1 Flat-line

One, two, three confetti suddenly mixed with screams. Laughter and joy surrounds this room as I stand in a corner watching with gloom. Remember your place and stay in line because the consequences will be more harsh next time. A chalkboard here a desk there and not too far lay some stairs. Ring! I hear it echos fairly clear our sentence has ended meaning freedom is near. I've reached my destination with time to spare I packed my bag and set it on a chair.

A silent storm was brewing little did I know until it became a lethal hurricane in my own home. She tore through the foundations of this little home while authorities spectated and said no more. The storm moved north with someone in hand while I attempt to pick up pieces of broken things left in the sand. I became a river of sorrow as I fell into the abyss where lasting pain and darkness sits. It's consuming me I see no end while the light gets dimmer with the tick of a minute hand.

I lost the battle and I've lost the war my heart will flat-line in one, two, three, four....

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