3 03 ~Tale of an old Memory

The boat ride from Sharrow Island to Kanto wasn't that long compared to the other rides to the other regions trainers took. Once the boat docked to Vermillion city, both Skylar and her new friend Ava were about to get off the boat when trainers just plowed through.

"Damn, are we in a Tauros race or something?" Skylar freaked out only to have Ava laugh at that remark.

"What? Am I that funny?" She questioned

"I found it funny. So, which trial site are we heading to first?" Ava asked as the two resumed walking together. Skylar brought up her left arm pressing the blue screen as a menu appeared.

Skylar went one option down from the pokedex to press the world map. Once she pressed that, a holographic three dimensional layout appeared of the region with the trial sites.

"Woah, where did you get that?" Ava was shocked to see this kind of technology.

"This is the creation of the Delta Storm Industries. Trainers in the Medallia region get these beauties. For a quick scan of a pokemon, just aim sideways, then press and hold the blue screen." Skylar explained

"Now I want one. Even though it's region exclusive." She said sighing wanting to have one.

"Maybe I'll put in word for you." She said with a smirk.

"You will?!" Ava immediately perked up when she said that.

"Do you have a pokedex?" Skylar wandered if she had one

"Unfortunately I don't. I don't even have a pokemon either. I'm broke. How I got an invite to Sharrow island to do the Sparrow Challenge...well it might be a complicated story." Ava looked down at her feet reminiscing about her past. Skylar turned the watchdex off putting her arm down beside digging her hand in the pocket.

"Well...I'm what you call a rich person." Ava looked at Skylar with a blank expression.

"What are you? A princess of some kind?" Ava asked as Skylar kind of looked away whistling.

"Don't you dare dodge the question!" Ava yelled

"Fine, if I tell you my secret, then you have to tell me about your predicament about the invite." Skylar said


"My name is Skylar Venezuela Van Hell and I am the second daughter to Saber and Amber Van Hell. My parents are the king and queen of the Askyne Empire of the region of Medallia. I have two siblings that are older then me and chose to live with my parents doing their duty to help Medallia reach its fullest potential as a new kingdom under Askyne." Skylar said when Ava's eyes widened.

"Y-your a real princess?! Holy shite!!" Ava yelled out when Skylar had her keep her voice down.

"If word gets out that a princess of Medallia is out and about, I could be targeted. I want to keep it hidden so no one knows. Who knows if there are people looking to get rich by harboring a princess extorting money. I don't want that to happen." Skylar explaining the situation to her.

"Why did you choose to be a trainer then when you would be safe at your home?" Ava asked

"Well, I always loved pokemon. My father would let us, my brother, sister and I to his matches. I enjoyed it more then them. I watched tournaments, the conferences and even watched my dad beat Leon in the Coronation series becoming the new Monarch of the world. My dad is in a league of his own. He's been reign Monarch for the past five years now and still running. Even those Dynamax, Gigantamax, Megas or pokemon with Z-crystals can't beat him with his Artifact and pokemon by his side." Skylar explained more.

"Hold on, go back. What the heck is an Artifact?" Ava wandered about this mysterious thing.

"An artifact enhances the pokemons ability furthering it. It can even enhance speed, strength, special attack or defence, regular attack or defence in general. My dad's Artifact is the crown, it enhances all stats by five fold and can tap into it's hidden ability right away. I know, its over powered. But my dad...he learned how to control it." Skylar turned to face the ocean only to look up at the sky.

"What do you mean thst he learned how to control it?" Ava asked

"There is a legendary pokemon called Xenroga. The power within all the Artifacts came from Xenroga itself. The crown, possessed majority of it's power becoming the ultimate artifact. Even though anyone can use an Artifact, only a Van Hell can control it. Blood of a Van Hell infused with the power of Xenroga dripped onto the crown making it the only one accessible to my family. My mother although can't use it. Only the offspring of a Van Hell can. Unfortunately, artifacts can't be used outside of the region because of the island guardians power. That's why most of the things in Medallia is region excclusive." Skylar explained further

"That would make sense. All that power in the wrong hands....it would be devastating." Ava concluded

"Exactly." Skylar added

"Now for my little backstory. Mind as well tell you my real name. My full name is Avaloria Archus, the grand daughter of Dante Archus. My father and mother passed away several years back. I was left with no money, no home. So I was out in the streets all by myself for a year or two...until he came along." Ava said as Skylar felt bad.

"Who's he?" She asked

"A person that I shouldn't have met." Ava clutched her hands together as Skylar could tell thst something happened.

"He done terrible things didn't he?" She asked

"Yeah...I know you had the rich life and all that living so high and mighty in a castle with a family, but I didn't. I was abused, been called worst things...and most of all-" Ava didn't had to the chance to finish what she was saying. She was embraced with a warm hug by Skylar.

"Stop...just...stop...I don't want to hear it anymore. I may not know how your truly feeling, but I'm sorry. I want to help you in any way I can." She said when Ava began to shed some tears.

"It was so terrible Skylar...it was so terrible." Ava cried in her shoulder was Skylar patted her back.

"Let it all out, you will feel good when its all out. Drive that sadness away, fill it with new memories with people you want to cherish with. There will always be good and bad memories and that's okay. It's how the world works. My father went through that multiple times with his friends and he had the courage and strength because he had friends to help along the way. When your down, there's only one way to go." Skylar then let go watching Ava wipe her tears away.

"And that's up." Ava said with a smile. Skylar smiled back with her.

"So wait...how did you get the invite?" Skylar asked

"Oh, I was given an invite by one of the Sparrows that put that dastard away. I came from Sinnoh and the brute looking guy you saw, that is Salazar, he personally gave me the invite." Ava said

"I see. Well then. Let's get you a pokemon and a pokedex. I'll try to get one for you from my uncle. First stop, the pokemon center." She said as the two went off.


"Hey Uncle Zane!" Skylar yelled when Zane jumped away from the screen.

"Sky! Why would you do that?! You know I scare real easily." Zane said

"Heh heh. I got a favor to ask." She began

"What kind of favor?" Zane asked

"I know she's not from Medallia and all, but I want to give my new bestie a watchdex." Skylar tried her best to act cute to get him to do so.

"No Sky. She's not from Medallia." Zane bluntly said when Skylar fell down then quickly got back up.

"Your so mean! Please Zane. She's new and doesn't have a pokedex nor pokemon on her. She got an invite to the Sharrow Island Sparrow Challenge." Skylar said

"Call her up." Zane said

"Yo Ava come here." Skylar turned and called her when she got up from the couch went around then ran over.

"Yo." She said

"Okay. Here's what we're gonna do. Your gonna choose a pokemon starter from these pokeballs. I don't have many left. I also only have an Eevee left as well. With this pokemon, I will give you a watchdex as well. The stone from the watch dex changes only to the person's hair color." Zane said when Ava glanced over at Skylars hair.

"What about hers? Her stone in her dex is blue." Ava complained a little about her dex.

"My hair is blue on my mothers side as my fathers, black. It took my mothers side." Skylar said

"Thst makes sense." Ava said

"While you two were talking, I sent the package via instant transporter." Zane said as the package materialized in front of them. Ava smiled whene she picked up the red watch with a bronze stone. She pkaced it on and then held the pokeball.

"Thank you Professor Hawthorn." Ava thank him for eevrything he had done.

"Let's go find you a trainer to have your first battle!" Skylar yelled as Ava agreed. They then ran off.

"H-hey wait!" Zane yelled as he just let out a heavy sigh o ly to turn off the screen.

The two ran out heading towards route six.the instant they went in, theg were stopped by two bikers. They had their leather jackets and pants having pictures of a pokemon on their shirts.

"Hold it there kid! We're having a battle." The female said

"Guess our first battle is together." Ava said

"I already battled one trainer and won. But I'm down with a tag team battle." Skylar said

"Alright Sky, let's do this!" Ava said holding iut her pokeball.

"You won't win that easy!" Said the male biker.

"Yamper, let's brawl!" Sky roared

"Ekans let's go!" Yelled the female biker.

"Eevee stand by for battle!" Ava roared

"Koffin, let's smoke 'em!" The male biker yelled

All their pokemon came out at the same time in unison. They had a stare down wandering who would go first.

"I had enough of this waiting game. Koffin use smog!" Yelles the male biker.

"Yeah! Ekans use poisom sting!" The female biker yelled out.

Koffin expelled a poisonous gas from it's mouth spewing it forward as Ekans shot out needles of poison from it's mouth.

"Dodge with quick attack!" Both girls yelled in unison.

Both Yamper and Eevee dodged to the opposite side evading the needles and the gas cloud landing on the tree. They pushed off hurking towards the two hitting the pokemon directly.

"Koffin no! Use sludge on Yamper!" The male biker yelled

"Ekans go in for a wrap around Eevee!" The female biker yelled.

Ekans slithered across to Eevee wrapping around squeezing tightly. Koffin leaned back and spat out a mud of poisonous liquid at Yamper.

"Yamper, use Spark and Quick attack at the same time dodging that and hit Ekans!" Skylar called out.

With thst said, Yamper sparked up it's body as a flash of white emitted around it's body. It linged out dodging the sludge and then tackling Ekans real fast.

Ekans went down for the count not getting up after thst combo hit. The female biker grunted returning Ekans.

"Let's do a combo too Eevee. Trump card and Swift on Koffin!" Ava yelled out as Eevee nodded jumping way up summoning red cards around it's body and then spun horizontally. Yellow stars and the cards flew towards Koffin.

"Oh no." Is all the Male biker said. The attack collided into Koffin real hard causing a smoke to appear. When it all settled, the Koffin waz down on the ground knocked out. The male Biker then called back his pokemon.

"Yeah! We won!" Ava sounded so happy that she high fived Skylar.

"That was a nice combo you two both did there." The male biker said

"Thanks" Skylar said as the two then began to walk on their way.


With both having to tell their tales, one may have a good life while the other didn't, Skylar qill make up for it for Helping Ava along the way. With a new pokemon at Ava's side and a brand new watchdex as well. They both will go beyond...

~Skylar Van Hell


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~Avaloria Archus