5 Part 5

The feelings I have may seem meaningless to you

But your opinion means nothing cause I still get to choose

Throw me around in an empty room

And hit me as hard as really you want to

Till you understand that I won't lose

You'll be here for awhile buddy, I hope you don't bruise

Those knuckles of yours from the harsh fumes

That seems to project from my body like perfume

Don't you get it

All this anger inside is starting to consume

The person you may have thought you knew

But you still seem to always choose

To hit me hard then before

There's blood on the ground

But it's not mine

After all the time you've been torturing me

My body has lost any type of blood from all the crying

Maybe when you stop I'll be

A different person

But that's just a dream that will never come true

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And still, all you do is throw me around

Against the floor or the wall

It doesn't matter to you as long as I fall

Seems you find joy in ruining my time

You laugh and scream as you tell me to stop trying

I don't know how I've made it this long

When all the good seems to have silenced

Don't seem to realize my whole life is a song

But it wouldn't matter seems you get a high from the violence

The person that I speak

The person right in front of me

Is the person I hate to see

Seems to show up when I least expect

He's the dark side of my life

All the bad memories that I collect

Seems to follow me everywhere

And doesn't think before he projects

His thoughts and feelings that all but show care

All I can do is just keep counting the days

My times growing shorter cause of the fire ablaze

The light that you heard of is starting flicker

Why does seem to flash even quicker

The thoughts you think and wonder

Are the questions that I have to ponder.

As the light fades out and my souls left to wonder..

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