1 “Daughters love for her mother “

A girl named Ria ,16 years old lived in a middle family . She has a beautiful mother.Her mother get married in her 18 year with a 30 years man . She doesnt want to marry with that 30 years man but also got married due to family pressure . After time flies Ria born . Her husband and their family wasnot happy Ria , a girl was born in the family , as they want a boy .Since childhood Ria and her mother used to get abuse from her husband .Ria's mother used to cried in the locked room and ria used to tell her that please run away mom . And her mom used to say" how can i do that , i love you so much .. i cannot leave you "

After times flies , Ria got bigger and her father try give attention to her and start to loving her but not ria's mother . He used to listen to ria. Her mother used to get avoided and her father used to be with a lot of girls . One day Ria stalk her fathers phone and checked all the messages with others girls . Ria told her mother about that and she cried and cried .. Ria said her that again "please mom run away " .

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Many days apart one day Ria's mom ran away from home with a guy that she used to love .

Ria's father woke up in the morning and said to ria ' your mom is not in the room'.Ria went to her mothers room and checked her cupboard ... every thing was gone. Ra said silently " mom you did it "I am so happy today ...I am proud of you..

Ria's dad didnt give shit about ria's mother because he had a another girl . Ria was little sad because she was alone but also happy that her mother cannot get any abuse from her father . She lived in a better life ..