7 First Divine Power Blessing

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With all the evidence, the culprit couldn't get away now. This swift operation had concluded perfectly.

With regard to what would happen after Wang Hu was arrested, it had nothing to do with Chen Hao.

After parting with Zhou Gang, Chen Hao began to check on his reward for completing this mission.

Divine Power Blessing.

From Chen Hao's knowledge, this was what priests did to scam believers of their money.

However, he only realized it after he had accepted the result.

Divine Power Blessing wasn't actually a shady process. On the contrary, it was an authentic way to gain divine powers that were extremely useful.

The entire process was simple in some ways, yet also complicated in others.

It was complicated because there were many kinds of blessings, and the powers gained were targeted at different things.

Yet, it was also simple to carry out. There were no complex ceremonies to prepare and it could be carried out as easily as riding a bicycle.

However, to go through the blessing process, he needed to prove that he had acquired adequate skills through his religious practice.

Realizing that he hadn't gained many skills, Chen Hao was rendered speechless.

It was a pity his Pleasure Helping Spirit System wasn't as intelligent as typically portrayed in novels. He really wanted to cuss out loud to express the feelings he felt now.

But of course, Chen Hao hadn't given up entirely yet.

He didn't necessarily need to possess sufficient skills to go through with the blessing. He could also do it through pure determination. However, expending it all could harm his body, and it would be detrimental overall.

He didn't have many skills nor any other choice.

He racked his brains as he consolidated all the knowledge he had on the Divine Power Blessing process.

After a long time, Chen Hao sighed and his eyes glinted unsteadily.

After completely understanding the process, Chen Hao evaluated his options. Judging from the current state of his body, he could merely support the gain of powers on three items. Not only would he fail if he tried on more items, but he would also be risking his life.

Moreover, he needed time to rest after each round, or he would hurt himself.

This was a blow to Chen Hao's beating heart.

He had initially thought that he could bless a large number of items at the same time. He wanted to earn a fortune from it and marry a beautiful lady during the pinnacle of his life.

Judging from his current plight, he wouldn't be able to succeed. He still had to work hard!

However, three items were more than enough. After all, they would be authentic, unlike those that fake priests used to fool people. His items would definitely cost a bomb, and by selling just one, he could easily live a luxurious life.

When that thought came to mind, Chen Hao immediately felt happier.

He wondered what kind of items he should bless first. It was his first time and he couldn't afford to do shoddy work.

As he pondered quietly, Chen Hao pursed his lips. An idea popped up in his head.

It was a rare occurrence that he hailed a taxi and arrived at a street selling small goods.

After an hour, Chen Hao left the place and returned to his apartment.

Trying to contain his excitement, Chen Hao took out a small jade Buddha figure, a bracelet made from peachwood, and a foot-long sword made from red threads and bronze coins.

These were the items that Chen Hao purchased from the street.

The jade Buddha figure and peachwood bracelet cost 66 and 85 yuan, respectively. The sword was the most expensive, priced at 120 yuan. It was made from real bronze coins, but they were valueless items. Chen Hao had bought these only after rationalizing that he wasn't going to sell these items immediately. In the future, he still had to rely on the Pleasure Helping Spirit System to hone his skills. He bought the sword in case he would need it unexpectedly.

He had used his savings to buy these items. Although their total price was merely around 200 yuan, Chen Hao was reminded about how more than 3,000 yuan was taken away from him for no reason.

Damn. The more he thought about it, the more upset he felt. Those people better not show up in front of him, or he would not let them off so easily.

After casting away his misery, Chen Hao picked up the jade Buddha figure and prepared to bless it.

He had specially and effortfully selected these three items.

He would give the jade Buddha figure to Zhou Gang's daughter. After all, he made the promise himself. Moreover, there were many potential benefits to establishing a close relationship with a capable police officer like Zhou Gang. It was worth his effort.

Chen Hao would be using the bracelet and sword himself.

He had been lucky in his first mission, for he had met the confused spirit of Liu Yue'e.

He probably wouldn't be able to rely on his luck the second time and would have to pull some tricks. Otherwise, how would he be able to contain a ghost? Moreover, what was he going to do if he met a ferocious ghost? In order to carry out his missions peacefully, he needed to be stronger and face the ghosts head-on.

He didn't know any spells for now, but it wasn't a difficult feat for him to create two ordinary magical artifacts.

Calming himself fully, Chen Hao held the jade Buddha figure and began to chant the blessing sutras.

"The Heavens and the Earth, listen to my commands. Open!"

As he recited the sutras, Chen Hao could instantly sense that part of his energy had left his body and entered the jade Buddha figure.

As though his eyes were playing tricks with him, Chen Hao realized that the figure in his hand was glowing. Taking a closer look, the glow vanished, but the figure now felt different. The texture in his hands was now unfamiliar and it made him feel slightly safe.

At the same time, the powers of the figure began to show up too. It protected his body from the evil forces. This was how blessing the item would help.

It was a success!

Chen Hao was wildly happy, but within a split second, his face changed. His vision began to blur and he felt dizzy.

Was this how it felt to be exhausted? It was damn uncomfortable!

Chen Hao cursed under his breath and suddenly sat down.

He didn't have the religious ways and could only fight the fatigue with his own physical strength.

After a long time, his dizziness was gone. Yet, his body persistently felt heavy, as though he was very tired.

He sighed.

It seemed like he had been too optimistic. Aiming to bless three items was perhaps challenging his own limits.

If he really were to do that, his body would suffer tremendously.

It seemed like he had to give up one of his items. It was best that he gave the jade Buddha figure to Tongtong and kept the second item for himself.

However, which item should he choose?

Chen Hao looked at the bracelet and sword in his hands.

The peachwood could protect him and ensure his safety.

The bronze-coin sword could take down ghosts and strengthen him.

He decided that he shouldn't be fighting when he was still a newbie. It would be better to just protect himself instead. After all, he was supposed to help the ghosts and not kill them.

After making that decision, Chen Hao chose the peachwood bracelet.

After taking some rest, Chen Hao felt his body recover. Picking up the bracelet, he began chanting again.

"The Heavens and the Earth, listen to my commands. Open!"

Once again, he felt his energy getting sapped away from him. He focused on the bracelet in his hands this time and clearly saw the ordinary item glow. It was a fleeting moment, but the bracelet felt different again afterward.

It was as though the inanimate object suddenly came to life.

Chen Hao gasped in shock. Was this one of the effects of Divine Power Blessing? Damn, he wasn't even skilled. If he were, this light would definitely be glowing even stronger. If he was sufficiently skilled, he could ensure the glow remained. Even if it was just a block of wood, it could also become an exquisite weapon.

What powers did the bracelet gain? It could protect the body, fend off evil forces, and help in recuperation.

Oh! There was one more!

Just as he was thinking about it, Chen Hao felt extremely tired and collapsed on the bed.

After a long time, his phone rang. Unfortunately, he was unconscious and didn't hear it ring at all. Shortly after, the ringing stopped.

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