2 02 ~The Sparrow Challenge

~Port Rezoa

The horn of a boat echoed throughout the port as trainers were just about getting on a boat. It wasn't a cruise or anything like that. It was more of a yacht.

The director, not the captain, stood at the very end of the pier. He had a white tuxedo with a blue tie and a blue uploaded long sleeve shirt underneath the tux. His short blonde hair glisten from the sun's rays looking at the pocket watch he had with his crimson blood eyes.

"Guess its time to go." He said closing the pocket watch and then turned to face the yacht.

"Wait!!" Yelled a female

The man stopped only to peer over at who it was to see a female running towards the pier. Skylar waved at the man to wait up hoping he would. The man turned back to face her coming up.

"And you are?" He asked

"I have an invite to the Sparrow challenge." Skylar said

"May I see it?" He asked glancing down as Skylar unzipped the pocket and dug her hand in it to pull out the invite. The man took a look at it as he was a bit confused.

"This was sent out to Professor Zane Hawthorn. Why do you have it in your possession?" He asked

"My father's aunt Daniela Hawthorn had a kid. Zane is my uncle. I got my first pokemon yesterday from him and he gave me this invite in his place." Skylar said

"Who's your father?" He asked

"Well...he's the King of Medallia and I'm his daughter, princess Skylar Venezuela Van Hell." Skylar introduced herself to him.

"So the princess becomes a trainer...mhm...interesting. I will accept this." He said holding onto the invite.

"Can I have the invite back please?" She asked politely

"I need to make a change in this invite before I hand it back to you. Other than that, you nay go aboard." He said

"Thank you." Skylar thanked the man as she then walked onto the yacht. The director went up onto the yacht heading to the captains helm. The stairs folded inwards as the ship began to move.

The yacht wasn't that too big. There was maybe a handful of trainers on the deck waiting. When the director walked out onto the balcony, he looked over to the trainers that stood there.

"Hello to you all. My name is Aragorn Saint. I may be the director or guide to all of you for now, but I have a few words. We will be reaching Sharrow real soon. Some or maybe all of you are wondering what this challenge is and all, but I will not be telling you. The one we call Grandmaster will be telling you and the other trainers. Thank you for your time." Aragorn explained as he walked away.

The trainers then turned around talking amongst each other as Skylar went to the bow looking ahead. Her hair waved in the wind when Aragorn came walking up beside her.

"Beautiful isn't it?" He asked

"It sure is. I just can't wait to explore the other regions." She said starring off into the horizon.

"This world is beautiful, but within that beauty, there is always someone out there trying to destroy it. You sound like you have that kind of covered." Skylar dug her hands into her pant pockets.

"There is a group known as the Sparrows. They try their best to protect their own beloved regions alongside with the champions." Aragorn said

"What's the difference between a Sparrow and a Champion?" She asked looking over.

"A Sparrow is hand picked to carry a legendary pokemon to serve as an agent for the Champion. I have two brothers and one was chosen. Although Leif asked to become a Librarian for Sharrow. The Grandmaster was fine with it. My younger brother became the Sparrow of Unova, but I became the Sparrow for Johto since I moved there." Aragorn said as a massive land mass approached.

The landmass was made out of metal reaching about six football fields long and wide. There was a egyptian like manor in the back as there were housings for trainers, a pokemon center and even a pokemon store as well. Not even that, in the center of it all was a grand stadium.

"Woah...." Skylar was astounded by the place as she was awestruck.

"This...is Sharrow. I have received word from the Grandmaster that you are to report to his manor right away." Aragorn said handing the invite back to her under her name.

"I see. Thank you." She thanked him back while grabbing the invite stuffing it back into her pocket and zipping it up.


Once the yacht docked at the pier just outside, trainers walked off heading to the entrance. Walking to the entrance, Skylar stopped right at the entrance taking in on how spacious the place was. On both the left and right sides were housing for the trainers. The pokemarts were up front and the pokemon center was in it's own private corner in the front as well.

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Walking towards the egyptian style manor, Aragorn walked up beside her. She noticed him being so formal and stuff. Looking ahead she saw a few people inside already gathered around a table.

Around the table there were names and the Region where they were from. Kassie from Kanto, Aragorn from Johto, Dante from Hoenn. Wait....Dante?

Skylar recognized the name and person from the start. She went up behind a male with blue hair, a red long sleeve long coat and black pants.

"Dante Archus. I never realized you were a Sparrow." Skylae said as he brought up his head from reading a book and turned ir to face Skylar.

"Pr-Princess. What are you doing here?! Your suppose to be at the castle back in Medallia!" Dante closed his book, stuffed it on the underside of the coat and picked up Skylar.

"Hey!! Put me down Dante!!" Skylar pounded on his back when Aragorn stepped in his way.

"Aragorn, this matter doesn't concern you. She needs to go back home." Dante said

"Dante I'm thirteen now and I chose to go on a joruney to explore the world. Mom and dad were fine with my decision. Call them if you want to." Skylar said sternly.

"Wait...your thirteen now? Just a few days ago you were twelve." Dante said setting her down.

"I turned thirteen yesterday." She said as Dante bowed forward.

"I'm so sorry princess I didn't mean for all of that. Please forgive me." He convinced Skylar to forgive him.

"I forgive you. Just don't do that again." Skylar said

"How do you know Dante?" Aragorn asked

"He's a really close friend to my grandpa Shenra." Skylar said

"I haven't heard thst name in a long time." Said a male coming from further in.

Skylar turned to see a man with a gold neck armor, no shirt, bandages around his arm and hands. His hair is tan as his sidebangs were braided and went down to his jaw line. His tan eyes looked at the three as he also had tan harem pants, but no shoes on.

"Ahem, Skylar, this is Conradius (con-radius) Ulrich (ool-rick) He is the Grandmaster of the Sparrows." Aragorn introduced Conradius while he smiled.

"It's quite an honor to meet the princess of the Askynian Empire from Medallia. I heard from Aragorn that you took Professer Hawthorn's personal invite. He told me the whole story and I think he made a wise decision." Conradius said

"So, what's this Sparrow challenge about?" Skylar was quite interested in this matter.

"Heh, you'll find out soon enough. Since Aragorn's boat arrived, I have been waiting patiently. Come with me and you will learn about this challenge." Conradius then walked to the side of the room heading up the stairs.

The three followed him up as the other sparrows were there. There was five other Sparrows standing there. There was a women with long black hair in a pink dress, a tall brute looking man in a white cloak with silver, tan and blue stone like design with a hood.

There was then a kid with icy hair, blue coat with a icy white fur collar and black pants. On his left was man with black hair with red streaks and eyes. He wore a black long coat with a white collar and the back had a red 'Y'.

Beside him on his left side was a female that looked around the same age as the kid in a Hawaiian like apparel. Her hair was blonde in pigtails. The final person on the left of her side was person in Knight like armor.

Skylar stayed back as Aragorn and Dante walked forward. From her perspective from right to left was Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Conradius, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Galar.

"Greetings! I have called all of you here for a challenge like no other. I am Conradius Ulrich the Grandmaster of the Sparrows. From my right to my left are the Eight Sparrows of the world. All of you have potential to become a Sparrow. For this challenge, you will face three trials from each of them at their own specific region. The locations kf the trials will be registered to your Pokegear. If you complete them...you can battle them to earn yourself a unique badge. Collect all eight badges from these Sparrows and you will then enter the Sparrow Cup. I await all of you to see your progress. Go! Go beyond your limit and show the world what you are all capable of." Conradius spoke as the trainers then began to be pumped up and excited dispersing everywhere.

"I guess I'll be on my way then." Skykar when Conradius turned around with the group.

"Ummm...Grandmaster, who was that?" Asked the female next to Aragorn.

"That was the daughter of Saber Van Hell....a person with great potential like no other." Dante answered.

"You sound like you know her." Said the big brute.

"It's because I do Salazar. Don't you know the region I always go to all the time? That would be Medallia where my best friends son lives. Shenra's son, Saber is the King of Medallia and of Askyne. That person was Skylar Van Hell, his youngest child." Dante said

"I see. I'm sorry Dante. I didn't know how much she was to you. You must be an Uncle to them of sorts." Salazar said

"He's like a second grandpa to her Salazar. He may not look it, but he's actually seventy-two years old looking like he is in his twenties." Sais the woman with the pink dress.

"He's what?!" Salazar was in shock to hear that.

"When you discover the fountain of youth with your one and only friend, you drink it and then destroy it afterwards so no one else could stay young forever. In a sense, Shenra and I are cursed to be young forever." Dante said walking away as everyone was dumbfounded not knowing much about him.

"He is the most badass person ever." Said the kid with the icy blue hair.

"You got that right Baron." Conradius said


Skylar walked around the place going into shops gathering what she needed. She didn't even know where to start. Stopping and taking a break on a bench, she sat down while she had her left arm over her chest lookinv at a holographic map of the regions.

"Hmmm...where to go...where to go..." She muttered.

"Having trouble?" Asked a female voice as she perked up to see a brunette with a ponytail. She had a green corset over a black shirt and had a green skirt that went fown to her kneecap. She did have of course black leggings undearneath the skirt.

"Yeah, I'm not too sure where to start." Skylar said thinking.

"Why not start in order from how the Grandmaster stood? From his right to his left having Galar last. I think that Knight looking fellow will be the hardest." She said

"I think your right on that. Kanto it is. The name of that women...Kassandra Hyles. The legendary she has is unknown." Skylar said

"Oh by the way, the names Ava Gardner." Ava smiled at her

"Skylar." Skylar said back as the two shook hands.

"Want to head to Kanto together?" Ava asked

"Sure. It's always better to travel together with someone than alone." Skylar said as the two stood up walking out to the docks.


With a new travel companion, Skylar and Ava both set out to start in Kanto to start there Sparrow Challenge. Go beyond!

~Skylar Van Hell


~Ava Gardner

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