Pokemon Tamer of Darkness(moved to fanfic section)
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Pokemon Tamer of Darkness(moved to fanfic section)


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What is Pokemon Tamer of Darkness(moved to fanfic section)

Read Pokemon Tamer of Darkness(moved to fanfic section) novel written by the author AllWorldsEvil on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, comedy, r18, harem, pokemon. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Our protagonist, is someone from real earth who got sent into the Pokemon Universe (gen 1-8), out of nowhere his soul got summoned by Arceus into Hall Of Origin by mistake, as a make up by Arceus which cannot return MC to his real world, MC was given a gift by the Pokemon God itself. the Gift from Arceus: -1 selector Mythical/Legendary pokemon that doesn't break the balance of the world -body for living*gacha (he got Lellouch from Code Geass w/o Geass ofc) -start in Unova Region as adopt son Juniper Family (because of Aurea, Rosa, Hilda) with knowledge in previous life which turn out to be useless, because this pokemon world is AU and the little knowledge he know from the game is different except the types and pokemons. what will Lellouch do in that AU Pokemon World? collect pokemons and became Pkmn Trainer? or collect girls became harem trainer(lol), or both?, only time can tell. A/N: THIS IS FANFICTION SO I OWN NOTHING. im still noob at english and my grammar is RIP, so please forgive me :" include all pokemon from 1-8, but wailord family cant be use for battle or catch by pokeball in this fanfic. mythical and legendaries are only one of kind except for few myth/legend. no megastone(coz not all pokemon have mega evolution yet so no stone evolution, but still can undergo mega evolution through natural evolution but permanent, mega evolution is rarer than Shiny just call it like mutation or surpassing his/her own race, and mega evolution can be called Pseudo-Legendary) no Z moves(do you want me to make destructions with that? :"D) no original pokemon/move (im only using official pokemons and moves, even some got removed if its too nonsensical) no level system(but for trainer the pokemon must never stop training or they became weaker) already have 1 mythical pokemon at starter (that pokemon will become like Ash Pikachu) i hope i can continue write this fanfic until the end, not sudden droped like my previous ff Release Rate is Random, cos i prefer became reader than author Tags:Harem, r18, Adventure, Modern, Comedy(?), Pokemon, wish fullfilment, AU


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Author here, im still new about typing/writing a story, so a critics, comments, or something like will be appreciate, and that will make me know theres people follow my story and that will boost my mood to type/write lol (≧∇≦)/ i still suck at writing in english, so im very sorry if theres will be many error/mispelling, i hope u guys will help me to corrected it 💪 anyway i hope you guys can really enjoy my story (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)


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