9 CH9, Psionics, and Aura (1)

Mikail was not sure how long he played with the toys while moving his toddler body.

Naturally, he did this to low-key train his dexterity and flexibility.

Anyone saying he simply had fun was lying.

Anyway, his mother startled him when she came to join him, breaking his focus on his "training" and making him release a "manly" roar.


His mother chuckled while taking him into her arms.

"Did mommy scare you?

It was just me, okay.

Mommy is sorry, darling."

Mikail feeling slightly embarrassed because of the manly roar he released, told her.

"Me alright.

Just play fight ghost.

Not scared."

Arya chuckling at her baby boy's antics set him down.

"Let's play together for a bit, then we will eat a little, and afterward it's time for your nap till your father comes home."


That was all Mikail had to add and they started playing with his toys.

After about an hour his mother told him that it was time to eat.

"What flavor do you want honey?

Banana with oran berry, Apple with oran berry, pear with oran berry, or orange with oran berry."

Mikail looked to his mother like he was debating which one to choose, while silently thinking.

'I expected normal fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and stuff to be here because those could be seen in the games and anime as well.

But I still find hearing normal fruit names a little funny.

When the energy content is low and there is no special effect, it's a fruit.

Fruits are consumed mostly for their flavor, but as soon as the energy content is increased and/or it gains an effect it turns into a berry.

I mean it's a banana, but as soon as the energy concentration and content increase it's called a nanab berry.

A pear turns into an aspear berry.

I find it kinda weird and funny at the same time.

At least vegetables and other flora get to keep their name even if their quality increases.

Anyway, the oran berry is there for the energy and nutrition part and the fruit for the flavor.'

"Want Apple."

Mikail told his mother.

'Oooh, I can't wait to reach 2 years old.

I already miss being able to form complete sentences, no matter how short.

At least I can start forming short sentences in a few months without standing out and start talking in full sentences, even if childishly, once I turn 2.

Thank Mew for the fast mental maturity rate on Terra.'

"Ok, honey.

Wait in your chair while mommy brings you your apple and oran berry porridge and your moomoo milk."

That was what his mother told him before seating him on his baby high chair at the table and going to the kitchen.

She shortly came back with their food and proceeded to feed him, while eating something in between herself.

After cleaning up the table Arya checked his diapers and finally brought him back to his room.

She put him in his toddler bed and made sure the room is dark enough for his nap.

Turning on the nightlight for children, activating the baby camera and its lullaby function, she kissed him and said.

"Sweet dreams, darling."

Before she left.


Came from Mikail as a reply.

'Now that I am alone, even if she can still see me because of the camera,

it's time to check what I can do with the boost to my psionic and aura affinity and talent that I wanted.

Hmm, I know how good my affinity is and how talented I am but I have to see how to train with them.

I am pretty sure I have the knowledge of the training path of psychics and aura users in my head.

There it is, in the sea of knowledge I have on occupations.

More precisely in the battle occupations portion, which includes martial artists, rangers, aura users/guardians, psychics, elementalists, and many more occupations.

Let's see what I can access right now.

Occupations, battle occupations included, are divided into 6 Tiers.

From Tier 0 to Tier 5, which is the peak an occupation can reach.

All tiers are split into 3 grades.

The information I can currently access is on the first and second tiers.

At Tier 0, an individual is called an apprentice " ".

The gap is filled with the occupation title.

The 3 grades of an apprentice are beginner-, advanced- and top grade.

At Tier 1, an individual is called a qualified/real " ".

The 3 grades are, from low to high, third-class, second-class, and first-class.

Occupations that use energy, train using the following steps.

Sense energy, move energy, absorb energy, accumulate energy, manipulate energy, and use energy.

These are things that have to be trained no matter how far one advances.

For sense energy, area, amount, and nuances increase.

For move energy, area, amount, and density increase.

For absorb energy, amount, speed, and density increase with training.

One always has to keep accumulating energy.

For manipulating energy, area, amount, density, speed, form, and complexity increase with training.

Now let's focus on the training path of psychics and aura users specifically.

I will begin with the psychic path.

Psychics at Tier 0 have to do 3 things.

Sensing psionic energy is the first step.

Someone that manages this becomes a beginner-grade apprentice psychic.

Sensing psionic energy includes the internal psionic energy produced by oneself and the psionic energy outside the body.

The next step is to move the psionic energy.

Someone that manages to move psionic energy becomes an advanced-grade apprentice psychic.

After that one has to use the internal psionic energy to open one's mindscape.

The mindscape is located in the head area.

The trigger differs for all individuals but the only constant is that one has to be able to move psionic energy.

Those that open their mindscape become top-grade apprentice psychics.

To enter Tier 1 as a psychic, one has to absorb psionic energy into their mindscape.

The moment someone manages to absorb their first strand of external energy, one becomes a third-class qualified/real psychic.

The psionic energy of Tier 1 psychic is in a gas state.

To progress one has to absorb and accumulate psionic energy.

Using up and refilling the energy reserves in the mindscape increases one's capacity.

Depending on, first the capacity and then also the density of psionic energy in one's mindscape, psychics elevate their grade.

They seem to instinctively know when they reach the next class.

The requirements, on capacity and density, to advance to second-class and first-class qualified/real psychics seem to be a little bit different for most psychics.

Upon reaching Tier 1 psychics gain the following abilities.

Minor telepathy, minor telekinesis (starts at grams in weight), a minor computing boost, the ability to feel minds as well as mind intrusions, and lastly minor psionic energy manipulation.

For information on Tier 2, I need to enter Tier 1.'

Mikail moved his body a little to find an even more comfortable lying position.

'Next up is the aura user/guardian path.

Aura users, like every other occupation, start at Tier 0 as well.

They also have to do 3 things.

Sensing aura is the first step.

Someone that manages this becomes a beginner-grade apprentice aura user.

Sensing aura includes the internal aura produced by oneself and the aura outside the body as well.

The next step is to move aura.

Someone that manages to move aura becomes an advanced-grade apprentice aura user.

After that one has to use the internal aura to open one's aurascape.

The location of the aurascape is different from that of the mindscape.

The aurascape is located in the heart area.

Like with the psychics, the trigger differs for all individual aura users but the only constant is that one has to be able to move aura.

Those that manage to open their aurascape become top-grade apprentice aura users.

To enter Tier 1 as an aura user, one has to absorb external aura into their aurascape.

The moment someone manages to absorb their first strand of external aura, one becomes a third-class qualified/real aura user.

The aura of a Tier 1 aura user is in a gas state.

To progress one has to absorb and accumulate aura.

Using up and refilling the aura reserves in the aurascape increases one's capacity.

Depending on, first the capacity and then also the density of aura in one's aurascape, is how aura users elevate their grade too.

This applies to nearly all energy-using professions.

Aura users, like psychics, seem to instinctively know when they reach the next class.

The requirements, on capacity and density, to advance to second-class and first-class qualified/real aura users seem to differ a little between individuals.

Upon reaching Tier 1 aura users gain the following abilities.

They gain a minor body boost (passive), a minor passive regeneration (fatigue), a minor emotion sense, a minor aura sense (passive), a minor aura speech (convey feelings), and minor internal aura manipulation.'

Mikail's body can be seen relaxing more and more.

He seems to be falling asleep.

'I have gone over what I have to do to start my psychic and aura training.

I will try it out after I wake up.

I can't seem to stay awake.

The lullaby landed a critical hit.

It was super effective.

Good night to me.'

His mother saw Mikail falling asleep when she checked on the baby camera.

She cooed a bit about her baby being super cute and taking after her before she resumed preparing dinner for her husband and doing the rest of the house chores.

A few hours later Edward Geo came home from work, put his jacket and shoes in the cabinet at the entrance, and entered the living room.

Taking a seat on the couch he said.

"I am home.

How are my beautiful wife and cute son?"

"Welcome home, honey.

I am great, thank you for asking.

Little Mikail is taking a nap.

It's time for him to wake up soon.

How was your day?"

Came from Arya, who came from the kitchen to the living room to welcome her husband.

She joined him on the couch.

"Same old, same old.

Nothing new or exciting happened.

I am used to it by now.

At least it pays well enough.

Did anything happen at home?"

Was the answer from Edward.

"The day went mostly like it always does.

I did my house chores while keeping an eye on my little boy.

There was one noteworthy moment.

Our boy started dancing while playing in his play area.

It looked like a duckling waddling.

It was soooo cute.

I took a video of his dancing, let me show you."

Arya answered her husband while taking out the video recorder.

"That's good.

As long as nothing went wrong, I am satisfied.

Let's see the video."

Edward started watching the video together with Arya.


They both started laughing while watching the video.

"He really looks like a little Ducklett.


As expected of my son.

No matter what he does he looks good just like his father."

Came from Edward who got himself under control again.

"What do you mean as expected of your son?

You meant our son, am I right?

Moreover, if he takes after someone it's me."

Arya fired back.


You're absolutely right.

I meant as expected of our son."

Corrected Edward who realized he f'd up.


Anyway, I am going to set up the table.

Could you go and wake up Mikail and bring him to his play area.

I will check his diapers before bringing in the food to start dinner."

Arya asked her husband.

"No problem.

I can check his diapers after I bring him to his area if you want to."

Edward replied to her.

"If you feel like it.

Then, while you do that, I will directly bring in the dinner after setting up the table."

Came her answer.

"Let us do that then."

Was Edward's response.

He stood up and went to his son's room, while Arya stood up as well to go to the kitchen.

Edward entered Mikail's room.

He turned off the night light and opened the curtains to lighten the room.

He closed the baby camera and moved to Mikail's bed to wake up his son by calling out to him.

Mikail had managed to keep sleeping despite the noise his father made after entering his room.

"Mikail, son.

It's time to wake up."

Edward called out to his boy.


Came from Mikail who was roused from his sleep by his father's voice.

"Daddy home."

Cried out Mikail who saw his father.

"Yes, daddy's home.

How are you, my little man?"

Edward asked Mikail.

"I good."

Replied Mikail.

Edward took Mikail into his arms and they moved to the living room.

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