327 Pokemon master of tactics: Chapter 327

Alex followed Freya into a large studio that was in an enormous Compartment in this Arena. There are several individuals, two moveable cameras, a large backdrop, and good lighting. In addition to this recording space, the control and technical enclosures are also part of This big Compartment.

This view reminded Alex a bit of Film studios, from which he often had seen photos on the internet. even if it's not nearly as big or extensive as the studio of a Film studio.

He saw Professor Wälhder and Erika getting up from their Seatings in the backdrop to greet him.

Professor Wälhder greeted Alex with a hug as he said, "Alex, what a nice surprise. I didn't know you were in the program today. Why didn't you say anything?"

Alex just flashes a small smile as he says, "Just found out myself a few minutes ago."

Professor Wälhder showed a happy expression. "It's nice to see you in person again. Although we speak regularly, it's been a long time since we've talked face to face."

"haha, it's really a good chance to talk a little again. Especially because I rarely have time this year."

Erika showed a soft smile and started to join the conversation. "Nice to see you again, trainer Alex. I'm really happy to be able to talk to such a talented trainer again."

Alex listened to the extremely kind words and smiled warmly with a stiff smile. He still couldn't believe that such a wholesome person existed.

Although he likes Erika's personality, he felt very unfamiliar with such an individual. She was just too wholesome to be a real person and even carries more resemblance, to extremely friendly pokemon than to a Human.

He would even believe it if Erika had only said something mean once or twice in her life and after she said something like this, she immediately regretted it.

Erika looked at Alex with a curious expression. "Trainer Alex, you must have used a lot of time to be able to level your Pokemon that fast, right? If you don't mind, I'm a bit curious. can you please tell me how much time you train per day? "

Alex can understand that many trainers are very impressed with his fast level-up speed and are very curious about it.

"Don't worry Erika, you're not asking anything important. I train every day as long as I can without physically overtaxing my Pokemon or mentally exhausting them. You can say, I train as much as I can."

Professor Wälhder flashed a smile, "I can see that. Only a madman can level his Pokemon that fast. I'm even sure you trained them a lot in dangerous areas or you wouldn't level that fast."

Freya interrupted the conversation when it wasn't long before the program started. She explained several things to Alex. what he should please avoid during the program and also that he should take it easy.

After just another 10 minutes everything was ready and the program started.

Alex saw together with Professor Wälhder and Erika on a large couch that had enough space for 10 people.

The program starts and Freya looks at the main camera with a smile.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the pre-program for this year's Kanto Champion Tournament. I'm Freya Allen, the host of this beautiful program. We don't have only two well-known experts today, but one competitor as a guest as well. We have today a very special program for the audience prepared."

She then looked towards Alex and said with a smile, "Welcome, Alex. I'm glad you could come."

Alex flashed a small smile as he said, "Thanks for inviting me. I'm glad to finally be able to participate on a show in person and not like usually, with a clip of me, where I'm talking nonsense that is shown in a Program."

Freya started to smile slightly as she said, "Although the last time was very entertaining, I hope you don't want to confuse your competitors with such a tactic again today."

"Don't worry. A trick like that doesn't work twice. No matter what I say today, nobody will believe it or underestimate me because of it."

Freya then began to welcome Erika and Professor Wälhder and she exchange a few sentences with them too.

After the greetings, Freya immediately started to ask Alex an interesting question.

"Alex, you are already a top 32 participant and only one round away from making it to the Round of 16. Can you tell me and the viewers how far you think you can get in this tournament?"

Alex, who was already expecting such a question, said with a relaxed expression, "It depends on which opponent I get in my next round. It's a bit sad but I have to hope for luck to make it far in this tournament and with bad luck, I will be eliminated in the next round."

Freya looked at Alex and said with a smile, "Maybe I can assist you to find out if you're lucky. I got the information from Studio, a minute ago, who your next opponent is. I'm sure the viewers would also like to know who, from the top 16 participants, is your opponent."

After she said that, an image of the information of Alex's next opponent was shown on the broadcast.

Alex could see that image on a screen in the studio and he thought with a slightly indifferent expression, 'Not bad. even if that's not exactly lucky.'


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