replied quite embarrassed.

"With what?"

"My car dumb ass!" she snapped.

"Don't ever in your life call me that understand." I threaten her making my voice much deeper than usual, she trembled a little under my touch I smirked.

"Where is Jazlyn?" she asked in a small voice.

"She is fine." I ended the conversation and left.

"But she..." I spinned so fast grabbed her by the neck.

"I suggest you keep your mouth shut I am in no mood for a chitchat understand." she quickly nod looking away and I let go of her neck.

"Sir you have visitors." my butler called.

"Who?" I snarled.

"Genevieve Julio." I froze my heart thumped so fast that it became hard to stand. The quade what are they doing here unless they want to take revenge on me. "Are you okay Mr Shawn?"

"I'm fine." I growled out. "What are they here for?"

"They told me nothing only said you have something that belongs to them and you need to see them or face the consequences." I kicked the pavement gritting my teeth from the pain.

"Send them in." I went back inside the house to clam my distressed mind before I see them. I felt this Aimee girl follow me and I turned. "What! why are you following me?"

"I need to know Jazlyn is safe and alright." she spoke with a bit confidence.

"Leave I'm busy."

"If she is not with you then where is she?" she asked again. It takes everything in me not to gag her and throw her out into a canal, my patience is this thing now.

"Go before I do something bad." I warned her.

"And what if I don't." she challenged. We stood there cursing each other with our eyes.

"Are you two done we have more pressing matters to attend to." a woman spoke. I know that voice that voice belongs to no other person than Genevieve Julio.

"Whatever must have brought you here better be good." I grit my teeth.

"I should be telling you that. We know you keep someone here but you must know she no ordinary person she is gifted." she began, walking around in her gold dress.

"I keep no one so you can get the hell out of my property." I motion to the door. she smirked.

"I imagined you'll say that. Well we have been searching for this girl for a long time and her location was traced here."

"Here she is." I pushed Aimee to them. "have a nice date."

"She is not the one we seek."

"Then I don't have her!" I roared. "What you did five days ago isn't enough huh?" my mood getting worse I can feel the atmosphere changing by my mood.

"What's going on." Aimee asked in panic, I closed my eyes and breathe through my nose to calm the atmosphere.

"We never attacked you five days ago or now. We just learnt one of our members was held here two days ago." Max spoke. My eyes dart to the door there he was Max Lewis cheeky bastard.

"How did you get in?" I growled. He didn't look fazed at all just lazily leaned on the wall.

"I am with Genny if you don't know." was his reply.

"I know that. Why are you here?"

"Same reason she is."

"You know what all of you get the hell out of my house." I ordered.

"Okay, good luck finding Jazlyn." Genevieve replied walking to the door.

"Wait!." I called. Now I have to swallow my pride, I know this is what she wanted. Women are so manipulative she turned to face me. "How did you know Jazlyn?"

"If you want my help you have to stop asking questions." she replied.

I chewed on my lip biting hard. "Just answer the damn question."

"That, that's what I keep to myself."

"You have her don't you?" I asked.

"No." she frowned.

"If you don't then who has her?"

"The quade arrived here two days ago so whosever it was you saw wasn't us."

"That means someone bad or evil has her." Cody concluded.

"Of course Cody who else could have, you are slow man." Max smacked his head.

"Let's talk somewhere private." Genevieve suggest. I gave her a warning glare she has no right to boss me in my own house. "Don't be so sour consider it a favor for the damage you caused us." she led herself and the rest into the hall. I followed them shortly seeing all of them already seated on the floor.

"Join us." Max said.

"I rather stay where I am." I growled at him he raised an eyebrow.

"Suit yourself."

"So according to this surveillance the threat took place in the northside of the forest and we quade dwell in the east everytime we travel." Genevieve laid out a map on the floor where they sat pointing at several points on the map.

"So you're saying it was a clone." Cody asked.

"That's right Cody!" she agreed.

"Wow code for the first time since forever you said something really smart." Max patted his back in a guy manner.

"Hey! I am smart okay." Cody frowned at Max shrugging his hands from his shoulder.

"Enough you two we need to focus here." Genevieve snapped at them.

"Sorry mom." they said in unison she just rolled her eyes and continued. I stood there watching this unserious group talk.

"As I was saying, it could be a clone but I am sure it some obsessed group that wants something which-"

"Maybe sacred?" Aimee asked now I remember she is here.

"Could be. Do you know what it is" Genevieve asked her. Aimee thought hard.

"krinshing de morte." she breath out.

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