13 Elements of Insanity - Ch. 7 Let the Games Begin

Twilight quickly ordered a blimp and flew up to Cloudsdale. She banged and pounded on the front door. 

"Rainbow! Open the door!" Twilight yelled.

She then saw a note in the door that read:

'Not home at the moment. Come by later.'

Twilight was getting worried. All of her friends were acting weird beyond meaning. And she had a bad feeling in her stomach.

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"Maybe Spike has some type of explanation." Twilight told herself.

Twilight rushed back to her house and ran inside. Spike was sleeping on his small bed in Twilight's room. Twilight didn't want to wake him, so she just decided to wait until next morning to settle all of this drama.


It was finally nighttime in Equestria. Twilight was sleeping in her bed, having that same weird dream. This time was different. The creature in her dream actually spoke to her. The only problem was that she couldn't make out what he was saying. 

    She gasped and shot her eyes open after waking up. She was sweating rapidly, and took a glance out the window. The moon was full and bright tonight. Spike stirred in his sleep, but soon got comfortable again.

Twilight could no longer stand it. The dream she kept having was starting to disturb her and make her feel extremely uncomfortable. She had to find that mysterious pony she encountered, and she had to find out why her friends were acting so weird. 

Before she could do anything, however, Spike began to wake up. And when he woke up, he burped up a letter from Princess Celestia.

"Why does she have to send letters at this time of night?" Spike asked.

Twilight thought the same thing. But this letter wasn't from Princess Celestia. It read:

'Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Your friends are acting strange, are they not? I know why, and I know all about you. You're the Element of Magic out of the main six. But not for long...I wanna play a game with you, Twilight. These are the rules. You have exactly six days. If I were you, I would visit each friend on each day. Your goal is to reverse their dark personality and reform them back into their regular self. Using magic is useless, so don't even try it. On the seventh day, I will come after you. And if your friends aren't reborn, then you lose the game. We begin at sunrise. Let the games begin.

From Stranger'

Twilight was adjusting to what she just read. Was whoever wrote this letter being serious? There was no way Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash would make a joke and/or prank like this. Twilight nodded and decided to play this game.

It was crazy, but she had to find out the truth about her friends. So she followed the rules of the letter by waiting until morning. She had woken Spike thought she was being crazy and paranoid, but Twilight didn't care.

The real game was about to begin.

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