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Please ... (Eng. ver)


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In the past, my story was really beautiful. Beautiful lover. Get engaged while still in grade 2 high school. Understanding parents. Annoying little sister. Good friends and lots of whims. Just like the romcom anime that you often watch. But, every story must have an end. My story is no exception. Now, all I can do is sit down. Sitting between the dark empty coffin. This is my story, which can only be carried away by destiny. That continues to disappoint and let down. Together with he who guards death. I have to take part in God's game. Like it or not, I have to win. So that everything returns to normal. In order for this world, to return to hell, just like before! Will you not, a better world? If a better world can be reached, then all humans must take part in making it happen! "I will use you. I do not care about the bright red eyes popping out of your rib cage. I also don't care, if you kill my family, my friends, or myself! After you show this. I ... I will make This world is like before! My goal, is to save Kana! I won't stop before that happens " "Then. My name is, Thanatos. God of Death. The Guardian of the 7 Calamities of Calamity. Akeru Takahashi, this time, I will serve you in the game of God. By swearing on my own name, I will bring victory to you"


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