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Pokemon: New Beginning and New Adventures


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What is Pokemon: New Beginning and New Adventures

Read Pokemon: New Beginning and New Adventures fanfiction written by the author ArifuretaForever on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Guy from our world and up reincarnated into the world of pokemon. Which he has no complaints about. That until he realizes that he has been reincarnated as a she. Which brings up a whole new set of worries for our MC. Especially where using the bathroom is and bathing is concerned. Genderswapped MC. Small Harem: MC x Erika x Suzune

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I have been enjoying the read so far ps i know you said u wont add any more harem members but if you decide to to can you add cynthia since the mc is older than the main cast.


Definitely a good read so far, nice to see someone from orange islands . here's hoping Crystal onix will make a appearance other then that the team so far plus mentioned sounds solid.


every where I go its harem harem harem. Just why can't anyone write other stuff 😭. However I will not destroy a book's ratings just because I dislike harem. Ya got a lot of spelling mistakes and grammar errors and the dialogue is a bit wooden if you get what I mean. Like character interactions are bit bland. Other than that good luck !


A great fanfic. I have always like gender benders as a guilty pleasure, and this one was done just right. Accepted life as a girl and even started liking some more feminine things. Choices in pokemon is great IMO. I know some people might not like that characters from other anime's were brought in, but I don't mind, in the end the characters aren't the same as they were in the anime, and it's almost like having an OC. I hope this continues because there is a lack of good pokemon fanfics out there.


I love this fanfic so far and always cant wait to read more and the Writing quality is great , so far one to two chapters a day, great world background and story development.


The protagonist have too much "gut fellings" but how a kid have a intinct better than a pokemon? the relationship dont develop, and the way the others characters react the progonist as if he is a boy not a girl


I really love it so far and just cant wait to get more. The pace of the story is nice and I like the MC. 🖖 Hey have tou seen my banana?


So far (chap 37) I'm loving it. I little more realistic that og pokemon but not dark or just over dramatic realistic. Just how I like my pokemon fics, wholesome but not childish. WQ: 5 stars: Nothing bad to say, the writing is clean. Updates:5 stars a little inconsistent some times but nothing to make a fuss. Story Dev: 4 stars. I Like the relationship with the first FL, and the pace of the story, but with some pokemons it's feels that they just pop up in the team. Characters: 5 stars, love the MC and how she adapted to being gender bend, how she has a open mind and accept it and enjoy it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), the first FL I like her too specially after chap 37. Her first two pokemons are good and funny, but like I said the other pokemons feels like they just pop up in the team. The OCs are well made 👍👍👍 World: 5 stars. I'm not a pokemon fan to complain about anything so far :/


I really like how unique the story is, and how there is more than just pokemon battling, as there are also interesting character interactions. The frequent updates is also a major plus.


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very very good ................................................................................................................................................


A great story so far, and I very much look forward to new chapters. I really appreciate the update speed. The characters are well thought out, and have solid personalities so far. World building is going nicely.




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