5 Academy Prelude

End of September:

"Master Arthur, we need to hurry, the psychic might leave without us," said the anxious Butler, Frederick.

"Ya Ya, we still have an hour, there's no point going early," I said while taking my sweet time to pack everything together.

"But Master, if we arrive at the final minute, we might offend other nobles. It's always the Count and Viscount family members that arrive after everyone appears," said Frederick in a more panicked tone.

"Ohhh, God!!!! Alright, I will be there in ten minutes. Now, go out and wait," I said pushing him out and closing the door with a bang.


"Hmmm, let's see!!!..... the outfit is perfect for my debut. As they say, the first impression is the best," I said while checking myself out in front of a tall and wide mirror.

I was 5' 7" with short messy purple hair. I am tall enough for a 15-year-old and will probably grow taller.

Today I am wearing the Academy outfit, a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes which has a brown belt passing diagonally over my right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, I am wearing a pair of white gloves just to get that Pokemon trainer's look. I also wear uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trouser's leggings. My sword is placed in the sheath to the left of my hip. (Appearance in the comments)

The green colour in the uniform represents the God of the pinwheel forest "Virizion", while the brown belt represents "Landorus". Everyone in the Kingdom of Wolks worships Virizion and one of the forces of Nature "Landorus".

It is rumoured that the King himself has a contract with Virizion making him appear full of vitality even though he is 60 years old. As for Landorus, it protects the lands from berserk twins "Thundurus" and "Tornadus".

I go over everything and make sure nothing is missing,

"Farewell, my room," I said while feeling a bit emotional and walked out.

The moment I stepped out of the Manor, I see a wagon waiting. 4 huge Rhydons were pulling the carriage, Frederick and Me immediately got into the inner compartment.

"I hope no high-class Noble has arrived yet," muttered Frederick in anxiousness.

"Chill out old man, it's not like the Academy is here. It's only a common meet-up point so that the psychics can teleport us directly to the academy," I said easing him.

I was quite surprised that they are teleporting the students directly. When I first received the acceptance letter, they also sent the instructions on how to reach the Academy and a uniform. Later, Frederick explained to me the reason behind using psychics to teleport students over to the academy.

It seems that, 15 years ago, a Duke's son was assassinated on the way to the academy and the whole kingdom was in turmoil. The Academy was furious on the Nobles for dragging them into their political game. As per the rules, Academy shouldn't support any noble and must always stay neutral. But the assassination caused them to step into the mud of politics which lasted five years long, so the dean decided to just teleport the students safely to the academy while joining.

Academy is responsible for all the students that study there in those two years, this responsibly is what makes every noble trust them with their heirs. If not you wouldn't see the son of King himself join the academy.

During the study of two years, no political game should be involved. The Academy is there to provide the best talents to the kingdom so that the land itself prospers. While studying in the Academy, everyone is treated equal but I still highly doubt it because there is no way a Prince will be treated as an equal with a Civilian.

As I was thinking things through, the carriage stopped at a five-storeyed building that said "Knights Hall".

" Young master, before we get down please take this money. This is all the savings of Master Jones in the last 4 years, he wanted to buy you a talented Pokemon but now that it's not needed, you can use this for the expenses on your starter's growth," said Frederick emotionally.

I knew something like this would happen, the money might be more useful for my brother than me. I took the coin bag and said,

"Tell Brother Leon that this money is a payment for teaching his Pokemon. This is a higher fee than expected, so the next time I meet him, I will be instructing additional new moves as compensation."

'God Damn it, I shouldn't have said that,' I thought while carrying my backpack and walking inside.

"I will pass your words to Master Jones, Master Arthur," was what I barely heard from the inside of the Knights Hall. I just did not want to accept my brother's hard-earned money for free, I will make sure to pay it back.

I then stopped thinking about all this stuff and took out the "Strianton Royal Academy" acceptance letter while looking around for the reception.

The inside of the Knights Hall was very spacious and had a rustic aura to it. I can hear subtle noises of metals colliding while the Knight walked around, the building seemed to be made of some kind of stone. the whole floor was a rectangular room between one and a half and three times as long as it was wide, and also higher than it was wide.

It had light coming through the windows on either side, at the other end of the hall was the dais where a high table was situated. That's when I spotted a beautiful brown haired lady in black casual attire that looked clean and neat. I immediately walked over presenting the letter,

"Excuse me, I am here for the Royal Academy admission. I was asked to report in the Knights Hall, so, can you please give me some directions?" I asked making her startled.

She was stunned by my politeness as my attire and face looked like I was a Noble.

"Ye... Yes, please follow me, Sir," she said after confirming the details on the acceptance letter.

I was taken to the First floor which looked the same as the ground floor. The key difference was that it had rooms on either side instead of the windows.

We walked in front of a room that said "Teleportation Hall", the receptionist stopped in front of the door asking me to go in while bidding goodbye to me.

I then turned the knob and pushed the door open in a gentle manner. Unfortunately, the door seemed a bit old as it made a creaking noise,


The next instant, all the eyes inside the room were on me. There were around 7 students inside, all maintaining at least a two-meter distance like a Covid-19 protocol.

"I apologise for the disturbance, the door seems older than I expected," I said taking an empty seat at the far right corner.

I don't know what happened but the atmosphere here seems hostile. Maybe because there are children of families that oppose each other? I am sure that hostility is not towards me as the eyes were directed at someone else.

Everyone had the same outfits but you could tell who belonged to the Noble family

just by looking at the accessories. We waited for around 10 minutes and suddenly the door opened with a bang,

I saw two orange haired guys come in, both seemed to be twins. One looked elegant and tall while the other looked a bit violent?

"Yo, seems we are the last one to arrive, great because that's exactly how it should be," said the violent looking orange-haired guy, after that he paused and then looked at a blonde lady,

"What are you looking at bitch? Never seen the lord of Nuvema?"

I immediately realized who they are. They are the twins of Count Claude, Aiden Claude and Logan Claude.

"Seems the rumours are true, Master Logan is really the infamous brute and has a low emotional quotient. How sad must Count Claude be?" mocked the blonde-haired girl who seemed to belong to the Viscount family of the opposite faction.

"Youuu!!!!! I can't believe our father is trying to betroth you to Aiden here. You don't seem one bit intelligent, Bitc...."

"Logan, can you stop taunting and irritating people? It's embarrassing," interrupted Aiden Claude, he then walked past everyone and sat calmly in the front row of the hall.

I will be honest, this Aiden guy seems more entitled than the Logan Claude. The way he walks and the way he looks is as if he is looking down on everyone here.

"I will take care of you in the academy, just wait...." muttered Logan while passing close to the blond girl.

While the commotion subsided, the pin-drop silence was killing me. I don't even know anyone here, so all I did was space out.

"A total of 9 from Nuvema town. Seems like everyone's here, then let's get going," said an abrupt voice which freaked the shit out of everyone.

A dark-haired lean man with a uniform that resembled the students stood in the centre with a bipedal, humanoid Pokémon. The Pokemon's body is mostly black with a purple face and hands. Its main body is covered in a black "dress" which consists of four segments, and each one has a white bow on the front. That's a fricking Gothitelle, one of the rarest psychic Pokemon in the Kingdom of Wolks.

The man just appeared out of nowhere, I am positive that he teleported right in the middle.

'Fuck!!! if he wanted, he can assassinate almost anyone.'

I mentally added the plan of catching a dark type in the future to avoid troubles from psychic Pokemon.

"Although your plan is good, why would I even try to assassinate people," he said making me flinch. 'Shit', this guy just read all my surface thoughts.

while I was standing still, not knowing what to think, the trainer ignored me and looked at everyone,

"Anyways, everyone stays together in a 3-metre radius so that I can transport all of you. If in case you put half your body out of range, then only half your body will arrive at the academy," he said warning the possible occurrences.

Everyone huddled together immediately in panic while Aiden Claude walked in at his own pace, Logan and the blonde girl don't seem to like the fact that they are close to each other as I can see their irritated faces.

Without any warning, I heard a voice,

"Gothitellleeee"..... and we disappeared....

--------------End of Chapter------------

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