17 Chapter 16: The quade

Loud sirens blaring everywhere, I could hear it from outside Shawn's office the tension and panic going on in the mansion.

"What's happening?" I asked Juan feeling a bit panicked and distressed with all that's going on. We were still seating on the couch I passed out on in Shawn's office when a guard interrupted our discussion.

"I don't know." Juan replied rubbing his chin with his long fingers deep in thought. The guard was still standing by the door awaiting orders from Juan, their method of ruling here is kinda weird and confusing. Juan looked at the guard his expression hard I've never seen him look so strict it kinda hot. 'Not like your Shawn.' my mind told me. Oh, you shut up stupid brain. "Fill me in." He ordered the guard.

"There was a passing." The guard declared. Wait, a what now?

"A passing?" Both Juan and I said in unison. What does that even mean?

"That's the havoc? That's what's giving everyone the creep. A passing?" Juan voiced out the exact thoughts running in my mind. Honestly, that sounds dumb and stupid.

"Not just any kind of passing this one no one knows what it is." The guard insists, his tone was convincing.

"That's strange and hard to believe." I said and nearly rolled my eyes when the guard said something that sent chills down my spine.

"The quade." Those words hunted my dreams since I was a child but I didn't remember them until now, they can't be any kind of words you hear, it feels like a message or some sort of Calling.

Those words were too familiar to forget I can hear them and feel them in my bones. They were a part of me.

"The quade?" Juan whispered low. He did not seem fazed by it, and I was not willing to tell anyone about them either.

'When the time has ticked the day will break forth yielding the truth' the voice from my dream whispered to me in my head, it felt so real as if the person was beside me.

Without warning, Juan took my hand and walked us out of the office his pace was faster than mine, one step of his was like four of mine damm tall people and their long legs. We passed through restless workers scattered around the hallway.

"Can you at least tell me what's going on and where are we going?" I asked Juan as we were cutting through people to come out of the open.

"Just keep up you're slowing me down." He complained. I had to bear in mind he was my lecturer else I'll give him a piece of my mind. "Thank goodness you're here." I heard Juan say to someone he suddenly came to a halt and my face collided with his back 'ouch'.

"What the hell is going on out there? Seriously I am beginning to get tired of monitoring those baby arse guards we need to change them." I heard Shawn say. I giggled behind Juan but the action brought their attention to me. "And what are you laughing at?" He asked, this time he wasn't showing signs of anger or hatred towards me it was a look of amusement.

"You called your guards babies." I said giggling louder their faces held confusion and they both stared at each other.

"And so?" He asked.

"You are the bigger baby not them." I said in-between laughs. "Yo- you're so grumpy and always sulking when you lose an argument. " I told him.

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"I don't give a damm about your lame words." Shawn said. and he looked at Juan. "There is no time for fooling around keep an eye on everyone, you know what to do." Juan nodded in response and Shawn's eyes drifted to me in an uncomfortable way, he eyed me up and down it wasn't in mockery or rage it was something deeper and I was afraid to let myself fall for those things.

"You're coming with me." He told me flatly giving no room for dispute. I'm sorry lumberjack but ain't going anywhere until you ask nicely.

"No am not, I stay with Juan." I said defiant and holding unto Juan's elbow Shawn eyes trail down our linked arms and growled menacingly.

"You do yourself a favor and come with me or I'll do it myself." He threatens his voice deeper than usual. Juan chuckled.

"Easy cous." Juan said.

"You sure know how to get your way with anything but ain't working with me."

He let out a frustrated breath running his hands in his messy hair before turning to Juan they made eye contact as if passing some secret message only they understood I looked back to Juan only to feel myself being lifted I didn't have time to register how it happened but I was on someone's shoulder. "Let me down you bastard!" I screamed.

"I told you to follow me in the most human way but you chose the hard way so face it." I should have known better Shawn is the joke that trouble me.

"Bitch." I muttered I knew he heard it and decided to ignore me. he walked to god knows where I can't see our trail due to my long red hair covering my face. Then after sometime he stopped and placed me down, in a swift move I kicked his shin and punched his stomach.

"Damnit woman what's your problem?" He asked me flexing the leg I kicked. "I am starting to get pissed off with your childish acts."

"Then let me go home." I told him.

"If part of your plan is irritating me so I can forcefully let you go then you have something else coming." He told me plainly.

'darn it'

"Then at least-" I was about to retort then he puts his hands over my mouth. I frowned and licked his palm and he jerked his hand away immediately I smiled and opened my mouth to say something again, he puts his hand over my mouth again pushing me until my back met with a tree I raised an eyebrow at him confused by his actions.

"Ssshh listen." He whispered to me. I rolled my eyes and listened 'nothing' I pushed his hand from my mouth glaring at him.

"What's your problem?" I asked him.

"Shut it already before you get us into some deep shit." He hush whispered.

"Yeah like what? get away from me." I pushed him away and observed my surroundings, we aren't in the mansion neither are we around it. We were in the woods 'was he trying to kill me so no one will know' "What are we doing here. Alone?" I asked him cautiously stepping back.

"Just needed to give myself some peace and assurance you won't destroy my property." He told me but I didn't believe it.

"You just stay away from me." I told him.

"Stop acting like a child and come here." He ordered. I took two steps back and made a run for it. After a while I stopped to catch my breath and leaned on a tree for support.

"Jazlyn!" I heard a whisper I opened my eyes but no one was there I closed my eyes again to relax maybe am just hearing things. "Jazlyn my child." It said again and my eyes instantly shot open I looked around me and saw no one. My heart hammered in my chest is this some kind of joke.

I felt an unknown breeze pass me and invincible fingers brushed my skin. The hairs on my skin stood up, I felt fear began to creep in 'this is a joke or some prank. This isn't real' I kept telling myself.

"Yes it is." The strange voice said answering my question and a loud shriek sounded in the quiet forest I held my ears to shield them from the noise.

"One child is all we need she is the child we need to feed her to our master, she is what we need." The voices screamed in scary sounds they sounded like necromancers (legions).

"She's not yours the quade needs you Jay reach out to us we are always here. we are you and you are us come to us." The same feminine voice whispered they were all speaking at the same time and it was hurting my ears I couldn't take it anymore I screamed.

"Leave me alone!!!" I begged as I fell to the ground still holding my ears. I felt myself convulse, every part of me feels like am being torn apart. Moments later I felt light touches on my skin and a voice whisper "Go to sleep." And I obeyed, this could be the worst nightmare in my life.

That was the big mistake...

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