1 01~Skylar Go Beyond

The awe-inspiring, mysterious and powerfuI worId of Pokemon, in aII of its many shapes and forms!

A wealthof creatures that grace every nook and cranny of our beautiful pIanet in numbers that may never be truIy known in their entirety!

Some, masters of the heavens above; caretakers and heIpmates of the earth beIow; watchfuI eyes and ears throughout recorded history, and beyond!

Living shoulder to shouIder with peopIe, whiIe others live solitary Iives in their natural environment.

And then, there are Pokemon who form vast communities; aII expressing life in their own unique way!

Setting off larger than Iife, breathtaking forms with equal majesty in miniature, the world of Pokemon truIy is a world of wonder!


A soft gentle warm breeze flew through the air going through an open window. Behind the castle wall inside the room belonged to a female having black short hair with blue streaks in it.

Lying face up on her circular bed snoring slightly, she rolled over to her left side putting her face into the side of the pillow. She moaned and groaned as the door opened.

"Skylar, wake up, you have some things to attend to today." Said a male that was a year older then her. He had dark blue hair that was short wearing a white button down long sleeve, marine blue vest, marine blue tie and black pants.

Skylar moaned and groaned while she reached her pikachu plush. Flinging her body around, she thrown the pikachu plush right at the male only to become agitated.

"Skylar, mom and dad are waiting. Wake up." He said

"Lance, what do I have to wear?" Her voice muffled in her pillow as Lance walked to her closet opening bit to see not that many dresses. He grabbed a dark red crimson left strapped dress out, walked over to her bed setting it down.

"You have five minutes." Lance said as he turned around and walked out of the room.

A little while later, in the living room was Lance, his older sister Shia and their parents. Saber, the King of Medallia and Amber, the Queen.

Saber has black hair with orange side bangs and orange eyes. He wore a black vest, black pants, a white long sleeve button down long sleeve shirt and a orange arm length cape wrapped around his neck buttoned with a huge button that had a scarab with wings as it's crest.

Amber wore a black full length dress with a red arm length cape around her neck. There was a gold button keeping the cape together with a Salamander as its insignia. Amber had blue long hair that went a little passed her shoulders and ocean blue eyes.

Their daughter Shia, which was named after Saber's mother, had a orange dress on as her hair was black and had orange side bangs like her father. Her hair went just to her shoulders.

"What is keeping Skylar forever?" Lance wandered out loud.

"Be patient Lance, I have great news for her that she will like." Saber said

"That she will like?" Lance was in question about what he meant by that until Skylar came walking into the room.She sat down in her chair. Saber sighed at what she was wearing looking straight at Lance.

"What? What I do?" Lance asked when Amber was disaapointed

"This is her big day Lance." Amber said looking at her youngest child.

"Skylar...your mother and I have been thinking about this for over a month. You know that your siblings have got their partner. Today is the day you get yours. Plus, you will be given a choice." Saber said

"A choice? What kind of choice?" Skylar asked

"Whether you want to have a journey, or you want to stay here doing your duty as a princess. Saber and I have asked this to them as well, they chose their life. Which ever one you choose...we will be there to support you." Amber said

"R-really? You guys mean it?!" Skylar was filled with excitement hearing those words. Shia smiled knowing what Skylar would choose already.

"Mom, dad...I think you already know what she's gonna say." Shia said

"Well Skylar? What life do you want?" Saber smiled

"I want to explore and become so strong that I will be able to defeat you in battle father. You beat all the other Champions of the regions and even Leon the Monarch in battle. I want to be as strong as you...no...beyond." She said as her mother and father smiled.

"Then you better get yourself ready then. Go meet the new Professor in Rizel Village then to get your first pokemon." Saber said

With that, Skylar jolted up and ran off to her room down the hall. When she got there, she took the dress off ditching it as she put on a black short sleeved shirt, and then blue jeans. She then grabbed a orange short sleeved cropped zipper up jacket. She then put on trainer gloves.

She put on hiker shoes and then got up. Right as she was leaving her room, she grabbed a one strap black back pack putting it on around her.

She walked the hallways of the castle heading to the main foyer. When she got there, Saber stood by the stairs before she even got there.

"What's wrong dad?" Skylar asked

"I want you to take this." He said pulling out a orange bandana. He handed it to her as she looked at the bandana only shed a tear. She looked up at her father going to him wrapping her arms around him.

The two hugged only for her to sniffle. Amber watched from around down the hall smiling. She knew how this really meant for Skylar. She was the only one out of the other two siblings to be I to pokemon and such.

Watching her grow up reading and watching pokemon battles. Saber always brought her to his matches back when he faced the Coronation series.

"My baby has grown up...time flies..." She didn't realize some tears rolled down the side of her face.

As soon as the two let go, Skylar put the bandana around her neck. She waved goodbye walking away and out of the castle. When she walked out of the castle, Medalopolis was thriving with people.

She went down to the bottom of the stairs to meet up with an open car waiting for her. She hopped inside closing the door as the car then went off.

She looked outside the window the whole time looking at the many kinds of pokemon flying in the air. Heading out of Medalopolis on Zernoba island, the car took her to Rizel Village where Saber gree up for most of his time.

The car parked itself in front of a house when Skylar got out. Once she got out and closed the door, the car then went off back at Medalopolis.

Walking up to the villa like house, she knocked on the door. There was a few thuds and such as when the door opened, there was a male with brown hair and a lab coat.

"Hi, I'm looking for the professor to get my first pokemon." Skylar said

"Who's st the door?!" Asked a male from inside.

"Dad! It's Skylar!" Said the male.

"Let her in!" He responded back. The male then let Skylar in.

She was a bit nervous when she walked in to see the infamous Kazura Zone. The jet black hair and eyes. There was a Silvally in the corner snoozing. Kazura then came running over.

"Hey there Sky." Kazura said

"Uncle Kaz." Skylar said in returning.

"You remember Zane right?" Kazura asked trying to reminder her.

"Course I do. Cousin Zane." She looked over at him.

"Heh-heh, anyway, I'm the Professor that your seeing. Mother and father here are retired. Anyway, I have a wide selection of pokemon to be your starter." He said

"Alright. Let's see." Skylar said walking behind Zane to his lab area. There was a wide container with multipke pokeballs each having three slots from the eight different regions that offer starters.

"Any idea which one you want?" He asked

"Hmmm...my father's starter is Oshawott from the Unova region." Skylar said

"Say Zane, why won't you offer the two pokemon you recently got from eggs for the starters as well?" Kazura suggested

"Sure" Zane turned around, opened a drawer, grabbed three pokeballs and then turned back around.

"This one here is Eevee." Zane tossed up the first pokeball as Eevee came out.

"This one here is Zorua." The next pokeball was tossed up when Zorua came out.

"The last one is Yamper." Zane tossed the final pokeball revealing Yamper.

"I'll take Yamper." She said knowing that Saber once had a Yamper.

"Alright. This is Yampers pokeball. Also, here is a rotom watch." Zane said handing her a red watch thst had blue round gem.

"Cool. Thanks." Skylar grabbed the two things calling Yamper into its pokeball and then connecting it to her belt. She then put the watch on her left arm.

"So, where are you first going?" Kazura asked

"I don't know yet." Skylar said not sure which region to start in.

"May I suggest something. I actually got an invite to do the Sparrow Challenge. I don't know much about it, but there is a boat at the dock that's taking those who have an invite. I want you to take it." Zane said

"But Zane, you said you wanted to go." Kazura said

"I have better things to do and focus on, then doing something else." Zane said

Zane handed Skylar the pass that had a silhouette of birds and other pokemon on it with bold letters saying 'Sparrow Challenge Invite'.

"Thank you Professor. I'll start off with this. See ya Uncle Kaz." Skylar said

"Don't be a stranger." Kazura said as she turned around and left the house.

Once she got out into the village, she noticed how peaceful it is. The smell of the calm ocean breeze that flew onto her face as she breathed it in slowly.

"Alright. Let's go." Skylar went off to the village entrance going onto route 1.

Trekking on the dirt road, she walked with her hands in her pocket. Walking for only a few minutes, a male trainer on the opposite side of the road was walking towards Rizel Village. The trainer stopped only to peer over at Skylar.

"I challenge you to a brawl." He said

Skylar smirked stopping in her tracks and turned around. She reached down at her belt grabbed a pokebal.

"Go Yamper!" She yellled tossing the pokeball when her Yamper came out.

"Go Houndour!" The male trainer said. Skylar brought her arm up as she pressed her watch.

Houndour, the Dark pokemon, a Dark/Fire type.It cooperates with others skillfully. When it becomes your partner, it's very loyal to you as its Trainer and will obey your orders.

"Nice, this will be my very first battle with my partner. Alright Yamper, use spark!" She commanded

"Dodge and tackle!" The trainer yelled out

Yamper's body electrified all over running towards Houndour with full force. Houndour jumped to the side, pivoted on it's right front paw and with force, tackled into Yamper.

"Alright, Houndour, use Ember!" Houndour jumped back cocking its head back opening its mouth. Fire engulfed inside its mouth as it then shot out a small ember.

"Yamper, Spark through it!" Skylar shouted when Yamper's body electrified once again. Yamper ran to the Ember embracing the attack going through it.

Yamper collided into Houndour making it slide backwards. It winced in pain trying to stand up. The trainer gritted his teeth looking at the tenacity Yamper had compared to his Houndour.

"Howl and then Tackle!" The trainer commanded

"Finish it up with quick attack." Skylar said fast.

A flash of light gathered around Yamper as it jetted off. Houndour was about to howl when paralysis struck it. It could barely move a muscle when Yamper tackled Houndour.

Houndour flew backwards tumbling on the ground. The trainer went up to his Houndour noticing it was over.

"Houndour return, you did good." The trainer called back his Houndour when Skylar did so as well with Yamper.

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"You were good. I thought my Yamper was gonna go." She said

"Thanks. May we see each other in the future." He said.


Leaving the life of a princess, a new story unfolds for Skylar Van Hell. Heading towards to explore unknown regions to her, she will train and grow to be the best as she can be...so go Beyond.



~Skylar Van Hell


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