Please Spare Me, My Beautiful WifePlease Spare Me, My Beautiful Wife

Please Spare Me, My Beautiful Wife

by ColdWQ

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Jin Zhilian is the CEO of the Jin Empire and called the Night Beauty and was forced to get married to a stranger and made a bet with her Grandfather. “You won’t even find a husband.” “I will take that as bet and I will be back with a husband.” Lee Ye Hua is a CEO and the Young Master of the Famous Lee Family. One day he left with the token of Dark Knights and the whole Lee Family went crazy to find their oldest Young Master. Wu Hua Aka Lee Ye Hua went to K City and bump into a girl ( Xu Nian aka Jin Zhilian ) and then they both fell in love and Zhilian thought that he was the one. “I won’t fall in love with a guy like you.” “But I will fall in love with a girl like you.” Wu Hua smiling cheekily. But before Xu Nian said anything Wu Hua put his lips against her lips and Xu Nian gave in and continue this passionate kiss and then Wu Hua took Xu Nian to bed and you know what happened next. Xu Nian saw two red lines and gasped in shocked and excited. She was pregnant with Wu Hua's baby. Wu Hua disappears to thin air and saying he will be back but that never happened. She packs her belongings to go back home and the bet that she mad with her grandfather was about to end. She was going back home, pregnant. “Find her now!” Lee Ye Hua was worried. ‘Please be safe Xu Nian.‘ Lee Ye Hua thought. (The cover is not mine) This is original work and English isn't my first language.

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