6 Part 6

The feeling inside

The one I can't hide

Seem to always decide

Weither I live or I die

It just seems pointless to try

As I fall asleep while I cry

See this feeling of mine

Likes to eat away at my time

But when I look up at it I go blind

Feels like it made me sign

My whole life away

So I have no say

I have to obey

I can't just run away

See this monster I fight everyday

Loves to always get in my way

Just once I'd like to get away

But I know that i can't

Cause this monster inside me

He's not easy to please

And throws me around as much as he needs

Till I give up and my life has ceased

Wish it were easier to handle these things

But this life I live is controlled by some strings

Like I'm some sort of puppet

As the act goes on I get depressed

It gets to the point it all turns to stress

I feel all these feelings inside of my chest

Yet all these people say that I'm blessed

But you can't see my hurt and my sarrow

I just bottle it up to wait till tomorrow

Casue I don't feel like I want to barrow

The happiness you show without delay

Cause if I did you'd see why I say

I really hate my life today.