1 I Don't Want to Be a Wealth Distribution Boy

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13th day after transmigration.

Lin Wen had long since calmed down from his initial excitement. Not only did he calm down, he even felt a deep sense of despair.

This world was still ruled by boring laws of physics. It was still a world without miracles, magic, or cultivation.

In this world, there was nothing that he dreamed of. All that was left was the struggle in the dust and the endless days that he had to repeat.

To Lin Wen, all the people here lived lives that were boring, meaningless, and controlled by instinct.

He had had enough.

"Then I must die."

Lin Wen finally made up his mind.

He looked around. Everything was yellow and brown. This town was built on the dirt, and there was dirt everywhere, even in the wind and air.

In the yellowish-brown background, a green firewood knife quietly leaned against a half-collapsed wall.

It was so unusual that Lin Wen saw it immediately.

"Alright, I'll use it."

Lin Wen walked over and was about to pick up the knife to cut himself.

But a bony hand grabbed it first.

Lin Wen looked up and saw the old man sitting on the other side of the wall.

"Uncle Xu."

Lin Wen said. He knew this person, who was a lonely old man. His eldest son had gone out to explore the world, and he hadn't heard from him for decades. His second son and younger daughter were both dead.

Since his wife passed away a few years ago, he had been living alone. His life had been very tough.

Every few days, Lin Wen had work to do from his family, so they knew each other.

"Sell me the knife. I need it urgently."

Uncle Xu raised his head and looked at him. There was a smile on his face.

"You can have it, Xiao Lin. You may return it anytime."

Lin Wen took out all his money and handed it over.

"Uncle Xu, the knife was expropriated by the town. Take it."

"I don't need that much."

Whenever he saw Lin Wen, Uncle Xu's gaze was gentle.

Lin Wen was determined to die. He stuffed all the money into his hands and casually made up a reason. "This also includes some subsidies for poor families from the higher-ups."

"For all poor families?"


"The county finally has some conscience."

"Yeah, who doesn't have a conscience?"

Lin Wen took the knife and said goodbye to Uncle Xu.

He had already seen a secluded place.

In a moment, he would slash himself to death.

This damned transmigration was over.


If he died, he would be able to transmigrate again.


This time, he would end up in a world of cultivation.

Even if he really died, it was better than this hopeless life.

Lin Wen walked to the secluded area and raised the firewood knife in his hand. The moment he aimed it at his neck, a white fog suddenly appeared in front of him, and two light golden characters cut across the white background.

Kindness + 1

The golden text disappeared in the blink of an eye. Then, his left eye shone with a golden light and turned into a line of text with a golden frame.

Kindness: 1

The black gas in his right eye rolled and turned into a line of words that seemed to be condensed from pure black gas:

Evilness: 0

These two lines of text appeared side by side on the white background of the fog. One was gold and the other was black. The contrast was stark.

At the top was his name surrounded by immortal auras: Lin Wen.

In the middle, there was a long list of attributes such as Spiritual Energy, Realm, Divine Power, Spells, and so on. However, there was a seal-like pattern at the back.

At the bottom were words that caused Lin Wen's heart to skip a beat.

Reincarnated cultivation.

Suicide will enable reincarnation.

50 Kindness will enable reincarnation.

This was the information that appeared in Lin Wen's mind when he stared at the words.

Explosive ecstasy instantly drowned his brain.

Without a doubt, this was his lifelong dream. It was a long-cherished wish that had never changed from the beginning to the end. It was a wish that he dreamed of achieving at all costs.

Just a little bit more and Lin Wen would have died on the spot in a thrill. However, at that moment, his remaining rationality caused another question to bubble in his mind.

What's the difference between a suicide reincarnation and a fifty-Kindness reincarnation?

Just like he was answering his own question, the answer appeared in his mind.

Suicide Reincarnation will turn you into someone who doesn't care about worldly affairs. Enlightenment +1, Persistence +1, Opportunity -1, Luck -2.

Kindness Reincarnation will turn you into a kind person, Talent +1, Perception +1, Opportunity +1, Luck -2

Lin Wen's face turned pale.

Everyone knew that the most important thing in the cultivation world was luck, and the second most important thing was opportunity.

Without Luck, regardless of whether one's cultivation was monstrous or one was surrounded by treasures, regardless of whether one was arrogant, domineering, calm, or low-profile, the final outcome would always be that all those treasures became other people's loots.

What was worse was that there could be even worse things in the real world of cultivation. Other than the fact that your life savings went to others, your disciples, relatives, and friends would all die, and your wives, daughters, and lovers would all enter the harem of others.

If the other party had a grudge against you, they could even dance before your tomb.

This was absolutely intolerable.

And without Opportunity, it meant that one would be able to enter a treasure mountain without finding any treasure. They couldn't recognize the strong ally on their team. Even if they fell off a cliff, they wouldn't be able to pick up the secret manuals. They would spend a tremendous amount of effort to break through the ancient grand formations, only to find that the treasures had been taken away by others. They picked up their senior's legacy, yet they discovered that the legacy had been looted.

Although it would not be fatal, this grievance would definitely become the greatest mental demon and greatly affect one's cultivation.

Most importantly, it would reduce a lot of extremely satisfying opportunities. Not only would there be no pleasant surprises in the cultivation journey, it would instead cause trouble everywhere.

This was the most terrifying thing. It would directly shake the persistence of his cultivation.

Therefore, reincarnation by suicide was like a trap in a trap. An epic trap. In order to obtain some insignificant attributes, one would lose the most important Opportunity and Luck.

Lin Wen came back to his senses and felt that his whole body was covered in cold sweat. He thought to himself, "I'd better find a quiet place to study it. I must find the most appropriate reincarnation method."

This time, it had to be a perfect start!

He would never come to such a godforsaken place again to be a ridiculous mayor.

Lin Wen could already vaguely sense that a lot of this information had already existed in his mind. It was like his subconscious, sinking into the lowest level of his memory. He only needed a switch, such as a strong question, to recall it.

As for when this information was obtained, that was not important. It might have been obtained long ago. It might have been acquired at the beginning of the transmigration, or it might have just been given.

As soon as he took a step forward, he tripped over the firewood knife under his feet. As if he had touched a landmine, Lin Wen jumped far away and circled around it before walking away.

Nothing must go wrong.

This was Lin Wen's only thought.

He almost cut himself with this knife just now.

After finally avoiding all possible dangers along the way, Lin Wen returned home.

It was a mud house of about twenty square meters. It had a thatched roof and four walls. There was only a bed and a table left. Sunlight shot out from the holes in the wall and the gaps in the thatched roof like arrows.

If it were in the past, Lin Wen would definitely despise such a lousy place.

But now, Lin Wen only felt that this environment was very good. It suited his status as the strongest Immortal Cultivator, the future Lord of Fortune, and the Son of Heaven's Will who would defeat Immortal Kings and Celestial Emperors.

"Alright! I'm going to cultivate in seclusion here!"

Lin Wen jumped onto the bed and made a meditative pose. He closed his eyes and with a thought, white fog appeared in front of him again.

Lin Wen quickly scanned through the content above. That's right, it was the cultivation system. Although Lin Wen didn't particularly like this method, it was just an unimportant detail. As long as he could cultivate, anything was fine.

In the middle of the white mist was a long string of attributes. After the attributes, there was a seal-like pattern, which meant that it had not been activated yet.

That made sense. He hadn't started cultivating yet, so he naturally didn't have any cultivation realm, magic treasures, or spiritual aura.

He turned to look at the bottom of the white mist. Those were the most exciting words. They were the first content he needed to "recall".

Let's begin!

The first question:

What is the content regarding cultivation?

However, after staring at the word 'reincarnation' for a long time, no information emerged from his mind.

Was my posture wrong?

Lin Wen thought.

Then he changed the question:

What is the reincarnation method that grants the most luck?

Still no.

Lin Wen thought for a moment and felt that it was because his question was too broad and his spirit was not strong enough.

"If I want to be like just now, I should be emotional and raise some very specific questions, like what I want to know the most right now—"

If I die accidentally, can I reincarnate into a cultivation world?

Almost immediately, Lin Wen "remembered".

Accidental Death will turn you into an Unexpected Man. Perception +3, Talent -1

It was not harmful, but it was not very useful either.

Lin Wen relaxed a little. If he was unlucky and met with a calamity, he wouldn't die just like that. He wouldn't die before he could even achieve victory.

However, he had to take precautions. Although it was only a matter of time before he succeeded, a mediocre start would delay him, and there would be many twists and turns in the process.

Is there a way to reincarnate that will grant all kinds of debuffs?

This wouldn't do. His mind wasn't strong enough, so he had to charge forward fiercely and erupt with power.

Will you reincarnate if you choke while eating?

Just like that, Lin Wen tossed and turned until the next day. After looking for a way to die overnight, he finally concluded two of the best reincarnation deaths he had known so far.

Dying for the sake of saving the world—Chosen One, who doesn't care about his short life.

Perception +3, Opportunity +3, Luck +3, Quality "never do evil in this lifetime"—The difficulty of cultivating evil techniques will be doubled.

Death while fulfilling his duty—A responsible man doesn't care about what happens to him.

Talent +1, Spiritual Sense +1, Opportunity +2, Luck +2.

Apart from that, Lin Wen also dug out an important piece of information in his mind: multiple causes of death at the same time may enable reincarnation.

For example, he could become the Chosen One and a responsible person.

This was easy to imagine. A certain person, like Superman, had the responsibility to save the common people. While he was fulfilling his responsibility, he was also saving the common people. If he wanted to die because of this, he would met the two conditions at the same time and obtain double happiness.

Looking at the rows of attributes, especially the massive amount of Opportunity and Luck, Lin Wen almost drooled.

Without a doubt, this was the way he would die in the future.

Unless he could find two better ones.

Although Lin Wen wanted to continue, he couldn't hold on any longer. After a night of fierce working, even the strongest person would be exhausted.

Lin Wen fell onto the bed. The moment he closed his eyes, he looked up and asked himself one last question.

What's the use of Kindness and Evilness?

Lin Wen answered himself very easily.

You can gain Kindness by helping the common people.

You will gain Evilness when you bring disaster.

Kindness can increase one's aptitude, opportunities, and luck in small amounts, resist great disasters, and reduce the damage caused by great disasters.

Evilness can greatly increase one's aptitude, directly increase one's cultivation level, let one quickly break through, or temporarily increase one's combat ability. But it can decrease one's luck.

Got it. Kindness was very useful in the long run.

Evilness would only make him lose all his treasures quickly.

How could he not know what to choose?

Lin Wen fell asleep.

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