1 Eternal Light

Day after day, just before night

a concert takes place as birds take flight.

The silence is loud, but the melody sweet,

vision so beautiful; takes me off my feet.

A symphony of light shine on through,

glorious shades of yellows, pinks, purples, and blue.

No one can hear,

not a sound comes to ear,

but I sit by waiting

until something starts playing.

I run to the trees after the last beat;

I watch with wonder as fireflies take the place of bees; new rhythms that bleat.

No light but that of stars could guide me to this foreign place; like a child's dream of Mars.

So lovely and smashing;

people who call that penchant childish are the reason kids like me start backlashing.

Grown-ups forget it and say it's something they disrelish.

Why can't they see anything but the opinion they establish.

That idea stops and makes me ponder;

Is it true, or do they just wonder,

"what happened to the me that was younger?"

Life when you're older fills with responsibility bolder then when you were younger, living with days funner; those days shoved away but the feelings still blurt.

Work and work and work until nothing left of love; just hurt.

People you once embraced left because life took place; nothing but empty space: life turned clockwork.

You think of the days, you did nothing but played and chased and made friends; you weren't prepared for what you were faced.

People leave, come, and rarely stay:

memories with those ones start, they solemn replay.

Some of the one in a million still live like kids;

grown up physically, still have a heart with heart, that is.

No amount of work could make them start stressing,

because at the end of the day, they're greeted from the sky with a blessing.

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