Pokemon Legend - August Ketchum
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Pokemon Legend - August Ketchum


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What is Pokemon Legend - August Ketchum

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This is the legend of August Ketchum and this is his story. He was born 6 years before Ash, born to a small place called pallet town. He will have a system but only as a status screen, which will also scan his pokemon however nothing else. This story will not involve a harem as I have grown tired of every novel/fanfiction having them. Just read the start of a pokemon fanfiction and decided that I want to have a go so some things may be similar (such as the idea of different coloured auras, which signify different abilities) but will completely different once you get into it. This is mainly because I remember barely anything about pokemon, so I will be researching/watching the anime as I go along. Do not worry however as I will not follow it completely, it will be more of a general direction. I will mainly use it for what gyms come next, locations of pacific pokemon, etc Feel free to comment on your ideas, as I may use them if it's interesting.


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God history good story, it has potential but you should write things in more detail and don't rush Pd: you should write the first person of the mc more according to the age he has sounds like what you expected from someone 13-15


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