Please Be My Fate! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Please Be My Fate!


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A second prince of a pack of warewolf kingdom, Hugo Cyrillo, would be the next king. But he was kicked out from Cyril by his brother. He was running away and seriously wounded. The betrayal from his henchman could be forgiven. Moreover, his older brother has full of envious resentment. He set the sudden attack for Hugo. By his wounded body, Hugo ran away, further through the woods. He changed his form into a black wolf and sleeping under the tree near the path. Here, a young lady was passing by and save him. Her name was Irish. With her bright eyes of kindness, she brought him home as her pet. From now on, Hugo would be her fellow. Until she knew the truth that her wolf was actually a man. But, she had a bad experience with a man years ago. “I want you to be my fate! You are my Luna.” Hugo said it gently. Even he knew Irish could not answer it. Was she still by him side being his Luna after knowing his real form? Or was she killing him instead?


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