1 chapter 1 , quirk

Crying. Tears. Drops slowly falling down their chubby cheeks. Together to gather in a small puddle by their worn socks.

Eyesight blurry from all the tears, refusing to fall down. Until. A second later, the dam burst. Sadness.

Cheeks red as the most beautiful red roses. Mouth painted in a frown. Brows drawn downwards. Fuming. Rage in their teary eyes. They're stubborn for sure, but they already know their fate. Drip, drop. Anger.

A beaming smile. Their heart beating a little faster. Euphoria flowing in their veins. So carefree. Still, they fall down. Down towards their blushing cheeks. Happiness.

In every memory, crying seems to be an occurring event in their life. Sadness? Cry. Anger? Cry. Happiness? Cry.

All emotions they show, is tied with a lot of crying. Even the smallest emotions contains some sort of a crying session. Relief? Cry. Guilt? Cry. Scared? Cry. Surprise? Cry.

The list goes on, far too long in their opinion. It's just the way it is. A natural thing. An occurring experience. Something that cannot be stopped, no matter how hard they try.

Maybe all this crying means something?

Maybe there's an answer to all this meaningless crying?

There is. An answer that is.

It's their quirk, their ability, their power, their curse.

They weren't blessed with a powerful quirk like the great heroes who selflessly saved the day with a big grin on their face. Not even a common or even a weak one.

All they got was a crying quirk.

Just, a damn crying quirk.

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Nothing impressive with it. Nothing badass a future hero could make use of. Almost as if they were, quirkless.

Yeah, almost like a quirkless person who cries. A lot. Lots of meaningless crying.

It's just, a damn pointless quirk..

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