10 Elements of Insanity - Ch. 4 A New Rarity

Twilight had returned to her house. She couldn't believe what Fluttershy had said after she left. Was Fluttershy really going to bury dead bodies? She had to have hallucinated. So Twilight decided to visit her good friend Applejack, hoping she may have some advice about Fluttershy's new personality.

She walked over to Applejack's farm and stopped at the doorstep. Just as she was about to knock, she heard a young filly, known as Apple Bloom, screaming in pain and fear. Before Twilight could do anything, Apple Bloom ran out the back door. 

"Don't ever lie to Granny Smith or Big Mac again! Or else I'm gonna whoop your ass ten times worse! Do ya hear me little girl?!" Applejack yelled to Apple Bloom.

Twilight was very shocked. No pony has ever used curse words in Ponyville before, and if they have, it's been an extremely long time. When Applejack noticed Twilight was at the door, she walked over to it and opened it halfway.

The only thing she allowed Twilight to see was her jade eyes.. Her eyes did look red because she had smoked.

"Hello, A-Applejack." Twilight said. "I uh, just came over to see if you knew why Fluttershy was acting so weird."

Applejack stood there, staring at her for about ten seconds before responding.

"I haven't left the house since this mornin.'" Applejack said, in an unusual voice. 

"Oh, alright. Thanks anyways."

Twilight left, but not before taking one last look behind her. Apple Bloom had been leaning against a tree away from the farmhouse. Since her back was facing Twilight, Twilight couldn't see her wounded body.

Twilight left, not noticing the tears leaking out the poor filly's eye and the blood stains on her yellow coat.


Rarity was finishing up some of her latest designs of her outfits. She couldn't wait to sell some of her dresses and accessories. 

    "Sweetie Belle!" She called. "Could you help me find the scissors?"

    "Sure thing." Sweetie Belle said.

    Sweetie Belle went to find the scissors. Suddenly, Rarity got a call on her cellphone. She levitated the phone and put it to her ear. 

    "Hello?" Rarity asked.

    "Rarity." The deep voice said.

    The voice sent chills down her spine. 

    "Ugh, this is her. Might I ask who's calling?" Rarity said.

    "Rarity." The voice said again.

    Rarity gulped and sighed. 

    "Honestly, if this is a so-called 'prank,' it's not funny."

    "When you feel it, you will see it." The deep voice said.

    "Excuse me?" Rarity asked.

    "Attic. Now." 

The voice then hung up. Rarity was shaking, but sighed and headed towards the basement.

"Don't worry too much, Rarity." She told herself while walking up the attic stairs. "Probably just a prank."

Rarity assumed Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were pranking her again. So she headed to the basement and turned on the lights. Nothing was in her basement except for extra beauty supplies, clothing, and other miscellaneous stuff she stored down here. 

Rarity sighed, rolled her eyes, and headed back upstairs. 

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"I knew it all along. Just a silly prank. I don't know why I got so worked up over nothing." Rarity told herself. 

Rarity headed towards the door. 

"Sweetie Belle! Lock the doors, I'll be back." Rarity yelled.

"Okay sis!" Sweetie Belle yelled back.

Rarity left her boutique and decided to search for diamonds. She was looking for a very special diamond today. As she searched, she accidentally dropped a few bits. A homeless stallion came along and snatched it up before quickly running away. 

Rarity gasped then frowned.

"You know, if you would've just ASKED I would've loaned you some bits!" Rarity yelled to the homeless pony. 

Rarity shook her head and continued to search for diamonds. She soon saw a cardinal searching for worms. The cardinal was beautiful, leaving Rarity at awe. 

"What a beautiful bird." Rarity said.

Rarity didn't have any worms to spare obviously, but she did have a loaf of bread in her saddle. So she picked some crumbs off the bread and held her hoof out to the cardinal. The cardinal grinned, but before it could eat it, another bird swooped down and stole it. 

Rarity gasped and growled. 

"What a no-good thief!" She said to the other bird.

The cardinal then grew sad and flew away. Rarity dropped her ears. She sighed and continued searching for her very special diamond. Soon, she found it. It was a beautiful diamond that sparkled and shimmered. It was very rare and was shaped as a star. 

The only problem was that the diamond was in the saddle of another mare. Rarity walked over to the yellow mare who had the rare diamond.

"Excuse me." Rarity said.

The mare turned around and faced Rarity.

"I absolutely adore that diamond of yours. You see, I've been looking for it for a while, and I was wondering if I could maybe...have it." 

"Well, I was about to get rid of it anyway, since I don't like the shape of it." The pony said. 

"So you wouldn't mind-"

"Let me finish." She said, cutting Rarity off. "Since it seems like you really want it, then I'll sell it to you."

"Can't you just give it to me?" Rarity asked.

"Nah. 100,000,000,000 bits."

"100,000,000,000 bits! Are you insane?!" Rarity asked. "It's not even worth that much! Only rich ponies have that many bits!"

The yellow pony evilly grinned.

"Oh well, guess I'll just throw it away." The yellow pony said. 

She walked away, leaving Rarity behind. Rarity's face turned red as she gritted her teeth and breathed heavily. She ran home and slammed the door open.

"Sweetie Belle! I told you to lock the door!" Rarity said.

"I did lock it!" She yelled back. 

Rarity looked at the lock. It was broken. Rarity broke the lock. Rarity sighed and headed to her room. She couldn't stop thinking about those greedy ponies she met and that greedy bird. They all didn't want to be the slightest bit generous to one another.

Rarity soon stood up off of her bed and walked down to her basement. When she got there, she noticed that all of her extra beauty things were torn or destroyed. 

The only thing in the basement, that wasn't torn or destroyed, was a doll sitting on a table in the middle of the basement. Rarity examined the doll. It had a purple mane and white coat just like Rarity. It had blue buttons for one eye and a black button for the other. 

But the doll disturbed Rarity. The mane was messy, the chest had a black heart in the middle, and the blue button eye had three scratches through them. Rarity hesitantly walked towards the doll and actually picked it up with her hooves.

She stared at the button eyes. For some reason, an evil and manic grin was forming on Rarity's face. She couldn't control it. She even started playing with the doll, pretending it was herself. 

"Hi, I'm Rarity." She mocked. "The most beautiful mare of them all. I've lived with these dreadful, greedy and ungrateful little beasts in Ponyville. I need a prince to take me away, *maniac laugh.*" 

Rarity continued to maniacally laugh. Her laugh echoed within the basement. She didn't have the slightest clue why she was acting this way. Then she remembered something.

'When you feel it, you will see it.' She remembered. 

"Oh I feel it, I feel SEXY!" She yelled. 

Rarity twirled around in circles as she suddenly began to change. She stood on her hind legs, holding the doll into the air while maniacally laughing. Her mane began to look disheveled like the doll, her chest soon grew a black permanent tattoo that resembled a heart, her left eye soon had three scratches vertically through them, and her right eye turned fully black.

Her eyes shrank as she began to grow insane. 

"Mommy's still pretty!" She said. 

She then heard the sounds of hissing and scratching coming from upstairs.

"Owe! Opulence, that's not yours, don't eat my homework, I already fed you!" Sweetie Belle yelled.

Rarity evilly chuckled and inhaled deeply.

"Opulence, what did I tell you about sharing?" Rarity said.

Rarity said as if Opulence was in front of her. She headed upstairs to deal with her cat. And by deal with her, she meant 'deal' with her.

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