1 Rich kids of Beverly hills

To love, was a good thing,but not everyone could love,and be loved back, some never wished for it,it false at their feet,those who are clueless about how to handle the extra ordinary feeling.Elena Gibb's was no one entitled to love,she was already on a high level,she had all she wanted and the last thing she wanted to feel was love.... how sympathetic....!! girls who needed love,where those who had its time with no money.....she had always thought to herself,to her love was a game in which she had come out the winner and never the loser.she starred at her wrist watch only to see that she was an hour late for breakfast,she had always followed the rule's of the dictator's,bit behind their backs,she was the baddest,kick out bitch in time,she had bought a Mercedes Benz may bench and painted in black,she was in love with the brand Mercedes's and her dad knew that,so he always held his partnership with Mercedes in high respect,as the only child,Elena was something else,she wasn't that pampered child she was meant to be,she had her plans all set out to the fullest,and here she was late for breakfast....she headed down stair's speeding like a jet,once again,she didnt plan her day,but it was all planned out for her in her tablet

" sorry am late for breakfast,I slept late yesterday" she blurted out,usually,they never cared about that,but the look on her mum's face gave her the creep," alright...what are you guys up to now?"

" well,honey I was thinking about what we spoke about the other time,I spoke with your dad about it and he thought it was a good idea that you go and mingle out with your peer group." mum said,squeezing his hand for support

" but,you all know I can't,I ain't cut out for college stuff's,am self made,I love my life"

"honey,you need some teaching about courtesy,Manner's,etiquettes,....."

" oh....I see now,so I don't have Manner's or etiquette?" quite pissed out,Elena sighted to calm herself down

" well,you do,but can't you see you dress like a freaking slut Elena..."

" you don't know fashion mum...!!" she screamed out

" shut up,you guys....!!" Gibb's spoke," its nice to go on adventures,see the world,meet knew people,and have fun in school,besides I promise you,you would like it there,if you don't....you can continue at BHC,Agreed?"

"yes dad....,so where too?"

" las Vegas.....!!"

"say what....!" she was trilled " why didn't anyone say that along time ago,let me go pack my bag's....!!" standing up,she was cut short.

" sit down Elena,finish your breakfast,you are going there by a ship,"

she couldn't hide the brood smile,life awaited her and she was in for a good time,bye bye dictator's,you are off from my neck for month's....


Selena,pulled the chair,staring at the TV screen,she had always looked good,but right now,she couldn't make her hair,or extend her hair,geese.....!! strolling to her parent's room,she pulled opened the drawer of their wardrobe,scanning to see if there was at least five hundred dollar's,but it was as good as empty,her parent's were broke and she was in no mood to hear them say that,her dad was fired from work for trying to sell off the companies idea to another,if he had succeeded,life wouldn't have been this way,and mum was a house wife always trying look good to keep him,she wondered of there's more to marriage than been a slave to one's husband,if it was left for her,she would be the man..... she smiled to herself,that sounded good enough in her ear's,to be the man.....!!