Plight Of The Immortal Villain Book

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Plight Of The Immortal Villain


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Hong Tian, a supreme god, peerless during his time, finally succumbed to his endless debauchery. After crossing the line and daring to act against a certain Pontifex, he dies under the combined force of 6 God Level Sects. But during his final epic battle, he manages to escape a fate worse than death and wonders through the void to restart his journey through cultivation to repay those that killed him. Alas, upon actually reincarnating, his circumstances call into question whether it would have been better to just stay dead... ----- Entry for Writing Prompt # 86: Weak to Strong and Reincarnation. Also, sorry for the scuffed book cover. It's the best I could do with Photoshop; I'm not an artist :(


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