7 Chapter 6.5

'As I thought.' Caleb's eyes lit up as he regarded the young future pokemon champion of the Kalos League. Right now she was currently very young.

Caleb found the young Diantha very cute. He mentally punched himself in the gut. 'What the hell am I thinking? Am I turning into a lolicon? Fuck that!"

Diantha became confused when the smiling Caleb suddenly had a funny look on his face. She couldn't help but giggle.

Caleb ignored it as he continued to casually talk to her. Magby was sitting next to him, ready to doze off and sleep while Diantha also has a pokemon that was sitting beside her, which was a pokemon with a green bowl cut style, the rare psychic-type Ralts.

The chattering within the room became quiet when a middle-aged woman entered the door.


Caleb managed to glance within the class and found that he had a total of 23 classmates, who were sitting on long benches chairs that were connected together with their Pokemons sitting beside them, although a few didn't have a pokemon beside them either because they are too large in size or with some other reasons.

Although it was called a classroom, it wasn't a stretch to call it back on earth as a lecture hall.

When the teacher has entered, everyone's attention was attracted to the middle-aged woman that entered.

When the children including Caleb saw the good natured aura around the teacher, they relaxed. Some were too relaxed since they continued on their loud talk with their friends.

The teacher fixed her large glasses clumsily while requesting with a soft tone, "Please be quiet."

Alas, no one listened to her request as her voice barely echoed in the noisy classroom. Upon seeing so, it seemed to have somehow irked the woman as her fist met the face of an innocent podium.


"SILENCE!" The woman's aura seemed to have a 180 degrees turn as it suddenly blazed with fierceness while shouting as she pounded the podium with her fist, scaring even Caleb who was at the back.

That did the trick as not a single peep was heard anymore in the hall. Every witch acted as docile as a kitty.

She coughed and her smile returned, it was as if the earlier outburst hadn't happen. She glanced at her new students and said. "Now that's more like it. I'm your teacher for this school year. My name's Vironica Fulk, let's start the class with every single of you introducing yourselves and your pokemon shall we?"

"Starting from the front, come introduce yourself to your future classmates." Teacher Vironica gestured for the still trembling student who was near to stand on the podium with her.

"H-hello, my name is Dic..."

'What the heck?' Caleb got frightened by that loud shout. He mentally noted in one of his important notes to not do anything that could anger this woman readily. 'Aiii... I could already foresee my classroom life at least wouldn't be boring.'

The teacher was even scarier than to what he had experienced before!

Magby even had his sleepiness wiped out away by that sudden shout. Especially Diantha and her Ralts they were terrified.

The class applaued when the first student finished his introduction. This then continued for a short while before it was Caleb's turn.

He and his Magby stood up as soon as Diantha finished her self introduction, calmly he stood beside the podium and began. "My name is Caleb Laurent and I am 8 years old. I am a human, living in the planet full of Pokemons, this is Magby my first cute pokemon, we reside in our city Lumiose. We came in peace. I'm still a student, but hopefully, a successful pokemon trainer in the future with my Magby."

Caleb bowed down while holding up peace signs with both his hands, coupled with Magby who was also copying his trainer as it bowed and showed what seemed like a peace sign with his hands.

All of his classmates, including Teacher Vironica absent-mindedly stared at the comically bowing Caleb and Magby. Then, the room was bolstered with many laughters from everyone.

The unique introduction caught everyone off-guard, and like they say the least expected will always get good results.

"Go back to your seat." Vironica said as she wore a forced smile.

Caleb nodded as he smiled back naturally, then walked down the podium to seat back.

"Okay quiet down class. Since Mr.Laurent's unique introduction and everyone else's had done theirs, we will start our class. First, let's talk about the academy..." Vironica immediately turned serious and began introducing the academy itself to everyone.

Caleb also listened as his focus was fully on the teacher.

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