6 CH6, New Start (1)

'One moment I was speaking to the angel, the next I am waking up in the body of a toddler.

That does not sound nice, I wake up in my toddler body.

Not that better, but it is what it is.

Thanks to my wish I felt no discomfort or headache.

It felt natural to be in my new body, which is good.

Let's take stock of my new situation.'

Mikail slowly closes his eyes while thinking.

'I am currently 55 months old, which is 1 year and 19 months on Terra with there being 36 months per year and all that.

I was named Mikail as I wanted and I am about 90 cm tall, which is slightly above average.

My parents see me as a smart toddler that is well-behaved and easy to raise compared to what they expected and heard about babies.

My mother Arya Geo nee Bell, and I believe it's great that I can think of her as my mother without feeling anything wrong with that, is about 172 cm tall.

She has a slim body with 'cough' medium-sized bust and rear 'cough'.

Her hair is black and reaches a little bit past her shoulder blades.

She has green eyes and white, cream-colored skin.

She was 21 when I was born and is currently 22 years old.

She is a gentle and caring mother and wife, at least that's the impression that I got so far.

I would rate her looks an 8/10 according to the standards of my old world.

I don't know the beauty average of my new world yet, so I can only use the old one.

Anyway moving on.

My father Edward Geo, also called Ed, is 179 cm tall.

He has a lean body build and short black hair.

He has brown eyes and white, ivory-colored skin.

He was 22 when I was born and is currently 23 years old.

He is a caring father and husband.

I would give his looks a 7/10.

My looks are like I wanted them to be.

I have black hair and brown eyes with green in there as well.

My skin is white like that of my mother and I believe that I look cute but normally all babies do.

I should look good in the future, looking at my parents and my wishes.

From the memories of conversations between my parents and people coming to our house that toddler me overheard, I learned that my grandparents died 10 years ago during a Pokemon tide that happened to the town we live in.

Which is Hope Town, a tier 2 settlement.

I still don't know if that is high or not, anyway the reason I spoke about Hope Town after talking about my grandparent's death is that the town is located in the outskirts of Viridian Forest between Viridian City and Pewter City.

Since it's in the outskirts of the Viridian Forest, pokemon attacks and tides are to be expected.

Attacks and tides can happen anywhere it seems, especially near wild areas and the people on Terra seem to have gotten used to it.

After the death of my grandparents my parents, who knew each other because their families were friends, had no other relatives and clung to each other.

They stayed together afterwards and even went on their journey together.

When both were 18 they decided to marry and tried to make children for 2 years without success.

Before they had me, the doctors they went to told them that it will be nearly impossible for my mother to get pregnant.

Which is why they call me their personal miracle sometimes.

Moving on.

We're living in a medium-sized two-story house with a large garden.

On the first floor is the living room, the kitchen and a toilet.

On the second floor is my parent's bedroom, my room, a room for their trainer/pokemon stuff and a bathroom.

Our garden has a pond, a small artificial hill, a section with berries, a region for vegetables and an area for flowers.

Every other part of the garden is normal lawn.

From what I have overheard my parents spent 3 years as active trainers before retiring and becoming part of the reserve corps.

My mother reached the Junior-Class as a trainer and has 5 Pokemon she caught and trained during their journey.

A Nidorina (her starter), a Butterfree, a Gloom, a Poliwhirl and a Staryu.

My father became a Senior-Class trainer and caught and trained 8 Pokemon during their journey.

A Nidorino (his starter), a Butterfree, a Pidgeot, a Crobat, a Seadra, a Magneton, a Rhydon and a Growlithe.

Their starters live in the artificial hill, the Butterfrees stay in the berry area, the Gloom in the flower bed, Poliwhirl and Staryu live in the pond and Growlithe has his own living space in the lawn area.

Magneton and Rhydon apparently prefer to stay in their pokeballs most of the time.

Pidgeot and Crobat made their home in Viridian Forest "near" our home and visit my parents every few days.

Seadra stays in the stream near our house most of the time but father brings him to the pond 2 times a week.

I don't know their strength and potential because I haven't seen them yet.

It seems that I was introduced to them while I was asleep and my parents wanted to wait a bit for me to grow some before meeting them while conscious.

On that note, the general information that I wanted access to at the start is in my head but I have to consciously think about what I want to know.

Then I 'see' the information I want and what I have to do to unlock more of the knowledge.

I had access to a huge amount of information, so I focused on the stuff I wanted right now.

I can learn about the rest in time.

I wanted to know what the trainer ranks of my parents stand for and generally some information on Pokemon and humans in this universe.

My first choice was general information on Pokemon and humanity.

I had access to information on Pokemon species and variants in our part of the planet, about their potential, partial access to their strength classifications, some stuff about evolution and their diet.

I also know the distribution of humanity, some info on trainer classifications, humanities diet and have some information on the continents humans lived on.

I also have access to some history between Pokemon and humanity that is interesting and terrifying at the same time.

I wonder how much of that knowledge the humans on Terra know about.

I guess I will find out in the future.

Let's start with what I have on Pokemon species and their variants.

First of all, the knowledge I have only concerns the 4 continents the humans have settled on and one of the great continents that is relatively "near" them.

Relatively because it is still way too far away and the journey and the great continent too dangerous, so no human presence there.

All Pokemon shown in the anime and games do exist and live on those continents.

Not only that but a huge number of type variants of those Pokemon exist on those continents as well.

Not every species has a type variant of every energy type but most species have 6-7 type variants, some Pokemon species more, some less.

Some type variants can be found in the human territory, that is located at the border of each continent, as well but they are rare.

Most variant species can be found further inland.

Not only that but the strength of the Pokemon as well as the energy and resources available increases the further to the center of the continents you reach.

Now after the information I have on the 'known' Pokemon species, next up is what I know about the Pokemon potential.

There are 7 potential grades with 3 sub-grades each.

Except for the red potential, which has 2 sub-grades.

The grades are represented by a color and the sub-grades by the shade of said color.

From the lowest to the highest it's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and aurora (normally just legendaries).

The sub-grades are light, standard, and deep.

So the worst potential is red and the best potential is deep aurora.

The higher the potential of a Pokemon, the rarer it is.

Some species have a higher potential average than others and some have a lower one.

Here we can find some reflection of the base stat from the games.

The potential of a Pokemon influences two areas.

Their training and comprehension speed, as well as their theoretical stage limit.

A Pokemons potential sets a stage limit that is nearly impossible to overcome.

Like with everything there are exceptions but normally once the upper limit is reached the Pokemon can't increase their stage any longer.

Pokemon that reach that stage need to either somehow raise their potential which is possible but not easy, or if they can't they need to train hellishly hard and find supplements to try to hopefully overcome the limit and that every single time.

Now to their strength classifications.

Pokemon on Terra are separated by stages.

I know about the existence of 11 stages but I have only access to information on the first 5 stages for now.

Most stages seem to be separated by grades.

I have gotten a level reference from the games to help me understand their strength and the difference that exists compared to the games.

This world does not have a concept of levels and this is just for me.

The stages are classified as:

0. Normal/Stageless: ~Lv 1-9, Newborns / Younglings / Pets.

1. Iron-Stage: ~Lv 10-29.

3-grades: - low (~Lv 10-14)

- mid (~Lv 15-24)

- high (~Lv 25-29)

2. Bronze-Stage: ~Lv 30-59.

3-grades: - low (~Lv 30-39)

- mid (~Lv 40-49)

- high (~Lv 50-59)

3. Silver-Stage: ~Lv 60-99.

3-grades: - low (~Lv 60-69)

- mid (~Lv 70-89)

- high (~Lv 90-99)

4. Gold-Stage: ~Lv 100-149.

3-grades: - low (~Lv 100-119)

- mid (~Lv 120-139)

- high (~Lv 140-149)

That is all I have on Pokemon stages right now.

But damn, the Gold-Stage alone already starts with the level limit of the games. Just how strong do these Pokemon get?

There are still 6 stages left.

Now on to evolution.

It is possible for most Pokemon species to have finished all standard evolutions during the Iron- or Bronze-Stage but many Pokemons and trainers try to postpone the evolution a bit to get the best out of their current form or to find a supplement to enhance their potential, which is easier during an evolution.

Mega-Evolution exists in this universe as well.

There seem to be 2 forms, the temporary and the permanent mega-evolution.

How to achieve the permanent one is still locked but the temporary one works like it does in the games and the anime, with the difference being multiple mega-evolution simultaneously or after each other being possible.

It is also possible to substitute the mega and key stones with aura bonds and other energy bond forms but the precise way to do it is still locked as well.

I feel like I'm being teased.

About the Pokemon diet, that one is going to destroy children's dreams.

Pokemon, in general, eat energy-rich flora.

Those can be berries,vegetables, fruits and other flora grown in an energy-rich environment.

But, a large part of the known Pokemon species also eat meat.

This includes animals, other Pokemon species, and if it has/wants to humans.

On Terra animals are seen as fauna that are unable to use and actively absorb energy due to a genetic anomaly or defect during their genesis/evolution, thus not being classified and qualified as Pokemon.

All none-herbivore animals, as well as all herbivores except for the bovidae- (antilope, sheep, goat, etc.), bovinae- (buffaloes, spiral-horned envelopes, etc.), bovini- (cattle, bison, yak, etc.) families and fowls (chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys) were brought/killed to extinction by the Pokemon.

The bovi-families and fowls were kept alive by the Pokemon as a food/meat source for the old, weak, and young Pokemon.

They were, later on, reared as a meat source by the humans as well.

All aggressive marine animals were also made extinct by Pokemon.

Only non-aggressive ones were kept as a food source.

Now that the Pokemon part has been cleared, let's come to the human part.

Currently, humanity has settled on the edge of 4 continents and on islands near those continents.

There are about 1.2 billion humans total living on those places and human territory makes up between 3 and 4 % of each of the 4 continents, which is not much considering the size of the world.

This shows the danger of the world and that humans are not at the top of the world, not even anywhere near the top.

If we look at the position of the continents from the middle point of the distance to each other than the first continent humans settled on is at the north, the second one is the south, the third one is west and the last one is east.

Next come the regions, that are distributed on or near the continents.'

Mikail takes a breath while wondering about the high amount of information.

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