2 Chapter 2

Unlike other transmigrators Caleb Laurent wasn't given any cheats; overpowering systems, any sort of a golden finger, magical weapons, nothing.

Or so he believes so far since he still has not discovered anything as of yet.

But, this did not made Caleb depressed as much since he has the significantly valuable memories of his past life! This was way more important than any cheat, welp, according to him that is.

Moreover, this already gave him a very tremendous head start than others than his peers, knowledge is power it all just depends on how you make good use of it.

So with or without any golden finger to help him in this world, he's confident he could achieve praiseworthy accomplishments in the future with his knowledge of pokemon.

What Caleb had done after realizing and accepting his new reality was that, other than knowing where he was located at, he also began gathering information on the differences and similarities on what he knew of this Pokemon world.

Shockingly, he discovered that there was widespread knowledge around the world about pokemon potentials/rank, trainer ranks and many others.

Pokemon potentials are categorized as: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and then Purple. Rumors are also circulating that there is a stage ranked beyond purple.

Unfortunately, Caleb's Intel is still inadequate for him to truly know what kind of differences could a higher potential pokemon and a lower potentialed pokemon possessed.

He was curious about the concept of potential, so he had asked his father about the general details of it.

According to him, pokemons with distinct potentials could differentiate the range of time a pokemon could learn and master movesets that are within their ability to perform.

Morever, a higher potentialed Pokemon could breakthrough more boundaries than what a lower potentialed pokemon could reach.

There are also methods for pokemons to improve their potential, but it needed expensive elixirs that could stimulate the pokemon and nourish it's potential, that normally only the rich could afford and find with their connections. It is a rarity that is very difficult to produce and purchase, especially to the poor and average households.

That's all what his father told him as he reminded Caleb that he would learn more about it in school when the time comes.

Trainer Ranks on the other hand, Caleb was somewhat clueless.

Trainer Ranks? What was that? When he first heard the preference he thought he misheared, then he linked it on to the ranks of elite four and champions.

His guess was somewhat correct, since he soon came to find out that there are also seven trainer ranks which was: rookie trainer, advanced trainer, veteran trainer and his parents stop lecturing him after saying those.

According to them he would learn more of it in the pokemon trainer's school he would attend and how the trainer's rank contrasts with each other, which was in the Trainer Oro Master Academia.

Caleb was feeling frustrated, he really wished to attend now, so that he could learn everything he wanted to learn. It was like having a hungry dog sit and stare at its food for hours by the owner, it was suffocating and maddening.

His parents commend his excitement of learning. Clint Laurent, laughed on Caleb in humor when he saw their son getting all red-faced as they told him to await the opening and start of the Trainer Oro Master Academia's semester.

While the family were eating breakfast, they were having some casual conversations. Noraima Laurent suddenly told Caleb a piece of good news.

"Caleb dear. Your father and I just talked with your grandfather yesterday at the breeding center. He told us to inform you that you would be getting your starter pokemon later." Noraima casually told her son about the news as she elegantly used her utensils. Although she was frolicky eyeing Caleb's reaction from the corner of her eye.

Clint too was curious of his son's reaction since Caleb was always begging them with huge persistence on giving him a pokemon.

Caleb's first reaction was just nodding absentmindedly as his focus was on the breakfast infront of him. Then, as her words registered in his brain, he blinked once, twice, trice...

Noraima and Clint's eyebrow rose as they watched their son turned his head comically towards them. His face filled with uncertainty.

"Pardon me? What did you just say mom?"

"Oh nothing sweety, since you didn't hear what I said just treat it as if I never said anything." Noraima was a woman with a mischievous heart. She couldn't help herself but tease her son with any given opportunity.

Caleb scrunched his eyebrows, then it turned into delight. "WWOOAAHHH!! I know what I heard!! You just said that grandpa would be giving me my pokemon today didn't you!?? Didn't youuu!!!"

"Oh... Were those what I said? I didn't know hehehe."

"I know what I heard just now mom! Stop teasing me, c'mon!"

Caleb was so excited that his frame rose from the table supported by his hands leaning forward. His face was now closely in front of his parents, face filled with happiness, he was so happy that his face blushed with frightening color.

Both Noraima and Clint were amused, Clint feeling that his wife was about to tease Caleb some more, he spared his son and helped him get out of her torture as he said. "Hahahaha, that's right Caleb. Also, your cousins will be getting theirs too. You'll be getting your starters together from your grandfather. You know that Christian and Korinne are the same age as you, right?"

"FINALLY, I'LL BE GETTING MY STARTER POKEMON!!!" Caleb pumped his fist in the air as he did a celebratory dance on the table not caring at all about his image.

*His dance was sooo bad since he was just randomly flinging his hands in the air, not to mention the awkward tremble trembling movement of his legs*

Noraima and Clint didn't mind him, they also laughed merrily for their son. They knew how much he was waiting for this day to arrive so they could imagine how happy he would felt.

After a few moments, the noise in the house died down, but Caleb's face was currently full of excitement. But then, he asked both his parents an important question. "Chris and Korinne would be getting their starter too? Do you guys know what pokemons grandpa would be giving us?"

Noraima shooked her head cluelessly. "I don't know about the specifics your grandfather chose to provide you and your cousins. Maybe your father knew."

"Well, this time I also don't have any clue to be honest with you Caleb, even if I knew I wouldn't be telling you about it since it would spoil the surprise for you, son."

Caleb catched a critical word that his father used. "What do you mean this time dad? Is there any difference to the time you got your starter?"

Clint was surprised as how his son catches on that, his son is really smart and observant. He smiled at that as he replied. "Well, usually the pokemon your grandfather, and also to the time back your grandfather got to choose a pokemon from the leading figure at that time provided three Pokemons, they were: Pacham a fighting-type, Litleo a fire and normal-type and lastly the grass-typing pokemon, Skiddo. However, father told us that this time would be different, it isn't normal but it's not like those three are the pokemons guaranteed to be provided to future generations of trainers from our family. I personally think it is because our family's economy are now very good that this happened, our Breeding Center are now very popular not just within the city Caleb, so it is expected that business is also booming."

"So you are meaning to say that grandpa would be providing us with a more rarer starter father?" Caleb's shining eyes was now shining even brighter as his father's words registered fully in his little brain.

Pokemons are also assorted differently according to their rarity, Caleb knew that Pancham, Litleo and Skiddo are uncommon Pokemons, below uncommon are common Pokemons that are like Caterpie, Fletchling and Zigzagoon. Other classifications after uncommon are, Rare, Regional Starters/Royal, Psuedo-Legendary, Mystical and then Legendaries.

Wondering how he knew of this? Of course he read it on his trusty computer.

"I guess it would be Caleb, your grandfather isn't the stingy type of person, he adores you and your cousins very much."

"That's right Caleb, you're lucky to have a grandfather like him. Although he is strict most of the time. He truly cares a lot about the family. Thinking about it now, I have to agree with your father that the pokemons that would be given to you and your cousins are much better that the past distributions. Though, you shouldn't get your hopes up, Pacham, Litleo and Skiddo are not that bad of a pokemon starter that would be with you together in your journey as a pokemon trainer." Noraima also added her thoughts about the matter.

Caleb nodded seriously as he thought about it. He don't care about which pokemon it will be, all he does care was that today is finally gonna be the day he, Caleb Laurent, would have his very first pokemon. The thought of it going through his head again and again excites him very much.

"When will we leave mom, dad?"

"We shouldn't make grandpa wait any further, let's go now!!!"

"Are you worried about your grandfather waiting or are you just excited to see the pokemon provided for you?" Noraima just couldn't help herself from teasing Caleb.

It was a success since Caleb blushed having his thoughts seen through but his mom. "C'mon moooooom!"

"Hahahahahaha, alright alright. You should get yourself washed up first before we go, we wouldn't want you all stinky and not dressed properly are we? What if your chosen pokemon wouldn't follow you for the reason that you had foul odor and morning hair? Seeing you as not responsible enough heheheheh."

Caleb's expression turned into horror the moment he heard those words, he sprinted back to his room, leaving a trail of smokes in his rapid legs.

Noraima laughed so much she was having trouble breathing, she clasped her stomach as her other hand 'lightly' patted on her husband's back.

Clint's mouth twitch at the force of her hand, he smiled bitterly seeing the scene. "You really love to torture our son to no end huh, honey?"

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, I just couldn't help myself, you know how I am." Noraima wipes the tear coming from the corner of her eyes from laughing so hard.

Clint smiled. "Of course I know, your teasing started all of the good'ol memories we had on the past and achievement in the present. I'm really happy of the times we have now with our family."

Noraima also smiled happily as she leaned on her husband, "Me too, how happy I am with our family."


Suddenly though that smile turned upside down. As her face was suddenly streaming with uncontrollable tears as her thought was reminded of something, something that was very delicate and important in her heart. "Ohhh... How I wished though... our first born son... our baby boy Charles was here to see his little brother all grown up..." Her voice was accompied with occasional hiccups from speaking.

Clint's wide frame that looks like it couldn't be budge, trembled strongly. He was silent, he didn't speak any words of consolation to his wife as he knew, he knew how deeply they suffered from the time their first born went missing from an important mission issued by the league a year ago. He hugged his wife as he began to rub her back lightly. While his other hand was clenched with bulging veins.

This continued until the couple regained their composure.

On the corner of the living room, you could see a frame that was placed on a shelf. In it was a picture, there was four people in it, a baby version of Caleb, a more robust and young Clint and Noraima, and another boy around the age of eight-years old having the same features as Noraima more than Clint, he was also grinning happily at the picture with a peace sign up.

It seems that... The affectionate family also had an unfortunate event that befalls them from the past, that still haunted them till this day.

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