16 Chapter 15: Ramirez family

Jazlyn p.o.v

"Jazlyn." A voice whispered it sounded so beautiful and angelic at the same time but so far away, oh how I wish I could see the one who owns such beautiful voice. The voice brought me calmness, peace, and strength and at the same time, it revived the spirit in me like a forgotten source that has been found. I can feel an uprise of renewed strength fill me and I kept holding onto it.

"Jazlyn." The voice called again in soft whispers. I looked around the foggy area seeing only white clouds and fogs around me.

"I hear you and am coming." I told the voice.

"Follow me, let your heart guide you to me, follow your heart, listen to my voice." It whispered.

"Here I am. Please who are you?" I asked letting my heart guide me to the voice I could feel the presence draw closer with every step I take. Just when I stretched my hand to touch the person the world started to feel and look fuzzy, it was so unclear that when the figure turned to me I couldn't make out the appearance 'what's going on' I only knew the gender due to the voice I heard.

"When it's time we'll meet." He said and raised his hand over his head and a harsh breeze started.

"But first tell me who are you?" I yelled over the wind shielding my face from the harsh breeze and fighting whatever that's trying to take me away from the peace I found.

"When the time has ticked the day will break forth yielding the truth." That was all he said as he dissolved into thin air leaving me speechless. I felt a weight on my shoulders pulling at me.

"Jazlyn Jazlyn can you hear me?" A voice spoke. I felt light feather touches on my face, slowly I opened my eyes as they try to adjust to the lights.

"Hmm." I hummed in response.

"look at me." The voice said again which reminded me of that angelic voice in my dream and I jerked up instantly. My heart pounded hard in my chest as I looked around me to see if I could find the owner of that angelic voice.

"It's okay Jay you're fine." Someone told me I looked at my side to see Mr Juan sitting on the couch his hands were holding my arm, I looked at it and he immediately retracted his hand.

"How are you here or is this another dream?" I asked him he cocked his head to the side looking at me intently.

"I live here sort of and you are not dreaming." His reply was calm and I raised an eyebrow at him I sincerely forgot he was my lecturer. I don't know but I feel more comfortable around Juan than Shawn, I mean who wouldn't he's hot after all.

"I am sorry for questioning you but-" The door opened and we both turned our heads to the door.

"Finally she's awake." Shawn exclaimed in a very unpolite manner. It brought anger and serious rage into my system seeing him here. Images of what happened before I blacked out filled my mind and it triggered the tigress in me.

"What's up with you are you on your period?" He joked that's it I took the hippopotamus statue lying on the couch and threw it at him with full force, by luck he escaped and dodge the impact I watched as the ceramic statue hit the wall and scattered in million pieces.

"What the hell was that for! are you trying to kill me!" He yelled.

"Don't ask me like you don't already have no idea of what I am talking about!" I yelled back.

"If you can just be in your right sense and tell me what I have done to deserve such brutal treatment from y-" I gave him no chance to talk as I threw my heel at him, it hit him square on the face.


He staggered backward holding his nose. I saw blood trickle down his nose and his eyes were bloodshot and I felt satisfied. "What the hell bitch!" He cussed and I threw my other heel at him, I almost celebrated if not that he looked up on time and dodged it.

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"That was for cussing at me." I told him. "And before you think of saying anymore cussing just remember I am Jazlyn Roxanne Engelbert and I can do anything, next thing you know it that chair flying across the room and landing on your face so watch it." I threatened him and point my hairpin at him.

"I swear you-" He moved to me with an intention to do something before Juan stopped him.

"Careful cousin don't tell me you want to raise a hand on a woman." Juan snapped at Shawn. Shawn glared at me I could see hatred and malice reflecting his face.

"Then she should watch her mouth or I will." He snapped back.

"Watch yours first and I'll watch mine " I yelled at him. His nose flared and he moved again to grab me but Juan caught him and dragged him out of the room I saw Shawn struggle to get free but he couldn't, I bet Juan is more stronger than Shawn.

I heard a thud from outside and the door opening I grabbed a pitcher from the fireplace and held it in a defensive stance just in case Shawn decided to kill me now. The person who entered was not Shawn nor Juan it was an unknown woman, I lowered my weapon a little and studied her. Her hair was a light brunette, arched brows, slim pink lips, and dark makeup caked her face, her sharp features screamed model and I kinda envied her flawless skin and her appearance, she was so graceful as she walked.

We have been giving ourselves weird stares waiting for will speak first. The door opened again and it was Juan this time he was the one to break the staring contest.

"Why do you two look like you are going to murder each other?" Juan asked. The strange woman broke eye contact with me and looked at Juan a smile appearing on her dead cold face I got to admit she looks beautiful when she smiles.

"Juan mi amor cómo está usted?" She said to him squishing his cheek in an adorable way. Juan on the other hand grimaced and stepped back from her rubbing his hands on his cheeks in an irritated manner. Wow is there not any part of this family that is not Spanish or something.

"Eww Loveth we are related." Juan spoke frowning at Loveth while Loveth laughed at his embarrassed state.

"I know but remember we are closer to each other than the rest of the family and I am older than you." She told him.

"Just stop your flaunting." He scolds.

"Awwwwn isn't it just adorable." I cooed, that seem to ruin the moment cause Loveth changed from happy and friendly to monster truck.

"Who are you and what are you doing here in our house? " She asked me in a harsh tone I frowned and glared at her.

"She's staying here for a while just forget it." Juan told her.

"She's is a maid " She spoke as a matter of fact.

"No am not and if you will please talk in the most appropriate and approaching way and stop being bitch I will appreciate that." I told her. I could see it in her she was fuming.

"Loveth why don't you go upstairs and freshen up I will be waiting in the dining room." Juan suggested.

"Okay" She faced me. "Watch your mouth or else it will get you into trouble one day." She told me. These were the exact same words Shawn tells me are they in some kind of cult.

I rolled my eyes at her as she left the office. "Where is that wagon?" I asked Juan he frowned for a momentd tilting his head to the side. "Shawn your messed up cousin." I clarified.

"Oh! I didn't get you at first." He told me.

"I can't believe you two are related. You seem like the normal cool and collected type, while he seem... he's just him." I told him.

"Yeah everyone says that." he said.

"Who is that woman I almost had a fight with?" I asked him.

"She is Loveth Ramirez Shawn's sister." He replied no wonder they have the same ego and foolishness.

"Have a seat." He told me and I sat on the couch so did he. "Explain to me why and how you are here?" He asked me and I explained the entire story excluding the part when Shawn attacked me and gave me a hickey.

He listened until I was done. He was about to say something when someone barged into the room.

"We have an emergency." A guard spoke panic evident in his voice.

Now here we go again another drama when does this end?

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