1 1 unpredictable

when people say that life is unpredictable , we wonder why? afterall we do plan things for our future; we plan for the future expecting that we will have a tomorrow.

Things happen beyond our control and beyond our imagination, things at times happens as if we are in a movie

there are many incidents like that, thought it's realistic we feel it's a bit cinematic.

no Matter what we plan to do , what we expect to get in return , all we receive is always far from our vision towards life.

you understand a person , you eventually fall for them , you care for them , you feel that ,that particular person is special for you regardless of any qualifications that you generally what someone around you to possess

falling in love with a person, makes you feel like drenching while you still feel your entire on flames. it's a mixed emotional state where you can't describe your feelings precisely. To explain yourself, you go through mental rollercoaster to put up your words. But unfortunately you end up feeling dizzy unable to bring out yourself

this was the state when Karthi was with Maani. they have been working in the same field for the past 3 years.

being able to teach some one is a blessed thing, but helping someone to lead a better life is much more blessed.

These people where coaches under state's sports authority. Being under the control of the state government it had strict regulations and high-end standards to get through

Karthi a man grown to the height of 6.1, well build and maintained a athletic body features , specialised in the game of handball , stood on the side on the judges watching the game

His eyes were purely focused and it lead a sharp gaze to the person standing infront of the penalty line. He pretty much wanted to score a point , a winning point .

A loud whistle sound was heard, the boy before the penalty line sharpened his gaze , raised his hind leg, raised his hand just above his shoulder and tried to trick the goal keeper with his moves , the goalkeeper looked through his eyes inorder to find his way of scoring but he was tricked there

The guy before the goal keeper lead his gaze to the top right of the goalpost and ended up throwing the ball to the left bottom of the goalpost , scoring his team a winning point.

on seeing the ball swirl around the nets , Karthi let out a sign of relief and smiled with his usual charm. His team were celebrating the joy of winning their final match while Karthi was looking at them happily.

The taste of success is always sweet, wheather it's your first time or nth time .

His team students approach to Karthi and lifted him on their shoulder ,and carried him till the pedastal .

they then asked him to accompany them , while receiving their championship cup. Karthi happily accepted their invitation and received it.

On account of winning a match , Karthi asked his students to have good celebration and gave a week off to them. afterall they have all endured a long journey , and high compromises. A match that prolonged for 3 months and took place in various states.

After biding good bye to the team Karthi walked towards his room, while he was passing through the garden area , a figure approached him from the darkness of the willow trees , a long hand stretched towards waiting for him to grab hold of it.

once when he held those hands , words slipped through saying" congratulations "

on hearing this compliment Karthi smiled and tried to figure the person standing before him. Eventually that person came front and stood before karthi facing the moon. the light of the moon reflected on her face , allowing Karthi to barely figure out her

all he could see was a tall figure that measures upto 5.7 wearing a tracks and a fit t-shirt. unable to figure out future under the moon light, Karthi started to move but was stopped on his track by the girls words

"I am Maani, I am the new coach for the girls team. I joined here when you were out for the match. I heard that you returned today with a victory ,so I came here to greet you and congratulate you for that"

on hearing this Karthi turned around and Said thank you and greeted her back.

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