2 Ch1: Fresh Start

Jazlyn p.o.v

"Jazlyn get up or you would be late for school." Mom crazy yelling startled me from my peaceful slumber. I yawned and tiredly stretched my sore muscles. I sigh as I hear them pop one after the other. Getting up from my bed I looked out my window memorizing the beautiful surroundings of the estate we lived in. This is going to be the last time I will ever see this place 'I'm really gonna miss this place than I missed Kaycee dead cat'.

This is the place I grew up and had my childhood memories the very first place I was accepted and not rejected, here is what I call home and now we are now leaving it behind. I watched as Lucy Mr and Mrs Osborn daughter waved them bye and climbed into the school bus, with the canary singing on the tree near my window 'this is the memory I will take with me, I will never forget what this place means to me' I took two minutes to gather the memories of this place into the deepest part of my heart where all my prized memories were stored and I decided to prepare for school.

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So let me introduce myself, my name is Jazlyn Roxanne Engelbert and I am 18, I am about 5ft 4, my hair color is red which is super soft and smooth with white blonde highlights like it or not it's natural and rare, my eye color is icy blue, and my mom looooves them so much, she just adores them. Let cut this short I am daddy's girl and I love to be pampered a lot, don't judge me but I can be trouble sometimes and when I mean sometimes I mean all the time.

I got downstairs to find mom arranging our stuff in carton boxes, I swear for a pregnant woman she got a lot of strength which I know I do not possess despite I am younger.

"Good morning mom." I greeted smiling broadly and leaned against the door frame separating the living room and dining room.

"Good morning Roxy please hurry up and get changed I don't want you to be late." She told me.

"Mom it is not like I am actually going to school." I complained.

"I know, I just don't want us to be late to the airport." She reminded me.

"Alright mom." I sighed, turning around and head upstairs when she called me.

'yes just as I wanted!'

"Roxy, I know this is big move for you and so is it for me. I'm pregnant!" She made a dramatic gesture at her medium size baby bump to make her point. "But we got to move on and see what best part life has for us. This place holds wonderful memories of your childhood I understand that and I am not taking that from you but you have to know one thing, things happen for a reason and changes occurs in everyone's life let's just always hope for the best." She advised me.

"Thanks mom for the advice." I said appreciating her motherly advice. She is like my coach, my teacher and my counselor, she always have an answer to my questions even the ones I never told her about, she is my everything and my dad, he is my hero they are the family I've always dreamt of having and I am indeed living in the reality.

"You're welcome. Now get going this is past eight." she said.

"I'll go get something from the kitchen to eat, then I will be on my way. Bye mom." I waved to her.

"Bye have a great day." I left the house five minutes after breakfast and was able to catch a bus. I dropped in front of the school and head straight to my locker avoiding some set of people. I don't need unnecessary attention while I leave. I was engrossed in clearing my locker when an angry voice startled me or more like scared the shit out of me. As I turned, I saw a very angry Charlotte glaring at me.

'Oh my damn'

"So you are going to Spain without telling me?" Charlotte screamed at me causing a terrible migraine in my head

Who in the world told Lotte I was traveling cause I can clearly remember I told no one. "How did you know and who told you?" I asked, curious to know.

"Oh so it's true, why didn't you tell me!!!" She screamed again. My lord Lotte is one hell of a loud screamer and an overdramatic queen I should have known better than to keep secrets from her.

"Lotte you got to keep your voice down teachers are around." I hushed her giving a teacher that was passing an apologetic look.

"Okay, my voice is down so explain." She demanded.

"My dad got a business in Spain and he wants us to move in with him." l answered.

"But your mom she's pregnant." I chuckled at her useless attempt of making me stay.

"Dad had our flight arranged we will be leaving by four." I told her.

"But what about graduation how are you going to graduate remember it the final year." She asked again and I had to laugh at this one 'crazy Charlotte' at times she could be manipulative, I can remember the first day we met she bullied me into being her friend and since then we have been inseparable until now I guess that's what life wants for us.

"My dad had that sorted already he's rich remember." I reminded her. After a while of talking Lotte helped me empty my locker and place everything from the locker inside the bag I brought, we hugged each other for the last time and said our goodbyes.

I got home 12:35 pm and I was glad I wasn't that late I really did spend too much time in school, as I got into the house mom has done most of the packing.

"Good, thank God you are back I just finished packing the kitchen and bedroom stuffs I just need you to arrange the remaining stuffs that won't fit into the boxes." Mom told me.

"Don't worry mom I got this you get some rest." I suggested.

"But the truck would soon be here and we both need to get ready." She complained.

"I understand and I can do it, but you need more rest than I do." I insisted.

"But-" She started but I cut her.

"Please mom take some rest do it for me, if not me for the baby. Please." It looked like she was having a mental fight but in the end she gave up and reluctantly left, I waited for her to be out of sight when I was sure she was nowhere close to the living room I whistled in relief and whispered thank God to myself. Now, where do I begin? I started first by disassembling some of the furniture and loading the other ready luggage on the driveway for the cargo crew. Just in time, 30mins after I have cleared all our luggages the cargo team came.

Mom was already awake at that time so I didn't need to face the wrath of a sleepy pregnant woman again. The team loaded all our stuffs into the truck and began driving to the airport and we drove behind the truck, a personal car and driver dad rented for us. We reached the airport by 3:45 pm, we didn't need to wait in line we just passed through a private area that was used for celebrities in case of mobbing, so much of being a celebrity. Then we went straight to our private plane that would be taking us.

"Mom." I called when we were already seated inside the plane.

"Yes." She answered.

"Can we take first-class tickets when next we travel." I asked. Forgive me but I can be nosy at times, all my life I have traveled on my father's plane I have always wanted to know the specialty in flying first class although I have heard people talk about it and I want to experience it too.

"Why? Don't you enjoy this plane?" She asked.

"I do, I am just curious to know the feeling." I told her truthfully.

"If you say so, I promise we will go next time. Happy?" She said to me. I was jumping on my seat like a sugar-hyped child.

Two hours later I guess, I was drifting away into dreamland. I don't know how long I have been out on it but I heard a distant voice calling me, it took a while to register the voice and snap out of my fantasy.

"uh?" I asked dumbly.

"Oh my God, I thought we lost you, we have landed at the airport an hour ago and I have been waving my hands in front of you to snap out of your fantasy. You got me worried." I heard mom's panicked voice.

"I am fine mom, there is no need to get worried." I told her reassuringly.

"I know, and that wasn't the only thing we saw." She said.

"Urh- what was I doing?" I asked unsure of what to come up with. I hoped in my heart I did not embarrass myself, not only was my mom here, the pilot and the crew were in front of me as well and the looks they were giving me says I did something really embarrassing, they look like they are going to laugh.

"You were laughing, smiling, and muttering words like Romeo precious darling won't you ask me to marry you I have no idea what that means. And you started reciting cartoon lines and arguing about that cartoon you and Charlotte watched as kids." She placed her hand on her chin "Sponge Bob square pants." She finished. God that's why they look like they are going to drop dead from laughing, good my first time here and I embarrass myself.

Mom and I got out of the plane but she didn't stop teasing me about what happened on the plane until we got to our new house.

And this is how my life begins.

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