Pokemon: The Medieval Era (Hiatus) Book

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Pokemon: The Medieval Era (Hiatus)


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Arthur transmigrates into a 10-year-old boy who lives in Unova. He gradually finds out that he is in a completely different era of the Pokemon world and the world itself has rules that never existed in anime or games. Timeline: Thousand years before the main plot, the period during the Kingdom of Vale from the Victini movie Discord: https://discord.gg/PRjEd7rYGS Note: Don't rate the book until you read at least 10 chapters. I am trying something completely new, mainly world-building. I am trying to establish a new world background with certain new rules. Image Credits: It's from the Pokemon Legends game but know that, this is not related to the games itself. Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this Fan-fiction except the OC characters, all belong to Pokemon Company.


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