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Pokemon: Darkness Rising


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When Ash is born, a plague sweeps across the town, killing many of the people living there, including his mother. Since then, he was ostracized from the rest of the village, cold glares being thrown his way, but they still mostly ignored him, except for one person, Gary. When Gary was once again bullying Ash in the forest, a wild arcanine bursts out of the bushes and attacks Gary, giving him almost fatal burns. Many people already hated Ash and this was the final straw. At age 6, Ash was sent to the Unova region without proper food, shelter, or water. They thought he would die, but he'll show them he survived, and thrived. ~~~ So this'll be Dark Ash, so he might be OOC. It won't be canon compliant, however he might go on the same road as normal except he handles it differently. In this story, there are gonna be Pokemon from all regions not just up to Unova. Also!!! Zorua is gonna have abilities like Ditto, he can transform into the Pokemon he's seen before and use their moves, but can't transform into people. Ash might be OP so warning right there. I still don't know Ash's full team so suggestions are welcome.