7 Chapter 7

"Your attention please!" I stopped walking along the path I was taking and looked up in interest at an intercom system attached to a light post just a few feet away, Pidgey on my shoulder cocked his little feathered head in curiosity as well, "Our Viridian City radar systems have detected an air craft belonging to a gang of pokemon thieves! If you have a pokemon in your possession, exercise extreme caution!" It took me a moment to place Officer Jenny's voice from the anime, and a moment later my eyes widened as I realised what was going on.


"Hey!" I turned and called out to a guy I passed buy a moment ago on my way to the Pokemon Centre, he looked down from the intercom, having stopped to listen to it as well and met my eyes, "Call Officer Jenny! Tell her I saw a hot air balloon shaped like a Meowth heading towards the Pokemon Centre!"

"..Okay?" the guy agreed with a bit of a stupid look on his face.

"Just do it!" I ordered, and before even waiting for his response, I took off sprinting down the long winding road lined with massive trees towards the massive dome shape of the Pokemon Centre that towered them at the very end, it was massive! So big, I could see it clearly despite it being easily more than a thousand feet away.

"Pridg?" Pidgey flapped his wings to keep his balance on my shoulder as I set a rapid pace. Thank god at this point in my life my cardio was amazing. I could see the small bird looking at me in bewilderment.

"...That balloon, I thought it was a coincidence until Officer Jenny started speaking," I lied on instinct after a moment, pulling my story together. I couldn't exactly, "Those Team Rocket goons that stole my Snivy and all my stuff had one in the same of a Drowzee."

Pidgey's eyes narrowed at my words before he simply nodded, "Pri!" he barked and slashed his wing out towards the massive shape of the Pokemon Centre.

Seems he's all ready to help me get 'payback'.

I don't know why Pidgey is so accepting of me to be honest. He's quite the prideful little thing as I noted before. But best I can figure? It's because of his pride. Sure, I did little more than stun him with my punch long enough for the pokeball to capture him, but I did catch him, without a pokemon backing me up. His pride couldn't accept anything less other than me being someone worth being his trainer because I managed it.

...After all, this is the tiny little bird that was willing to challenge a massive Gyarados not half an hour ago.

It took precious little time for me to reach the Pokemon Centre, maybe about three minutes, just as I bounded up the steps, the doors slid open and a small purple shape rushed out and bounced off my leg.

"Ratta!" it fell back with a shout before shaking its head and looking up at me, fear evident in its crimson red eyes. So cute! It's a Rattata!

"Hey little guy, you alright?" I bent down and patted it gently on the head.

It flinched back from my touch a bit, but relaxed when I didn't follow through with anything to hurt it.

"Raaa.." it leaned into my palm and purred.

Well, I can't exactly just sit around here and comfort this little guy. I used my other hand and scooped the small purple rat up, setting it on my shoulder, "Hang on tight little buddy, me and Pidgey are gonna deal with the people attacking the Pokemon Centre." I said, petting it one last time before pulling back.

Its small pawed feet clenched tightly onto my shoulder, but it relaxed without problem.

Before I entered the the Pokemon Centre, I pulled out the pokeball for Poliwhirl and lifted it up, pressing the button on it to bring him out. The ball clicked open, releasing a burst of silvery white light beside me that quickly solidified into the form of Poliwhirl.

Pidgey tensed up on my shoulder, and I had to fight off the adrenaline that began to surge through my veins, anticipating a fight.

"Poli?" the blue pokemon rumbled, sagging down a bit as he appeared and I could see clearly, that he was beaten and bruised quite badly, some patches of his light blue skin turning a dark purple and there were a few gashes across his stomach, probably from where Pidgey hit him with Peck.

I had to withhold a wince. I can't wimp out just for because of a few 'minor' injuries.

He blinked his large black eyes blearily at me for a moment before raising his white gloved hand and waving a greeting at me, "Whirl." he dipped his torso in a bit of a bow before wincing, his other arm coming to clutch at his stomach.

Looks like he's accepted his capture easily enough. Well, he did agree to my condition after all that I would capture him after Pidgey beat him.

"Hey Poliwhirl," I smiled as gently as I possibly could at him as I felt Pidgey relax, "Sorry for bringing you out before getting you healed up, but the Pokemon Centre is being attacked, with your hypnosis attack, I thought you'd be a big help."

Hearing that, he pulled his arm away from his stomach and stood up straight, ignoring his injuries and nodded resolutely, "Whirl!" he rumbled, raising a clenched fist up.

"Let's go then." I said, getting a series of nods from the three pokemon with me, and stepped up to the doors. They slid open as soon as I got within a step of them and I walked into the bright light of the building.

Immediately as soon as we entered, a mass of noise bombarded us, shouts, hisses, rumbles and squeaks.

My eyes narrowed as I caught sight of two people dressed in white outfits, with a pair of flamboyantly coloured hairdos. They were facing away from me, alongside the three very eye catching pokemon surrounding them. The only reason I didn't make any sound of excitement was because my eyes were naturally drawn to the redheads incredibly luscious looking rear end stretching out the tiny incredibly tight mini skirt she was wearing to the limit and leaving quite a lot of full, thick and ripe looking creamy thighs in view.

Fuck! Jessie has a killer body man.

All sexual thoughts left me though as I looked passed them and caught sight of a boy, around my physical age dressed in jeans and a blue jacket, wearing a very iconic red hat, he was standing protectively in front of a hospital bed, where i could just make out a yellow shape behind him.

Ash and Pikachu! It took quite a bit of effort on my part not to literal squee in excitement. I might not be a fan of his character anymore with how things went down after the sixth generation, but it was still Ash Ketchum in front of me! My childhood hero who I followed for over twenty years.

..This was amazing! Ash Ketchum in the flesh! How many times had I dreamed of something like this, even as an adult sometimes? To many to count.

"Hey!" I called out. As soon as they heard my voice, Jessie and James yelped, whirling around and again I had to fight the urge to let my eyes feast on the way Jessie's shirt was stretched out by her rather large breasts and the flat creamy belly she showed off proudly.

If she had her hair down, Jessie would be a total fifteen out of ten on the boner scale.

"Crap, another twerp turned up." James complained.

"Tch, we'll have to deal with him quick then." Jessie nodded.

Yeah, no. They were talking like me and my pokemon here are easy targets. Idiots. "Hypnosis." I said.

They blinked. "What?" James mumbled.

"Whirl!" Poliwhirl rumbled stepping forward and raising his hands. Before any of them could react, a red aura of power suffused his body and a moment later, there was six thuds as they all fell asleep and fell to the floor.

..Including Ash.

Well canon is right fucked now isn't it?

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