22 Elements of Insanity - Chapter 16 The End of Celestia

Celestia was busy making sure everypony was out of sight of Equestria, but she had to fly quickly, for time was running out. She knew Brutalight was a very powerful mare and could easily find and kill her faster than lightning. But Brutalight didn't plan on destroying her quickly as she had thought. While flying through the air, Celestia spotted the Elements of Insanity standing not too far away from her. Celestia gasped and quickly turned around, nearly panicking as she flew fast. If her sister - including Cadence - couldn't take Brutalight on then there's no way she can take the entire Main Six on.

She dodged every building and obstacle in her way, hoping to escape Equestria before the Elements of Insanity could stop her. But it was all pointless in the eyes of the Elements of Insanity.

"Well, Brutalight darling?" Lil Miss Rarity asked with a sadistic smirk. "Shall we end this together?"

"No." Brutalight answered. "I wish to take on Celestia, alone…"

"Awe, no fair! You get all the fun!" Pinkamena complained..

Brutalight smirked.

"Well, since you're all so eagered, I will allow you to weaken her. Do what you must. But I will be the one ending her, understood?" Brutalight said.

The five mares either giggled, evilly laughed or smirked while nodding at this and charged towards Celestia. Celestia looked over her shoulder with a gasp as she sensed them coming. 

"S-Stay back!" Celestia said, her horn glowing with magic as she prepared to attack. 

Celestia shot out a yellowish, electric ball of light that looked like tiny suns. Easily, the five friends dodged the attacks by either running or flying out of the way. Celestia began to panic, so she tried to fly high into the sky quickly so they wouldn't catch her.

"I'm on it!" Rainbrute said.

Rainbrute flew faster into the sky, then flew in front of Celestia, making her cease to a stop. Before she could process what was happening, Rainbrute used her front whooves to push her down and out of the sky. Celestia was too shocked as her body shot down close to the ground.

"Get tha' buck outta ma' face, bitch!" Applejerk said, then bucked Celestia back into the sky.

Celestia whelped once again until her body was flying into the sky. She felt weakened and beaten, but just as she thought it was over-

"Celestia, I HATE you!" Butchershy yelled in the air.

Butchershy used the flat part of her gigantic butcher knife and slammed it against Celestia so that she was headed back towards the ground. Her body then smashed against the dirt road in Ponyville, causing a small dent in the ground. Dust covered her body, but soon the dust faded away, revealing her body, but soon the dust faded away, revealing Celestia's beaten and sore body. She had a few bruises here and there as well as she laid there, still dizzy and hurt as she groaned in pain. Her hair stopped flowing because it was a little matted up and messy, and her vision was blurry. 

The five ponies crowded around Celestia and hovered over her, either grinning evilly, frowning darkly or just had an insane look on their face. Celestia gasped with fear, her eyes widened as she trembled. Then, Lil Miss Rarity kicked her, making her yelp and roll over. The group of girls laughed and taunted her evilly, while kicking, hitting and pushing her around in that small circle they had her in. She cried out in pain, fear and sorrow as tears began to leak out her pinkish-purple eyes and bruises began to form on her perfectly white skin. Until suddenly-

"Enough." Brutalight said.

The five ponies stopped and made some room for Brutalight to join the circle. Brutalight had a frown on her face as she stared down at the sniffling princess herself as she took some time to recover from the brutal beating. Brutalight glared down at her with those blood red eyes of hers.

"Such a shame, that the most 'important' pony of Equestria is such a weakling. Pathetic." Brutalight taunted. 

Brutalight's friends evilly laughed and giggled at this, still staring down at Celestia. Celestia's ears lowered in fear, but finally she built up the courage to light her horn and cause a powerful light to emerge, blinding the Main Six for a quick second. While their vision was blurred, Celestia flew out of the circle immediately and without thinking, flew into Brutalight's former home for the front door was open. She then slammed the door shut and locked it, then backed away, breathing heavily as she tried to regain her composure. Then she heard a voice from behind her.

"Princess?" Spike said.

Celestia gasped and shot her body around, only to see a little dragon standing in front of her. His usual purple coat was now a light, pale purple and his spikes were a pale green. He looked like he hadn't gotten much sleep lately and he also looked very worried as he saw Celestia's current state.

"Spike, oh am I so glad to see you." Celestia said, smiling.

"Are you okay, princess?" Spike asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Do you know where the Elements of Harmony are currently located?" Princess Celestia asked.

"Uh, last time I saw them, Twilight had sent them to your castle." Spike said.

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"Oh no! I won't be able to make it on time without them catching up!" Celestia said.

"Don't worry, princess. I'm sure-"

Then there was a pounding against the front door.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Lil Miss Rarity mocked.

Celestia gasped.

"You can run, but ya can't hide." Applejerk said.

"Hide, princess!" Spike said.

Princess Celestia ran down to the basement and Spike locked it so that the Main Six couldn't get in (although they can easily unlock it). Princess Celestia breathed heavily once again, then felt confused for the room was dark. 

"Huh?" She asked. "Where's the light switch?"

She lit her horn but it only allowed her to see a little bit through the darkness. So she found the light switch and flicked it on. A blueish-white light lit up, revealing what the basement truly looked like. Celestia's eyes widened at the sight.

There was potions on tables everywhere, and torture devices that were used to kill ponies and other creatures. Some of the pony's remaining bodies were still stuck in the devices while others were thrown in a pile, slowly decomposing into nothing. A pony's skeleton  was hung on the wall within the words "Life is misery, Death is a friend" written above the skeleton in blood that dripped onto the ground. There were other pony bodies chained to the wall with their eyes hanging out and guts all over the floor, while their tongues were cut out and their ears looked like it was ripped out. There was also a map on the wall of Equestria and some about more torture ideads and how to rule Equestria. One paper was a photo of the three princesses. Luna and Cadence had a red X across them written in marker, but Celestia did not.

Celestia's eyes widened more as she backed away, and then she shot her body around to a familiar voice. 

"Greetings once again, Celestia…" Brutalight said, standing there with a dark smirk.

Celestia quickly backed away from Brutalight until they were inches away from the center. Her heart raced with her mind as she tried to think of what to say. This only caused Brutalight to darkly laugh. 

"What's the matter, Celestia? Speechless?" Brutalight teased.

Brutalight laughed again then spoke once more. 

"This is my lab...beautiful, isn't it?" This is where a study about the fear, death and pain of an average pony. Sometimes I come here to study...but other times...I just come here to watch them suffer." Brutalight said, darkly grinning.

Celestia couldn't describe this feeling of...pain and...betrayal.

"How...How could you?" Celestia croaked, her eyes tearing up once again. 

"Oh it's quite simple, you see. I forgot about all the stupidity and idioticness of my past life being fully aware of the power I possess. Not a lot of ponies get this opportunity, you see, why waste it?" Brutalight answered. 

"T-Twilight, this is madness!" Celestia said.

"No it's not, Celestia...this is really. Cruel, cruel reality." Brutalight said, smirking.

Celestia frowned in anger.

"Leave Twilight alone you dark, heartless creature!" Celestia spat, referring to the darkness within Brutalight.

Brutalight threw her head back and laughed loudly so that her dark voice echoed within the basement.

"Oh, such a fool you are. Equestria really does need a new leader, don't they?" Brutalight responded. 

Celestia rushed to the basement door to open it, but Spike had locked it, so she tried to scream for help but Spike couldn't hear. Brutalight used her magic to grab Celestia's tail and slam her back against the hard ground. Celestia yelped and quickly got back up.

"There's no turning back." Brutalight said, her horn glowing dark purple.

Celestia's horn glowed and she shot some small fireballs at Brutalight, but they disintegrated as they hit her glowing, dark purple, electric shield. She then used her shield as a wall and pressed it against Celestia so that she slammed against the west wall of the basement. She then used her levitation to wrap a chain that was connected to the wall around Celestia's neck, strangling her. Celestia gasped, trying to pull the chain from her neck. But Brutalight's magic was too strong. Just as she was on her last breath, Celestia used her magic to lift another chain and whip Brutalight's back with it. 

Brutalight gasped and released the chain that was wrapped around Celestia's neck. Celestia then used this opportunity to throw an electric shield once again, but as she was doing this, Celestia teleported behind Brutalight and pushed her against her own electric wall. Brutalight yelped only slightly then growled, standing back up.

Celestia flew into the air, flying in a circle as Brutalight attempted to throw spears at her. Celestia was beginning to grow a massive amount of courage as she thought about all those poor ponies whose lives were taken because of this...thing! Celestia then flew back down, trying to buck Brutalight. But Brutalight dodged it and teleported in front of Celestia, then used her magic to make a small bomb explode in front of Celestia. The bomb caused her to fly back until her body hit the wall of the basement. 

Celestia let out an "Oof-!" sound then stood back up with a determined facial expression. She formed a large gold and white pirate-looking sword made out of magic that looked like it came from heaven. Smirking, Burtalight formed a sword exactly like Celestia's except hers was purple and black and looked like it came from hell. They had a sword fight, trying to dominate and defeat one another. Until Brutalight's sword met with Celestia's skin.

Celestia gasped and landed on the floor, her sword disappearing as she began to bleed. There was a large cut across her body. Brutalight smirked and made her sword disappear before slowly walking towards Celestia.

"Well it seems you've been defeated once again…" Brutalight said. "Any final words?"

Celestia's closed eyes open so that they were half-lidded. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared up at Brutalight who hovered over her.

"Please, Brutalight...it's not too late to stop this...don't do this, please…" Celestia begged.

Brutalight evilly grinned.

"It's the survival of the fittest, Celestia." Brutalight responded. "You either stay strong and survive or die. Too bad you're such a weakling...maybe you could've stopped me. But you just don't have that kind of power, do you?"

"It's not about power, Brutalight...It's about love and friendship. We all trusted you, Twilight! We all had so much love and friendship for you...how could you?" Celestia yelled, almost sobbing.

Brutalight was silent for a second, then spoke.

"I have all the love and friendship I need from my friends. And now that I have love, friendship and power, I can rule Equestria!" Brutalight said. "Now say bye bye, Celestia…"

The last thing Celestia saw was a purple flash while hearing a dark, evil laugh before resting in eternal darkness.

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