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All three of his Pokemon felt saliva dripping out of their mouth as they looked at the food in front of them. The first to leap at the food was Charmander who was the most hungry after a day of fighting.

His food intake was increasing as he got more stronger.

The second one was Mankey who happily chewed on his food that was especially made to increase his fighting type powers.

As Arthur had spent years learning how to make Pokemon food, he also knew how to make food that can increase a Pokemon's abilities. That's why, his Pokemon can get nutritional food that will even increase their strength.

The last one to walk up to the food was Murkrow who was still a little hesitant, but as soon as he took one bite, he seemed to have been taken over by the taste as he furiously gulped down his food.

Watching that, Arthur laughed, took a piece of meat and started eating. He was also tired from walking all day and needed to supplement his body.

As the night fell, the quiet serene forest started to get noisy from the buzzing of the bugs. There were several bugs who would only be active at night in the forest and the noises were from them.

But Arthur didn't mind it.

He was too tired to care about some noisy bugs. He called back his Pokemons and climbed the tree, chose the largest and the most comfortable branch and fell asleep.

The night was relatively quiet and Arthur was strangely able to sleep in peace. The next day, he woke up early, called out his Pokemon and started to prepare breakfast.

"We will be training today, so eat and exercise."

He said as he glanced at Charmander who was gulping down his breakfast, then at Mankey who looked pumped up for training.

The training was relatively simple.

They would be going over the Beedrill territory and attacking the Weedle and the Kakuna who can't even fight back. It was the most efficient way for his Pokemon to get a large amount of experience in the slowest time.

As a bug type, Weedle is really weak and only has poison sting and string shot to protect himself and Kakuna can't even fight back. They were the perfect prey for him.

Especially because both of these Pokemon are mostly low leveled. A Kakuna will evolve into a Beedrill at level 10 which means most of them would still be around level 7-9.

They were weak enough for a super effective attack from Charmander to one shot it.

The only problem was Beedrill who would surely protect the Weedle and Kakuna if they saw someone attacking them. Beedrill were strong Pokemon from the start and they often attack in swarms, making them deadlier.

Arthur was careful of them, but he had a plan on how to carry out his training.

And even if it comes to the worst, he was still confident enough that he could run away. After all, he had the whole map of the forest and he had already thought about an escape route from the start.

'If I run to the north, I would be able to reach the Gloom territory which is the shortcut to the Butterfree territory. Even though Beedrill are tyrants, they still can't mess with Butterfree's easily!'

Arthur thought in his mind as he finished his breakfast.

"Murkrow, come rest in your pokeball. Mankey, Charmander, let's go!"

He called back Murkrow as he was still recovering from his injuries. Although a flying type would make things easier against bug type Pokemon, he can't do anything with an injured one.

With Charmander and Mankey by his side, Arthur made his way to the Beedrill territory.

It took a while, but they eventually reached the Beedrill territory. Looking at the densely covered forest full of Weedle and Kakuna, Arthur couldn't help but widen his eyes.

It was his first time he was seeing so many bug Pokemon at the same time and it was a shocking sight.

"If someone like Misty saw this, then she would just faint." Arthur muttered as he moved a little more to find a better place to hunt.

Soon, he was able to see one of the biggest trees in the Beedrill territory and it was full of Kakunas and Weedle.

He checked their status and all of them were either yellow or orange with some white aptitude Weedles in the middle. That was not a problem for Arthur, but…

'I need to wait till the Beedrill's goes away.'

He thought as he hid in the bushes.

According to what he knew, Beedrills would often petrol their territories to look out for intruders. That's why he needed to wait until all of them left before he could initiate his attack.

Patience was the key here and Arthur had a lot of it.

He didn't try to make any unnecessary movements and waited for most of the Beedrills to leave and it indeed happened.

Many Beedrills formed small groups and left to petrol their territory, leaving the Kakunas and Weedles. Although there was still a small group of Beedrill protecting the Kakunas and Weedles, it wasn't something that Arthur couldn't deal with.

That's why without wasting any more time, he initiated his attack.

"Charmander, use ember against the Kakunas. Increase the range of your attack and try to hit as many as can. Mankey, use Karate chop on the Weedles on the ground. Make sure to dodge their poison stings!" Arthur said to both of his Pokemon who immediately reacted after listening to his orders.

Arthur had already instructed them not to show any mercy and they didn't hesitate, thinking back on his words.

The fire on Charmander's tail ignited as he launched small balls of fires on the unguarded Kakunas. His attack hit many Kakunas, making them fall on the ground with perplexed, anxious and horrified eyes.

On the other hand, Mankey used his speed and legs to dodge the poison stings coming his way and attacked with one Karate chop after another.

Just like that, the annihilation in the Beedrill territory began.

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