1 Happiness

and as the sun goes down, I glance at her eyes and see the sunset reflect on them.

"beautiful" I whisper and put a strand of her hair behind her ear.

her dull eyes still staring at the sun, like it can't hurt her.

we're sitting at the highway to heaven as many call it

she turns to me and asks me "are u lost?"

I don't know how to respond.

her questions always are a mystery for me

i simply nod and she takes her eyes off me.

maybe it was the wrong answer, maybe if I had said no her eyes would linger more on me. her stare would touch my skin more.

she gets up and dusts off her sweats.

she looks so beautiful

I always seek for her when I need to relax

her calming aura is the only thing that can calm me these days

"I'll leave now" her voice only like a whisper.

I try to reach for her. to try and make her stay a bit more

but no. within a blink of my eyes she's lost again