1 Welcome to the Pokemon World!

"The world of Pokemon! A spinning globe of wonderment. Home to an infinite array of creatures to varied to fully comprehend. Hundred, perhaps thousand. Meticulously fashioned by the forces of nature in all its glory as only nature can. And no matter what corner of the world you find yourself rest assured you'll find Pokemon there as well.

Soaring overhead, skimming the clouds

And riding the currents undersea

Sharing the mountain's majesty

And... animating are many lush green forests

Happily making their home in fields of grass

Well... even our sprawling cities are teeming with them

People and Pokemon find common ground sharing the goal of victory in the Pokemon Battle. Trying to become friends, comrades, and Pokemon Master,"

Location: Pallet Town, Kanto Region

On a bright sunny day, a young man named Red is getting ready to go to practice in front of his house.


Charizard roars before finally flying into the sky with Red riding on him. Not long after they flew, a girl's voice called out to them.

"Big Brother! Wait!" cried the girl who was calling Red when he flies with Charizard.

Red comes down to meet the girl. The girl runs towards Red panting heavily.

"Big... Brother, Prof... fessor... ha... hah..." said the girl before she stopped to take a breath because she was panting.

Red just watches the girl in confusion.

"Big Brother, Professor Oak wants to see you. he wants you to come to his lab," said the girl after she managed to catch her breath.

Red is silent for a moment and then nods and decides to go see Professor Oak in his lab with the girl. They both went to Professor Oak's lab together.

"Professor! I've brought big brother!" shouted the girl.

"Oh? Red, you finally came. Thank you for bringing him here, Leaf," The professor sees Red and the girl named Leaf and welcomes them.

"No problem! But, by the way... why did you call him, Professor?" asked Leaf.

The professor then takes something out of one of the machines in his lab and gives it to Red.

"What is it, Professor?" asked Leaf.

"This is the newest model of Pokedex. I want to ask Red to deliver this Pokedex to every professor in each region to fill in their research data," replied the Professor.

"Eh? Why did it have to be delivered by Red? Aren't you usually exchanging data via your computer, Professor?" Leaf was amazed by the Professor's request.

"The data that will be included in this Pokedex is classified as confidential. So, it would be better to give it directly to each Professor so that the data does not leak and fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, I asked Red to deliver it to them. Will you deliver it, Red?" Professor Oak asks Red to deliver the Pokedex to each Professor in each region.

Red just silent, thinking about the request from the Professor.


Charizard gives a sign that he wants to deliver the Pokedex and visit each region with Red. Red, who realizes Charizard's wish, answers Professor Oak that he is willing to accept his request.

"Thank goodness if you will. Then, I'll explain about this Pokedex. As you know, Pokedex contains all the information about Pokemon. For now, this Pokedex only contains Pokemon data from Kanto. After all the professors accept it, they will enter the Pokemon data from their region, and later this Pokedex will load the data of all Pokemon from all regions so that it can be called the National Dex. In the National Dex, there is very confidential data such as data from Legendary Pokemon or Mythical Pokemon so it will be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Oh, the Pokedex also includes several application features that you can try. I hope these applications can help you," the professor explained the information about the Pokedex that will be delivered by Red.

"Professor, can I come with Red? I also want a little adventure," said Leaf.

"You already have your Pokemon. So you can decide for yourself," said the Professor.

"Yeah! Then, I will go with my big brother on an adventure to various regions!" exclaimed Leaf who was very happy to be able to go on an adventure with his brother.

"Since you guys have decided, go get ready. I will also prepare some items for you," said the Professor told Red and Leaf to prepare their supplies.

Red and Leaf went home to prepare their supplies during their trip to take Pokedex to other regions. After finishing preparing supplies, they returned to the lab to meet the Professor again before they left.

"These are some of the items I can give you. I hope they can be of use," The Professor gave out several items such as Potions, Repels, and some empty Pokeballs.

"Thank you, Professor. If these items were from you, they would be very useful," said Leaf.

"The Johto region is the closest region to here. You can go there first bypassing Mt. Silver. The professor over there was named Professor Elm. Send my regards to him," The professor advises Red and Leaf to go to the Johto region first.

Red nods his head.

"Then, we'll go on ahead. See you, Professor!" Leaf left the lab waving his hand.

Red follows Leaf from behind while waving his hand too.

"Oh, I forgot! Go to the Alola region after you visit other regions!" The professor passed on some information that he didn't remember before.

"Okay!" Leaf answered the Professor's words from afar.

Location: Route 01, Kanto Region

Red and Leaf left Pallet Town to go on an adventure to each region to deliver a Pokedex to each Professor there.

"Big Brother, if I'm not mistaken, to go to Johto region we will pass Viridian City, Indigo Plateau, and Mt. Silver, right? Just saying it makes my heart flutter," said Leaf, holding his chest.

Red nods his head.

Location: Pallet Town, Kanto Region

"Oh, that's right, their first goal is Viridian City. I hope they don't meet him," muttered the Professor while thinking of someone.

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