28 Author's Note

Hello dear readers, I'm really disappointed in Webnovel right now. I thought it was a great app at first, but now it's kind of boring now, to be honest. While my stories are being discontinued here, I will continue to submit new stories on this, because I feel like you guys enjoy them. Is there any kind of creepypastas you guys wish for me to do? I have a ton of them, but I have no idea what people on here would like to see. I know this one is restricted for Ponypasta, but I'll make a new one that's for Creepypastas too. 

So if you're wondering why I'm disliking this app is because I can't do certain things that are required. If it's any kind of font that's different from the plain one, it won't show up once I copy and paste from my Google Docs where I retype these. It's also why I can't bring you guys all the stories that I wish I could. It's also why I take more time delivering these to you guys. I have to go through them and make sure that they're "Webnovel Appropriate," if that makes sense. Anyways, hope you guys are safe and healthy.  

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