19 Chapter 18: Pet wolf

My mind was swriling with thoughts, panic and disbelief. It could be a trap maybe from Shawn or... damnit I'm so confused. The inner voice in my head keeps telling me to leave but how am I supposed to do that when I have no idea how to get out of this dark room. I was still where I woke up and I don't know what time it is. The other parts of the room were dark except for the fireplace and the couch I was recently lying on.

I gingerly stood up from the couch and tiptoed, carefully feeling around the room for a door or something hopefully that leads me out of this room. "where the hell is the goddam door" the lamp and fire didn't do much in giving enough light to other parts of the room. Finally I found a wall and I carefully and quietly feel my way through without knocking anything, my hand brushed against something, I paused and brushed my hand on it again like a blind person trying to identify an object, it was shaped like an handle. Wait its a door handle. Now we are getting somewhere. I twisted the knob gently, opening the door it squeaked a little and I got out. The outside was more darker than the room 'great opportunity but difficult task'

I sprinted out of the room without looking back, feeling my way as I once did to find a way out of this creepy hell of a place. I stumbled and knocked down somethings in the process but that didn't stop me at all, I kept on running with no light or direction. Bam!

I rammed into something and landed on the floor with a thud. Ouch what the hell did I hit. I rubbed my forehead and my butt, my hands also hurts I ignored it. I need to get out of here fast.

Forgetting the pain I went on all fours feeling my way to find a wall or possibly a door. Then I felt a wall, no wait a door, I felt a door and I stood up tracing the knob in the darkness. Found it. I twisted it and it opened. Laurel leaves her door opened sweet. The sound of howling and cricket filled the night, I didn't believe it would be that late Shawn and I left the mansion before dark. I checked left to right if anyone was there before sprinting into the open. I have no idea where I was going but something tells me to just run, run as far as I can get.

Not long after I was tackled to the ground, the echos of two people landing on the floor sounded in the forest. omph. I struggled beneath whatever was holding me hostage twisting and pushing, it growled and I froze. That was no person, it sounded like an animal, a wolf.

I stayed frozen in place and felt soft fur brush my skin it smelt my hair and cloth I am doomed. Playing dead won't save me and why hasn't it eaten me already. I turned my head slowly to observe what it was about doing, his eyes were gold which is beautiful and it brought his muzzle to my face my breath hitched and I closed my eyes and started reciting my last prayers. Next thing I felt something wet like a rag or so run over my face I opened my eyes to see the wolf lick my face.

Ewwww I withdrew my face from it and placed it back to the floor to get all the saliva off my face. Help!!! i screamed in the grass. Darn it I can't take this anymore.

"Jazlyn!" I heard my name from a distance it was not easy to identify.

"I'm stuck here with a crazy wolf!" i screamed back. The wolf growled in my ear. "What do you want wolf let me go or just eat me already" I snarled at the disturbing creature.

"There you are" a woman spoke I recognize that voice it was Laurel or Aurora as she calls it. I lifted my head from the floor, the lights from her torch nearly blinding my eyes. I closed them and lay back. "Seems you got yourself aan admire Jazlyn" Laurel said. Great I am back to square one.

"Whatever just get the mutt off me" I grumbled but it sounded gibberish from the position I was.

"Jay come on get off" she said. Sorry did she just call him Jay why the hell am I sharing the same name with a wolf. Jay got off me and I sat up looking Laurel in the eye of it was possible due to the darkness, I couldn't see her face clearly with the amount of brightness the torch in her hand held.

"I guess you caught me now, so are you gonna kill me?" I asked her masking my fear.

"Like I said before there is no use killing you, you are more useful than you think" she said. "Here" I saw her stretched hand offering to help me up.

"How did you know my name?" I asked confused. I remember I didn't tell her my name. I took her hand and rose on my feet dusting dry leaves from my cloth, I winced when my back cracked as I stretched.

"You ask too many questions, let's go its dangerous out here" she walked in front of me and stopped. "You choose one, go your way and get eaten by the creatures that roam the forest or follow me. You were lucky it was Jay who found you and not the others" she said and continued walking.

For a moment I thought back at what she said, she was right I was stupid enough to think I could escape the forest without getting eaten by hungry beasts, maybe I could find out how to get out of here and away from her. I walked fast to meet up with her. "How did you end up living in a place like this and you go out like it doesn't creep you"

"I got used to it" a short reply was all she said.

"At least tell me how you knew my name" I pressed on. She sighed shining the touch on the path we were walking

"Let's just call it instincts" she said nonchalantly as if brushing the question. If I ask more questions I know she won't answer me. "We're here. Home sweet home" she said.I internally scoffed and rolled my eyes. 'home sweet home my foot or you mean home sweet hell'


"This is your room you will be staying here for the mean time" Laurel told me.

"What do you mean for the mean time? am I leaving?" i asked.

"Don't be hasty you'll know later. For now get some rest tomorrow you will be meeting the rest of the family" she said and closed the door behind her.

"Family? how many more are they!" I tried to block out the anxiety and worry in mind but I couldn't, everytime I turn I see mean ass faces staring into my soul wanting to eat me alive.

I turned one last time and felt fur brushing my arm, I opened my eyes and yelped. It was Jay he was sprawled on my bed. "Get off my bed mutt" I snapped it growled and whined rolling on the bed his tongue out. What a crazy creature how the hell do I sleep in a room where there is a wolf inside, I don't even know if I will be his dinner tonight after I sleep.

"Hey get off this is my bed" I tried to pull the blanket under him" he held into it and whined.

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This is going to be a long night

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