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Trainer or Pokemon Rankings:

Baby (1-4)

Beginner (Lvl 5-14)

Intermediate (Lvl 15-29)

Advanced (Lvl 30-44)

Elite (Lvl 45-59)

King (Lvl 60-74) - Elite 4 level

Champion (Lvl 75-89)

Master (Lvl 90-99) - Legendary Pokemon


Pokemon Potential Rankings:

Red - Beginner grade is the limit

Orange - Intermediate grade is the limit

Yellow- Advanced Grade is the limit

Green- Elite grade is the upper limit

Blue - King or champion rank

Purple (Highest) - Champion or Master rank

Purple potential is only seen in Legndaries. No ordinary pokemon can enter that potential.


Spoilers ahead (Read after chapter 12)

Social Hierarchy:



Viscount and Royal Knight (Same level)






Abilities according to type:

Note: Only the primary type is considered. Doesn't matter if it is dual-type or not. Roselia for example is a primary grass type so you get only benefit from grass and not poison.

Fire - Temperature Resistance

Water - Stamina

Grass - Self Healing (Not too OP)

Electric - Reaction Speed

Flying - Speed (Movement )

Fighting - Raw attack Power

Bug - Faster learning rate (like x1.2)

Poison - Poison immunity

Ground - Skin (Penetration defence)

Rock - Muscles (Compact and thicker)

Steel - Bones (Tough bones)

Psychic - Telekinesis (Not too OP)

Ghost - Invisibility (Not OP too, has rules)

Dark - Night vision

Ice - Charm (Popular with nobility)

Dragon - Lifespan boost

Fairy - Lifespan boost

Normal- Random ability from the other 17

The rarer the ability the lesser the probability to obtain from the normal type. The last 6 abilities from psychic to fairy are rarer while the probability of obtaining one of the other 11 is higher.


This fanfiction happens in Unova but there is no restriction to use just Gen5 pokemon.

I will be using all Pokemon from Gen1 to Gen5... Sorry but No Gen7 or Gen8 and have not decided on Gen6 but for now, only the first 5 region Pokemon.

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