4 Chapter 4: Adrik

On their way to Pewter City, Red throws two Poke Balls to a defeated Caterpie and Weedle, catching them. He then pulls out his Pokedex, with Charmander and Pikachu looking at it. The device reveals Red's caught Pokemon in Viridian Forest: a Scyther, a Raichu, a Mankey, a Pidgeotto and a Spearow.

"Guess I got a total of ten caught Pokemon. Better send these two to Professor Oak." Red said and heads to a nearby Pokemon Center.

At her grandfather's garden, Daisy and her Venusaur are making nests for a flock of Pidgeotto when they are suddenly called by an assistant, "Miss Daisy! Someone's on the phone!"

Stopping her work, Daisy asks, "Let me guess. Red caught another Pokemon and he going to send it to Grandpa?"

Agreeing with her, the assistant said, "Yes.", Causing Daisy to whisper to her Venusaur and head back towards the lab to answer the call in a lab coat.

"Hello, Red." Daisy greets the boy with a humble voice..

Confused and wondering where Professor Oak is, Red asked, "Big sis. Where's Professor Oak?"

Finding it affectionate it for Red to call her Big Sis, Daisy replied after chuckling, "Alright, kid, Grandpa's got some business to attend to. Also I received a call from a Trainer from Alola using my Pokegear."

Excited to meet a new Trainer like him, Red asks, "Who is this Trainer?"

Daisy replies, "His name is Adrik. He's a student of Grandpa's cousin from Alola. I heard he earned a Z Crystal from a trial for his starter Rowlet."

Happy, Red said, "It's a Grassium Z and I think he already practiced the poses of Bloom Doom. So where is he now?"

Daisy replied, "He's in Viridian Forest. He was on his way to Pewter City so that he could also challenge Brock but he got lost after a roar of a Pokemon scared his Rowlet away."

Recognizing the roar as the shockwave from his Primeape's battle, a guilty Red confessed, "I guess I must've scared him off by accident."

Curious, Daisy asks, "Accident?"

Red explains, "Four days ago, I caught a Primeape, who is battling his opponent. When it blocked an attack with it's muscular arms, it created a shockwave that blows the trees. I'll find him, Big Sis. Don't worry."

After healing his Pokemon, Red sees a young boy getting registered for the Pokemon League with his Rotom Pokedex and approaches him, "You must be Adrik, right?"

Confused, Adrik asks, "Yes, why?"

Deciding to tell him the truth, Red replied, "Because I was the one who scared your Rowlet away. It was an accident. I'm so sorry."

Instead of being angry, Adrik said, "I'm glad you told the truth. It's not your fault. Rowlet and I have a habit of separating. Why don't you help me through Pokemon?"

Having an idea, Red goes to the video phone and comes back with a Poke Ball, "I called Daisy and she sends me my Pidgeotto."

Outside of the Pokemon Center, Red and Adrik watch Charmander, Pikachu and Pidgeotto going to the woods to find Rowlet.

"Hey, why don't we have battle so that we could get ready for the Pewter Gym?" Red challenges Adrik with a desire to win.

"Alright. After all, I still have Pokemon other than Rowlet." Adrik accepts with a cheerful face.

The three Pokemon go deeper to the forest, with Charmander and Pikachu getting tired, causing the two to rest on a rock. Believing it's friends are still with him, Red's Pidgeotto continues flying to find Rowlet.

Seeing two apples on the tree, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to get the apples for him and Charmander but accidentally hits someone on the branch, who falls off the tree, and saves it from falling.

The Pokemon wakes up and looks at Charmander and Pikachu, "(Where am I?)", He asks in confusion.

Remembering a photo Red showed them before, Charmander and Pikachu recognize the Pokemon as the missing Rowlet.

"(Are you Adrik's?)" Charmander asked the Rowlet.

"(Yes. Did he sent you two to find me?)" Rowlet confirms.

"(That's right. Now come with us. But first, we should find Pidgeotto.)" Pikachu said, as the three left to find their friend, who is now being attacked by a wild Raichu, who is trying to hit it with Thunderbolt.

"(Rowlet, get Pidgeotto out of here. Leave Raichu to us.)" Pikachu has Rowlet, who uses Leafage to surround Raichu with a ring of leaves to give Pidgeotto time to escape, with Rowlet stopping the attack after he and the Bird Pokemon fly away, leaving Charmander and Pikachu to fight the Raichu, who begins the battle with Thunder Punch that is countered by Metal Claw and Quick Attack.

At the Pokemon Center, Rowlet and Pidgeotto saw Red and Adrik battling with Primeape and Crabrawler, whose Brick Break and Crabhammer clash.

"One more time!" Adrik commands.

"Use Seismic Toss!" Red orders.

Primeape cancels Crabhammer and sends Crabrawler to the air before slamming him to the ground, giving it damage.

"Now, Thrash!" Red commands.

Primeape charges at Crabrawler but is interrupted when he and his opponent are returned to their Poke Balls after they noticed Pidgeotto and Rowlet.

"Rowlet!" Adrik exclaimed happily and hugs his Pokemon.

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"Pidgeotto, where's Charmander and Pikachu?" Red asked, which Pidgeotto responds by flying towards the location, with both Trainers following him, where Raichu is overwhelmed by Charmander and Pikachu's teamwork.

Annoyed that he is on the verge of losing, Raichu uses Dig after colliding Thunderbolt with their Flamethrower and Electro Ball, giving them damage.

Believing he has the upper hand, Raichu tries to finish the battle with Focus Blast.

Knowing only he can help them win, Red commands, "Pikachu, use Electro Ball full power! Charmander, use Dragon Pulse full power!"

Getting up, Charmander and Pikachu fire their attacks with their remaining strength, creating an explosion that blows away the Pokemon and Trainers away. After getting back from their feet, Red saw that the three Pokemon are still standing, as he saw Raichu preparing to use another Focus Blast.

"Gotta find a way to defeat Raichu." Red remembers how Charmander and Pikachu fire their attacks at the same time, giving him an idea, "Charmander, full power Dragon Pulse once more. Pikachu, full power Electro Ball again!"

Charmander releases a multicolored dragon beam that fires a ball of electricity at Raichu thrown by Pikachu towards it's body, overpowering Focus Blast and defeating the wild Pokemon, much to their joy.

"Alright, you two did it!" Red congratulates, as Charmander and Pikachu share a fist bump.

The next day, Adrik catches up to Red, who is on his way to the entrance of Pewter City.

"Wait for me!" Adrik stops Red, "I wanna see you battle against Brock so that I could learn how to earn the Boulder Badge from him."

Seeing his eagerness to battle him, Red said, "I'm glad I found a rival who treats me as a friend. We're gonna have a battle after we earn our badge, what do you say?" and offers him a handshake, which Adrik accepts, symbolizing their newfound rivalry and friendship.