19 Element of Insanity - Ch. 13 The Very Dark Truth

Rainbrute pushed Twilight onto the ground, while fillies screamed and guards prevented the fillies from running away. Twilight gasped as she saw Rainbow Dash attempting to punch her. She rolled over, causing Rainbrute's punch to hit the cloudy ground. Twilight stood up and attempted to shoot her again, but Rainbrute kicked her straight in the jaw. Twilight dropped the gun and fell on her back, groaning in pain. 

"Give it up, Twilight!" 

Twilight slowly stood back up, trembling with fear. She's never fought like this before, and she couldn't help but feel weak. She spat blood from her mouth, feeling dizzy, but managed to throw a barrel containing weird liquid rainbows in them at Rainbrute. The liquid stung Rainbrute's eyes, causing her to scream in pain. Twilight then tried taking down the guards, by throwing more barrels at them. When they were taken down, she opened the exit door.

"All of you, run-"

But before Twilight could finish speaking to the fillies, Rainbrute kicked her straight in her side.. Twilight slammed against the cloudy walls and Rainbrute slammed the exit door shut. 

"Twilight!" One of the fillies yelled.

Another filly growled.

"Leave Twilight alone, you big bully!" The filly said to Rainbrute.

Rainbrute growled.

"Shut up!" Rainbrute yelled.

Rainbrute slapped the filly straight in his blue face, leaving a red mark, which then turned purple (because red and blue make purple!). Twilight gasped and stood up. 

"Rainbow Dash?! That's filly abuse!" Twilight said. "You've gone too far!" 

"And you've gone far enough, Twilight!" Rainbrute yelled.

Rainbrute launched herself at Twilight, preparing to punch her several times. But Twilight managed to headbutt Rainbrute's stomach, making her fall on the ground. Twilight tried opening the exit door again, but a guard stood up and electrocuted Twilight.

Twilight shook in pain as the electricity rushed through her body. She then fell onto the cloudy floor, smoke going into the air. She twitched several times and watched as the guard pointed his electrocution stick at Twilight. 

"Don't move a muscle!" He yelled.

Twilight ignored his demand and bit his leg. The guard yelped and fell back, for Twilight then headbutted his stomach. Twilight ran towards the door and yanked it open.

"Go, now!" Twilight yelled.

Rainbrute stood up, still in pain.

"Nopony leaves this factory!" Rainbrute yelled. "Stop her, kill her!"

A few guards stood up and ran after Twilight, while the others were still unconscious. All the fillies flew out of the exit door while Twilight held the door open.

"NO!" Rainbrute yelled in rage. 

The guards were too late. All of the fillies escaped. Twilight then tried running out of the door too, but the enraged blue Pegasus wouldn't allow it. Rainbrute quickly sped up at Twilight and punched her in the face several times, receiving yelps and other painful sounds, until Twilight was thrown to the wall.

Twilight could no longer stand it. She was bleeding all over her body, and her vision was getting blurry. Her body ached badly, and she began to lose balance. Rainbrute grabbed her by her tail and lifted her off the ground.

"You're gonna pay for what you've done, you little bitch!" Rainbrute said.

Rainbrute flew extremely fast down the hall of the factory, with Twilight's tail in her hoof. Twilight groaned and looked ahead as the rushing wind stung her face. Rainbrute was headed towards a glass window. Twilight gasped. 

Rainbrute was about to throw Twilight out the window. Twilight couldn't do anything, for she was too weak at the moment. She still couldn't use magic, and she had no other way to defend herself. This was it. Twilight's life was about to end. 

Twilight closed her eyes, shedding a few tears, wondering why this had to happen. Flashbacks of all the good times Twilight had with her friends flooded through her head. All the friendship lessons they shared, and friendly moments they created. All of those beautiful memories that Twilight held, rushed through her head at that moment. 

Finally, Rainbrute threw Twilight out of the window. The window shattered, and the only thing Twilight could see was blood, the glass pieces, the Rainbow Factory and the sky. The images of her friends slowly passed through her mind, from the good images, to the bad ones.

Songs that Pinkie sang, dresses that Rarity made, apples that Applejack bucked, animals that Fluttershy took care of and rainbows that Rainbow Dash created ran through her head. Happiness was the last thought Twilight had, before everything went black.


Twilight began to wake up. She groaned, feeling something all over her body. Bandages. 

'Where am I…?' Twilight thought. 'Wha...What happened?'

Twilight fluttered her eyes open, only to see a rocky roof, as if she was in a cave. Which she was.

"Greetings, Twilight." Somepony said. "We meet...at last."

Confusingly, Twilight sat up and looked around. She didn't see anypony. All she saw was the cave walls surrounding her. She had bandages wrapped around her body, and was lying down on a dark-colored bed. 

"Hello?" Twilight called out.

Soon, somepony stepped out of the shadows. Twilight immediately shot her head towards that somepony. It was a mare, with a very sharp and pointy unihorn, and demonic wings. She had straight black hair with split ends and holes in them, as well as her tail, which was outlined in red. Her eyes were red, with a slit pupil, and she had a few scars on her body. She had a hole in her ear, and her cutie mark looked like the...devil sign [insignia]. 

"My name is Satania." The mare stated.

Her voice sounded dark, yet quiet, and woman-wise. 

"I am the one who brought you here."

Twilight examined her. 

"You...saved my life." Twilight said.

"Indeed. But I also ruined your life." Satania said.

"Wh-What do you mean?"

Satania darkly chuckled. 

"You naïve fool, don't you get it?" Satania asked rhetorically. "I'm the one who turned your friends into monsters. I'm the one who took away your magical powers. And I am the stranger who sent you that letter. Ring a bell, Twilight?"

Twilight gasped.

"Y-You?! You did all of this?!" Twilight asked. "But, why?! Why would you do such a thing to everypony?!"

Satania laughed evilly.

"Because I can. You see, Equestria is all about magic and friendship. That's so boring and adorably sick! I hated Celestia, and I was glad to hear that Luna turned against her. But you and your pathetically stupid friends had to ruin everything! So, I decided to get my revenge. I turned all of your friends against you, and took away your powers, so that Equestria will become a living hell for everypony in existence! And once your friends are evil, I'll be able to unleash actual demons from hell! Equestria will then be mine." Satania explained. 

Twilight had to adjust to this.

"Now there is only one thing left...to destroy you!" Satania said. "I was gonna let Rainbrute finish you off, but, it'd be more fun if I let ALL of your friends finish you off together!"

"What?! You're a psycho!" Twilight yelled.

"True, but I still won, and that's all that matters." Satania said.

"B-But what about that pony I saw at the party in the bathroom?" Twilight asked.

"What pony?"

"H-He was black, with red eyes. I keep seeing him in my dreams." Twilight said. "He coughed up some weird green gas in my face, a-and since then, I've been having nightmares about him."

Satania gasped.

"My...My brother. He must've changed your-"

Satania froze and looked at Twilight.

"He must've changed your element." Satania said.


"My brother is an element changer. Whenever he blows hot green gas onto somepony's face, their element changes to the opposite element. So since your element is Magic, then your next element must be...reality."

"Reality? But that doesn't-"

"You're gonna turn into something much darker than your friends combined, Twilight!"

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Satainia laughed evilly.


"What?! But that can't-"

"You're gonna turn into a monster, Twilight! Hahahaha! My plan will definitely work now!"

Twilight looked at the floor with shock and sorrow.

"Look on the bright side. At least now nopony will kill you." Saania said. "You have one hour left until you turn into a monster. Enjoy your innocence while you can, Twilight Sparkle." 

Satania evilly laughed loudly and soon left the cave. Twilight sobbed relentlessly. 

'No...this can't be…" she mentally said. 'This can't be happening!'

Oh but it was happening. Poor Twilight sobbed her eyes out, as the minutes quickly passed by. Soon, she'll become the most evil, darkest, dangerous pony in all of Equestria.

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