20 Chapter 19: Surprise morning

Shawn's p.o.v

it's been four days and Jazlyn is no where to be found, we've searched everywhere, I've looked everywhere nothing absolutely nothing. "Arrrrghh"

I toppled everything lying on my desk in frustration. I had no heads on Jazlyn and it's killing me on the inside. I think I might be losing my mind, I laughed at my inner self I knew it, I knew I shouldn't have let her come here at the first place.

"Come down Shawn tearing down the house won't help." loveth my sister spoke, I glared at her in full rage.

"If you have nothing important to say then shut up." I snapped. Her face contour in anger.

"Don't raise your voice at me like it's my fault, you well know it's your fault. If you hadn't being a selfish bastard and taken her to an unknown place she wouldn't have been missing." she yelled back.

I held her by the neck not too tight but tight enough to make my point. "I know it's my fault, I know I should have kept her out of this." I ran a hand through my unkept hair, for the past four days I haven't been myself always snapping at people when they did something even if it was a mistake, I'm such a mess.

"Get your hands off me!" loveth pushed me away and glared at me. "You better fix this brother." she adjusted her dress and left my office.

Damn she's right I better fix this before her father knows and comes here to kill me with his hands.


Jazlyn p.o.v

My hair was sticking out everywhere and I feel so sleepy thanks to the wolf in my room, Laurel didn't tell me I will be sharing a room with a wolf and the wolf has been so clingy that I had to spend almost all the night with one eye open fearing he might devour me in my sleep.

I walked out of my room like a zombie looking for the sitting room possibly. I know I look like a mess but who cares. It was bright unlike yesterday the hallway was bright I took a glance at the walls not really focusing on them and made my way out luckily for me I found the sitting room.

"Rough night?" came Laurel's voice. Rough night my foot just wait till I stomp my foot in your ass bitch. I glared at her.

She laughed shaking her head I frowned. "I won't want to do that if I were you" she told me. My eyes widen in surprise, she didn't hear me did she oh my god she is a mind reader.

"I...I.... umm..." I was tongue tied not having anything to say. She bust into another fit of laughter while I was looking worried.

"Look at your faaace" she was still laughing holding her stomach, I never thought she laughed. "Your face was priceless, I don't read minds if that's what you are thinking your facial expression says it all" she held her chest trying to clam down I was upset and stomped away.

I found a passage and I walked in, I discovered it was a kitchen from the sink cabinet and other kitchen utensils arranged properly, my mood was so sour and bad I didn't bother checking who was here and head straight for the fridge.

I checked the contents in the fridge looking for anything familiar most I saw were vegetarian only few were diary and organics. I picked five eggs some vegetarian ingredients and a bottle of yoghurt, I closed the fridge and turn around to put the items on the counter, I yelped dropping everything on my hands to the floor.

"Who are you people?" I asked terrified of their sudden presence, I tried to calm my heartbeat but the pressure and fear was still there. They scared the shit out of me I wasn't expecting that.

Instead of answering my question they just kept quiet observing me with their calculating eyes which I found creepy and irritating who are they and how did they enter without me knowing. There were three people here one woman and two men, the first man by the left was blonde and he is really tall, his eyes were electric blue and he is gorgeous 'not like Shawn' dammit why am I comparing the two of them. The woman sitting in between them had a long golden blonde hair with green eyes, she is beautiful, too beautiful to be human. And the last guy was a bit shorter than the first guy, his hair color was brown and messy, his eyes were also brown and he too was gorgeous. But not as Shawn.

Okay brain enough with comparing other guys to Shawn. I scold myself. "Can't you people speak! creepy on someone is not nice and funny."

They murmured somethings to themselves as if I was some specimen in a laboratory, nodding their heads. I stepped back my back leaning on the counter behind me I secretly felt my way around the counter looking for something sharp my eyes were still fixed at them, I felt a cold metal and grabbed it assuming it was a small knife.

"Nobody move and stop staring at me!" I yelled. pointing the object at them. The taller guy raised an eyebrow and the remaining two smiled.

"You want to kill us with a spoon." the woman spoke.

I looked at my hand I was carrying an iron spoon. Great come on Jazlyn come up with an excuse or something think. "Don't be deceived by the object I can stab you all in one move so back off." I warned.

"No need to get so violent." she spoke. "My name is Genevieve this is Max and Cody."she told me. I studied them.

"We are the quade." she said for all of them. So they were the mysterious quade, they were not what I expected I imagined them as scary and dangerous creatures but they all look attractive and cool.

"You guys are hot." I paused remembering what I said. "I mean you guys are cool attractive-" I burned in embarrassment.

"It's okay most people are driven by our unique features." she smiled, she was the only one speaking.

"Wait you guys go out, like out of this forest into civilization?" I asked curious of their rare specie.

she chuckled. "Yeah we do we aren't ghosts."

"So why are they scared of you." I muttered to myself wondering why Shawn and everyone that live with him we're so shaken by them.

"Who is scared of us?" one of the men asked, I looked up furrowing my eyebrows.


"I asked. who is scared of us" Max asked. How did he hear me I was barely audible.

"Shawn. Shawn and his people." I told him. "Why are they scared of you guys, I mean you guys look cool and less threaten."

"Shawn..." Genevieve trailed.

"Son of a bitch!" cody cussed pacing around, Max just stood fixed where he was. Now I am confused.

"What's the problem?" I asked

"Santiago" Max spoke finally. "His name is Shawn Antonio Manuel."


"Yeah Shawn Ramirez was his phony name he is the son to Diego Manuel." I held the counter for support and let the new information sink in. I have been living with a lair, he lied to me and my dad and bullied me into staying with me.

"I know it's a lot to take in." Genevieve voice sounded close to me I jereked. "It's okay I'm not going to hurt you. You need to sit." she led me to a stool and I sat down.

"He lied to me." I whispered.

"I know he did. But we can help you get even with him if you help us." Genevieve told me.

"Why do you think I want to hurt him?" I asked her.

"I can feel your anger and pain, I can feel how much want to hurt him."

"Okay but I don't want to kill him." I told her.

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"You don't have to. Just make him feel the pain he caused you." she told me.

"Then what do you want me to do." she looked at Max and Cody then to me.

"You train"

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