1 Part 1

I'm looking around inside of my head

It's looks like everyone here may be dead

Oh wait that's my feelings instead

But you already know that because you have read

The feelings and nightmares I bottle inside

These feelings and nightmares they haunt my whole life

The fact that I've made this far down the line

And still don't seem to have enough time

The lesson I've learn is to believe in myself

I don't know who you are, here I'll put you back on the shelf

I don't open my mind to just those around me

I open it up to the ones who come find me

The ones that are there when I'm hurt and I'm down

They don't pass me by to die on the ground

But the truth to be told is I don't deserve this

I live my life in lie that's so hopeless

That I can't seem to ever escape

But you don't seem to hear me

I guess I will wait

My brain is the jail that I'm captive in

There's one way out and a million ways in

The door that stands between me and my dreams

Hates the person I really want to be

See I lost my sight when I fell for love

But love isn't looked at the as it was

It seems its a word never the less

That four letter word has trapped me in here

My attempts to get out make it only harder

The more I try I just get farther and farther

This illusion I'm in seems to keep changing

The mind of mine just likes to frame me

It's almost as if it's always my fault

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When I try to run by, I just seem to get caught

The traps in here are scary and real

There's no where to hide to that will help me feel

Like I'll be alright even thought it's not true

The traps in my brain could also hurt you

See I've ran from my fears for my whole life

Thought it's about time that I stand up and fight

The punches I throw they may not hit

But when I stand back up the fight starts shift

This has lasted for hour, days, and years

But still no one's won but it seems like my fear

Is still in the lead and about to win

But I refuse to give up, I refuse to give in

The more punches I throw the more I start to see

These punches I throw are punches at me

The fear that I have bottled inside

Is a fear of myself that I try to hide..

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