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What is poornima yella

Read ‘poornima yella’ Online for Free, written by the author Poornima_Yella, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Gu Jin the boss of a top mafia organization was stunned to find that she had suddenly arrived in Magic World. She thought she transmigrated in a novel about Magic, and she became a supporting character who would die protecting the Female lead, and this is all due to her incompetency in magic. Gu Jin laughed 'incompetency?' She can die in every possible way but not due to incompetency. Before transmigration, she was the queen of the mafia world, a strong-willed iron lady. After transmigration, she became a good-for-nothing? She was nothing but a potential mage. She took an oath to become a Heaven Rank Mage. Every colleague of hers despised her until one day they got to know about her potential. Incompetency? She has a special body type which grants her power to have multiple elements while others only had few. Not talented enough? While others were cultivating and having trouble learning alchemy, she cultivated, made formulas of her own, and learned other things too. Is poor? Sorry with her talent in business and alchemy, she had built a business empire of her own and ranks among the top rich individuals! Does she have no supporters? The citizens of Fujio worship her like a god. Her popularity is more than that of the female lead. Has no family? So what! The little boy she adopted is Beast Tamer, the little girl she rescued was a Mystic cultivator. But the drama began when her biological family picked her up. Turns out the Female Lead was the fake daughter and Gu Jin was the real daughter. The Female lead warned her, "Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Sister are too cold, if they ignore you and you feel hurt I will apologize on their behalf, after all, I am their beloved person." Gu Jin didn't have much hope from her biological family, since the female lead was so lovable... she was sure that they wouldn't love her. However... The Eldest Brother of the family patted Gu Jin's head, "I bought this Star Level Artifact for fun you can have it." Gu Jin: "..." The Second Brother of the family who had a cold nature chuckled, "Who dares to taunt Gu Jin? I will chop off their finger...I mean I will have a civilized talk with them! " Gu Jin:"..." The Third Sister of the family secret sneaked into Gu Jin's room every day and claimed to have a headache, "Sister Jin~ Let me sleep with you~ I am having a headache." Gu Jin: "..." Was the female lead telling her the truth? Why was everything so different? .............................................. Follow the journey of Gu Jin to become a powerful mage. This is an original work. My English is not so good so please bear with me.

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Travelling to my own world

In the year 2030, after the great plague, a company named ||The Artifex|| suddenly appeared and with its Leader [AL] made an announcment.  Then came the three legendary "crafts". Firstly, the Legendary Deep Dive system Arcadia, with nearly 90% of Realism. And a supplement chamber that is out of the world. Secondly, a godlike substance known as Spiravita. Which gradually enchances the capabilities of the mortal body. The substance is split into 5 tiers namely from highest to lowest S,A,B,C, and D. While the failure products are E. Although a failure E rank supplements are still good for the body, it enhances the metabolism. Although there can be a few mild side effects such as dizzyness and nausea. Mainly due to the fact that metabolism is out of control due to it being an E rank the nutrients and proteins are not much. Thirdly, [Realms] the Heaven sent game for all people, after the stress which the Plague brought, the public needed an entertainment in which they can truely let loose of themselves. This is where the game [Realms] comes in. With customizable everything and the hundreds of class combinations. It truely is a game searched by many of the Peak level Gamers out there. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I own nothing in this novel except the Ideas and my OCs The Cover Photo came from Pinterest. If somebody wants to get rid of the novel's cover just hit me up at discord NightHunter#8318

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Hearts Entwined...

"Hearts Entwined" is a captivating coming-of-age novel that follows the intertwined lives of Sarah, Ethan, and Alex as they navigate the complexities of friendship, love, and betrayal during their high school years. Sarah, a spirited and curious teenager, finds herself drawn to Ethan, a charming and enigmatic newcomer to Jefferson High School. Despite their initial chance encounter, Sarah feels an undeniable connection with Ethan, igniting a spark of romance that quickly blossoms between them. However, their budding relationship is complicated by the fact that Ethan is also the best friend of Sarah's childhood companion, Alex. As Sarah and Ethan grow closer, Alex struggles with conflicting emotions, torn between his loyalty to Sarah and their friendship with Ethan. Despite her reservations, Alex ultimately supports Sarah's relationship with Ethan, hoping for his friend's happiness above all else. But when Ethan's true colors are revealed, Sarah's world is shattered by betrayal. Heartbroken and disillusioned, she must come to terms with the painful truth of Ethan's deception while leaning on the unwavering support of Alex. As time passes, Sarah begins to heal from the wounds of her past, finding solace in the strength of her friendship with Alex. Just when she least expects it, Ethan reenters her life, seeking redemption for his past mistakes. With emotions running high and old wounds reopened, Sarah must decide whether to forgive Ethan and risk her heart once again. "Hearts Entwined" is a poignant tale of love, friendship, and forgiveness, exploring the transformative power of second chances and the enduring bonds that hold us together, even in the face of adversity. Through the highs and lows of their journey, Sarah, Ethan, and Alex discover that the greatest gift of all is the unconditional love and support of those who truly care for us.

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