18 Chapter 17: Encounter with the quade

Shawn p.o.v

Jazlyn has been a living pain in the ass since the day she stepped foot here and it takes everything in me not to lash out at her. I could fine her and get her arrested never to see her face again but this part of me, this selfish part wants to keep her for myself only so no other guy can have her.

The real reason I got her here in the first place was because I have been going crazy and snappish than before towards everyone in the house, according to them I have become a demented monster and most time I can't sleep properly and if I do she is always the one in my mind. I couldn't stand the torture anymore and started to discover ways I could keep her close to me at all times until the incident with my car came up, I grabbed the opportunity quickly and used it as my upper hand.

I imagined bringing her here will be peaceful and better for me then I can sleep properly and she can stop being a mean red bitch to me but no, she has been provoking me ever since.

I carried her to the forest where I will began my investigation, the last thing I want is her destroying my car or worse my house, as long as she is with me I can focus and keep her away from my stuffs.

I placed her down and she kicked me on the shin then punched my stomach.

" Damnit woman what's your problem " I grit out and flexed the leg she kicked to relieve the pain. " I'm really getting tired of your childish acts "

" Then let me go home " she told me.

" If irritating me was part of your plan so I can forcefully let you go then you have something else coming " I told her, instantly I heard growlings and whispers around the forest. The quade. damn it.

" Then at least- " I placed my palm over her mouth to prevent her from saying anything that will draw the attention of the spirits lurking the forest, she licked it making me jerk my hand away, she smiled a crooked smile and opened her mouth to say something again and I placed my palm over her mouth again pushing her to a large tree.

" Ssshh listen " I whispered to her hoping she heard it too. She rolled her eyes and pushed my hand away.

" What's your problem"

" Shut it already before you get us into some deep shit " I hush whispered to her.

" Yeah like what?, get away from me " she pushed me away. pause. " what are we doing here. Alone " she asked me cautiously stepping back. So now you've decided to talk to me.

" Just need to give myself some peace and assurance you won't destroy my property " I told her sincerely.

" You just stay away from me " she yelled in my face. like I would.

" Stop acting like a child and come here " I told her. naive thing, has no idea what evil this forest contain.

She sprinted away from me into the deep part of the forest. stupid girl now I have to save her. I took a step forward and a gush of wind went pass me I froze .

" Hello Shawn its been a while " Becky's sultry voice came.

" Becky! a while it has been, awhile " I said sarcasm evident in my words. This is not going to end well.

* * *

Jazlyn p.o.v

My head hurts so much it feels like a brick had being dropped on it, I groaned out raising my hand above my head and tried to get up.

" Try not to move too much " I froze mid way. " it's okay you're safe " she continued. I sat up gently observing where I am.

" Where am I? " I asked the woman that was nowhere to be seen. It was a bit dark, the place looks old but modern at the same time, a lamp sat on an oak table close to the fireplace and the fire burning brightly in the fire place.

" Athens, don't worry you are safe we won't hurt you " she said. We?

" Who are you? " I asked.

" Laurel " she said stepping out from the shadows. I had a good view of her, she looks in her late thirty's black hair, grey eyes that was so light to be real, she was small petite and fair skinned.

" How...am I here " who the hell is she and how did she find me that question racked my head all over again.

" I brought you, and if you want to ask I found you unconscious in the west side of the forest " she walked up to me. " here " she stretched her hands to me, that's when I noticed the white mug holding content that had steam coming out of it. I eyed it suspiciously. " don't worry you have nothing to fear if I wanted to kill you I would have done it already, poisoning you with this won't be necessary. " she smiled, it was warm and welcoming but I can't trust her yet maybe she is lying.

Regardless of it I collected the mug and smelt it first 'mmm chocolate' my favorite, I carefully and cautiously sipped the hot goodness letting the tase fill my tase buds. She made herself comfortable on the chair by the fireplace.

" I take it you like it " Laurel said I nod my head taking another sip.

" So, who are you and what were you doing in the forest " I asked her.

" Always the curious one I see " " well like I said my name is Laurel you can call me Aurora or Laura anyone that you wish " she replied.

" But what were you doing in the forest at that time " I asked her she laughed softly.

" The question is what were you doing there, don't you know how dangerous that place is " she asked me. " And I live here in this part of the forest "

" I don't know, maybe because I was forced to come there " I grind my teeth in anger at Shawn for dragging me into this mess.

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" No need to keep a grudge it hurts the soul and deprives the heart of joy and health " she spoke.

" Are you some monk " I asked her.

" No, but I teach and meditate I can show you how if you want " she offered.

" How do I know you are not setting me up or trying to kill me "

" Figure it out you should know " she stood up from the chair by the fireplace and strode out. " anyways welcome to the quade family " and she left.

The quade, this it the same quade I heard Juan Talk about that got everyone shaking the same thing they were looking for and I am here with them. oh lord what have I gotten myself into.

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